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  1. Original owner 2008 Honda TRX 90 for sale. Very clean, starts right up and runs great. Only selling because my daughters have outgrown and it just sits. Current non-op registration, pink slip in hand. $1800. Located in Corona
  2. Dave has always gone above and beyond for me personally. He has done things for me where by the time he's finished he probably really didn't make much profit at the end. Unfortunately the only stories you hear are the bad ones.
  3. Good looking 12 car! Robby Gordon powder coats most of his veheicles...I've seen tons of cracks in the front of 1600 and 12 beam cars though!
  4. Thanks, I'll send him a pm...I know I can get them at Kartek, just trying to save a buck!
  5. Let me know if anyone has a pair laying around! Thanks!
  6. Winning a decision in court is the easy part...collecting your money?? Good luck, you will wait FOREVER for it!!
  7. I have a fiberglass body on my Desert Dynamics. I only went with fiberglass because it was cheaper than having a full body made out of aluminum, but it was only cheaper because DD already made the body kit to fit their cars...even with that it was a lot of work to get it to fit right and I'm still not 100% happy with the fit...it will need more massaging before paint. If you didn't have a friend that did custom fiberglass I would say don't bother and have an aluminum guy do it, but with your connection you can probably save some $$ but you will make up for it with elbow grease!
  8. Call Lazer Innovations in Anaheim, their trailing arms are surprisingly affordable!!
  9. Yep!!! Took her out a couple weeks ago...ran flawless once I got all the air out of the cooling system! Going back out for Presidents!!
  10. Whats the name of your company? I have a shop in Garden Grove D-B Industrial Supply
  11. I supply tooling and cutters for machining, you can pm me if you would like more info....were located in Westminster
  12. I'm just about finished putting an steel block 5.3 in my car right now...I had a 4.3 in it originally. My car is pretty heavy and built for a lot of hardpack use. The 4.3 was great in the hardpack, but was under powered for a car a heavy as mine (over 2500#) in the sand. To me the extra 80lbs. of the steel block is not a big deal and you can do a steel block 5.3 for about the same price as a 4.3...you will also still be good with a 2d. If you really want to stick with a v6 just know that the honda will be easier to upgrade down the road. To get more power from the 4.3 it probably means a full tear down and block machining, pistons, heads etc...finding turbo stuff for a 4.3 takes time to find all the parts and to get good info. The honda will be much easier to turbo later for more power!

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