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  1. This lift/stacker fits 2 - YFZ450Rs perfectly. It allowed me to transport 2 quads and a RZR XP1000 in a 16' trailer. Could also be used to stack quads in a garage to reduce storage space. 76" tall and 58" wide (not including the winch). I detailed the use of this lift here: (click here) $400
  2. My lift/stacker is for sale (click here) It has worked flawlessly, but I bought another RZR so also bought a larger trailer and don't need the lift.
  3. No dings or dents. $50 Wheels are in Yorba Linda, CA. I'm likely to be camped in the Washes during Easter week.
  4. No leaks and no plugs or patches. $75 Tires are in Yorba Linda, CA. I'm likely to be camped in the Washes during Easter week.
  5. I agree 100% with all the comments about driver error, catching an edge, dynamic vs static, etc. Was curious what the static tipping point was so tested it and shared the results. I had people tell me my RZR would roll if stopped crossways on a slip-face. They were wrong. Gravity, by itself, won't tip over a RZR like mine anywhere in the dunes. It requires some additional dynamic forces to tip it and those forces are typically driver induced.
  6. Lift is bolted down with 2 bolts through the trailer's steel frame and 2 through the plywood floor with fender washers on the back side. First trip out I rode partway down Wash Road in the trailer to see how it all handled. It was rock solid. Lift is modular so it can be disassembled and removed from the trailer without any cutting. Composed of 2 sides; ramp and front cross piece (welded together with hinges); and top crossbar that all bolt together. Mid crossbar pins in place. Built from 0.095" thickness mild steel square tubing; mostly 1.5" square with some 1" bracing and 1.75" for modular connections (1.75" tubing fits around 1.5" tubing).
  7. Had my wife squeal the other day when I stopped our RZR sideways on a slip-face. I assured her we were in no danger of tipping, but she wasn't convinced. To demonstrate for my wife (and verify for myself that I wasn't being an idiot), I later parked on a small slip-face and had some friends find the tipping point. Other than sand tires on wider offset wheels (72" overall width vs 64" stock) the RZR is near bone stock and I was sitting in the driver seat with no passenger. The attached photo isn't very good, but it shows both uphill wheels a foot or more in the air while the lower wheels are sunk into the sand. When my friends let go, the RZR tipped back to the slip-face. That slip-face is as steep as the sand at Glamis gets, so anyone who rolls a RZR at the dunes has made a significant driving error that induced the roll; gravity by itself will never cause it to roll. I hope I'm never guilty of making that driving error, because I'll have no-one to blame but myself.
  8. Ratchet winch is from Harbor Freight. Crank winch has a clutch/brake (no pawl; stop cranking in either direction and it stops right there) and is from Grainger. No more than 2" space between any 2 vehicles and any vehicle and the wall/ceiling. I put a stop block behind the bottom quad's wheels that I drive the RZR tight up against before strapping it down. Loading/unloading is a 1-person event that only takes a few minutes. Had the trailer been any smaller I would have been shopping for a bigger trailer.
  9. Needed to fit a RZR 1000XP and 2 YFZ450Rs in an 8'x16' box trailer. This is what I built to make it work. Once the lower quad is in place the cross brace is installed with lock pins and the ramp lowered so there is no load on the winch and cable. Yes, I strap the quads down before travel.
  10. There is no comparison between running the stock knobbies and cut paddles. The cut paddles will spin and break loose when they should, but also have bite when they should. When my buddy was using the cut paddles I took a spin with the stock knobbies and was reminded of how quickly the quad would run out of forward push when going up even a small slip face; had to hit the faces with much more throttle with the knobbies than I would have with the cut paddles. A test run of the cut paddles can probably be arranged if you'd like.
  11. I think the paddles started at about 7/8", so around 5/8" after the trimming.
  12. Lent a set of my cut paddles to a friend to run on his 400EX in place of his full height paddles. He was amazed at the difference in how the quad performed and is going to cut his paddles down now. Thought I'd bump this to the top for those who haven't seen it.
  13. I have a set of blue labels I'd like to swap out; maybe we can help each other out. I have 10" wheels with a 3+5 offset and 4/110 bolt pattern. I need the same wheels but with 4/115 bolt pattern. They came with some Skat Trak Edge paddles that are very lightly used that I bought from a guy recently.
  14. For 7 years we've used FRS radios strapped on the quad handlebars, PTT button near left grip, with MotoComm headsets. Helmet has about a 12" cord sticking out with a multi-pin connector. Cord from the quad has a stretchy coil that allows unrestricted movement yet keeps the cord from dangling below the tank. I've gotten off the quad many times - whether jumping off quickly to help someone else or tossed off unceremoniously - and the cord has always just separated with no issue. With a normal dismount you just unplug the cord and toss it over the handlebars (otherwise it might fall over the hot header pipe).

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