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  1. What are the specs on engines an prices for each?
  2. I have the same engine and this weekend I experienced a problem where the car would run for 5 minutes perfect. Then would start running badly like fuel or spark issues. I put a meter on the battery and was around 9.5- 10 volts. Charged up the battery and it would run fine again. Maybe your battery voltage is too low for the computer to work properly.
  3. I went to move my rail in front of the garage to do some work for the season. I started it and pushed in the clutch to find it not engaging enough so I pumped it a few times to build pressure. That's when it started making a noise like something hitting the pressure plate. Take a listen and make a guess before I take it apart. Stock 002 bus box, Shortstar v6. Stage 2 or 3 clutch and pressure plate thats brand new. I forget which one I bought. I swapped motors last year from a 2275cc vw. I've tested the car on the street after the build and everything worked fine. What's your guess? Besides the obvious that the transmission is too weak for the engine, because I already know that. Gonna use it anyways it was free. 20170928_121440.mp4
  4. First Comp Hill, then long travel sand rails, then the side by sides, now glamisdunes.com. I just want the old Glamis back. Depressing. Old school cool.
  5. I am just waiting for it to go. Last year i spun three hubs before I figured out that the knocker wrench was just for removing the axle nut. I just couldn't get it tight enough. I also hear noise from one cv joint, but I just drive faster until the motor is too loud to hear it! Hopefully this free transmission lasts another season.....
  6. Thanks for the heads up! Very interested. Send me a message when you figure out your prices.
  7. I am starting an engine swap and I need some help. I am uneducated as to what minimal components I will need. If any one has a link or can provide a list I would really appreciate it. So far I have a stock 2.5l SOHC Subaru that I will mate to my stock 002 VW transmission. I have the adapter plate and that's it! I'd like an all inclusive list of parts to buy to get my sandrail running and driving for the first trip. I'd also like suggestions about things like clutch type, radiator size, what computer and fuel pump and so on. Any help would be appreciated greatly. This is a minimalist budget build. Thanks!
  8. Thank you for the replies.
  9. I've been going to Glamis since 1981. I've never made a checklist to take the thinking out of it. I just know what I always grab out of the garage. I was wondering if anyone has a checklist that they have made over the years to take the thinking out of it. I'm tired!
  10. Glamisgod


    I want to thank you all for your quick responses! I had three welders to choose from within a half hour of my post. I was headed to Road Runner from my camp at wash 15 to use a TIG welder that was offered up when I decided to tough it out and limp home. I was already tired and knew I'd be another hour before I was on the road so I just went for it. Made it home safely but slowly. I sure am glad to have this as an option when the times call for a helping hand. So thank you to everyone!
  11. Glamisgod


    Does any one have a welder that is in Glamis right now? Every where is closed and I need to weld a bracket on my tow vehicle!! I can do the welding but I need a machine. Please call me at 909-9928285. Thanks. Adam
  12. Seems like there is nothing that I use the internet for except youtube, Craigslist, Facebook, and Googling how to fix things that are broken. And of course reading all your expert opinions on every topic under the sun on Glamisdunes! What do other people use it for?

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