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  1. You guys are going down like Monica on Bill!
  2. if you guys want, we have a group named RZR WERKS, we are giving away prizes to the top 5 season finishers.
  3. We are located in Yuma, AZ. Yes, we usually have 32's and 30's in stock.
  4. IMHO, 30's are the way to go for a true dune machine. Keeping the car low is a plus. Lower gear ratio, less rotating mass, less belt stress for a duner is key. NO MATTER what size tire you choose, a PROPER clutch kit is the way to go. On a turbo, that includes a primary spring, adjustable weight, secondary spring, secondary hi performance helix.
  5. RZR Werks is a long time forum sponsor here and a long time business sponsor of the ASA. https://www.rzrwerks.com/collections/polaris-xp-turbo/products/system-3-off-road-ss360-sand-tires
  6. System 3 SS360's are sum sliding sumbitches in 2wd. I ditched my Skats for the System 3 SS360's. They are fun tires, economical and kool tops starters.
  7. RZR Werks (forum sponsor) is having a fantasy league for the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross. If you love Supercross as much as we do, this adds some extra excitement. We are also giving away prizes for our top two group leaders at the end of the year. 1st Place: S&B Particle Separator for your UTV of Choice 2nd Place: Assault Industries Sway Bar Links for your UTV of Choice 3rd Place: Mob Armor Magnetic Mount and Shreddy Hat or T-Shirt 4th Place: Shreddy Hat and T-Shirt 5th Place: 2-RZR Werks Stainless Beer Coozies First, sign up at https://www.rmfantasysx.com, then join the group RZR WERKS @ https://www.rmfantasysx.com/#group2477 ***TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR PRIZES, YOU MUST BE SIGNED UP AND JOIN GROUP BY CLOSE OF PICKS FOR ANAHEIM 1. I will screenshot the group members at that time. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Good Luck, hope to see you on the board!
  8. Well shit, no one answered you/ So I will. I currently run the Tensor DS on all 4 of my current SXS. I've tried just about all of the big name tires out there (I own a SXS shop in Yuma, AZ.). The DS are not a long lasting tire if you run them on the street at all(we are street legal here in Yuma). Out if the rocks and hard pack, they are a great tire. They suck in the sand, but we have paddles for that. They are by far my favorite tire.
  9. Getting back on gd.com and reading some old post on Revenge Racing, Predator Sand Cars and Shock Therapy.
  10. The easy latch pins are an additional $45. That makes it more than the CAGEWRX one. And the build quality on the CAGEwrx model is far superior IMO.
  11. The same as the Assault Industries one. Very limited rear view.
  12. It is a 4 seat model. There knee pads on the back of the front seats on both sides and you can see the seat in the rear view mirror. It is to far off to the side to be a 3 seat model...
  13. IMHO the Assault one is a pile of crap. Shitty mounts and the pins are a pain in the ass. The CageWRX spare tire mount is way better.

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