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  1. Getting back on gd.com and reading some old post on Revenge Racing, Predator Sand Cars and Shock Therapy.
  2. The easy latch pins are an additional $45. That makes it more than the CAGEWRX one. And the build quality on the CAGEwrx model is far superior IMO.
  3. The same as the Assault Industries one. Very limited rear view.
  4. It is a 4 seat model. There knee pads on the back of the front seats on both sides and you can see the seat in the rear view mirror. It is to far off to the side to be a 3 seat model...
  5. IMHO the Assault one is a pile of crap. Shitty mounts and the pins are a pain in the ass. The CageWRX spare tire mount is way better.
  6. I have a very hard time the weights were bad and the rollers were good.
  7. http://www.rzrforums.net/rzr-xp-suspension...ned-cant-3.html
  8. http://www.glamisdunes.com/invision/index.php?showtopic=318198&hl=revenge racing&st=125://http://www.glamisdunes.com/invision...cing&st=125
  9. I've ran both the 9 and 10 paddle on my tuned XP4 Turbo. I preferred the 10 paddle to the 9. I have quite a few 9 and 10 paddle in stock if you want a quote.
  10. isobutanol-blended gasoline is the future. E-85 is a thing of the past.
  11. Don't waste your money on a sound bar. I haven't found one that sounds worth a shiat. just get a small, quality system. If your looking for a quote, hit me up. I have a ton of options depending on the vehicle and how much you want to spend.
  12. I highly doubt I'll be the first because the standard X3 and X3 X DS come out first. I am waiting for the X3 X RS (72" wide model with 24" travel). Mine is scheduled for early October and the other models should be hitting showrooms a lot sooner.
  13. Nice!!!!!!!!! I'll really be looking forward to your feedback on it. Mods planned? Come on, really? Sure, no Kawi but WTF would they run? A Teryx, maybe a Mule? They don't have a dog in that fight. AC pretends to have a top-notch, true sport SxS. Nobody races it because it doesn't have a chance and AC doesn't support it because... it doesn't have a chance. Just because you own a 5 year old AC doesn't make it the best SxS ever that somehow the entire world just "didn't get" or forgot about. You're not the only one who sees the light and we all missed the memo. -TJ I'm not sure on the mods besides the normal stuff. Wheels/paddles, seats, harnesses, lights and stereo. I will have to wait to see what it needs.
  14. I just got an update on my new Maverick X3 X RS Triple Black. It will be here the first week of October. Dealers will first be receiving few of the standard X3 and the X3 X DS next month. Then in October will be receiving 1 or 2 of the X3 X RS models. Just passing on what I was just told.
  15. Who in the what now? -TJ XP Turbo with a Modern Race Products tans?

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