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  1. IMHO - stoners are much better drivers than drunks... 5-10 mph to the Taco Bell.
  2. It's not sharing if one vehicle per week uses the pass. Don't drink the BLM koolaid... they are just about revenue! If I pay $150 for a yearly pass I'll use it whenever & however I can to get my money's worth.
  3. Just my 2¢, but I can see that when the BLM drops the yearly pass (& I think that's what they want), the next step will be prioritized pricing. Holiday prices will increase. Imagine paying $100+ for Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Years, etc. Just like the NFL! Or maybe it'll be more for Glamis? Also why can you "display" your weekly pass receipt inside but the lame-ass sticker MUST be outside?
  4. Where does it say Chinese Lanterns are illegal? If you leave it, it's litter. Everyone I've ever seen (or picked up) says they are biodegradable. If you see trash pick it up. Common sense.
  5. I really don't think that law enforcement levels will ever be reduced. They have created a revenue stream (tickets, passes) that will not be given up voluntarily. Plus we desert enthusiasts don't organize well (i.e. recent pass price increase, we just rolled over & took it!) so there isn't much organized resistance. We're out there to forget about the daily grind, not fight the good fight. Remember when everyone wanted graded roads,pads, toilets, & cops? Like your in-laws over the holidays, the cops & BLM (& their rules) will never leave!
  6. Well in that case, I hope the shutdown lasts forever!
  7. I have heard 3rd-hand rumors of k-rails used to close Buggy Flats at Gordon's. Anybody out last weekend?
  8. Good luck on that "common sense" hope!
  9. Just so we're clear - the first law broken in this entire pass evolution was the BLM collecting for "entrance to the dunes" instead for "recreation" as allowed by US law. SO... they started it!
  10. Mugman52


    Zimmerman should be found "not guilty". This case has nothing to do with "stand your ground". Martin had just as much right to "stand his ground". Legally, if GZ felt his life was in danger, or he was in danger of great bodily harm, then he was lawful in using deadly force. Following is not illegal. Carrying a gun was not illegal. The "confrontation" didn't start when he left his vehicle (which was also legal), it began when blows were thrown. Where's the evidence that Martin was ever struck by Zimmerman? GZ isn't guilty just because he's alive. Isn't it possible GZ followed TM because he was acting suspicious, not because he was black? By "these guys" he meant crooks, not African-Americans (whatever that is)? My 2¢ after watching 90% of the televised trial. Plus I think people aren't going to riot; might be some protesters. Sounds to me that media is subtly (not so subtly) pushing for violence. Very sad!
  11. Gee... maybe that's why the BLM always introduces the changes after the desert season? Do you think they are that devious? NAH, they're the Gov't, always looking out for their constituents, right? (That's sarcasm!)
  12. I spent yesterday going thru the BLM plan on the ASA forum. What a piece of work. After reading it all, I told my uninformed desert gang about the $150 season pass (a 67% increase) & the BLM justification that visitation has dropped so we all need to pay more. My friends first words were "well if there are less visits, why not cut services levels?" My only answer was "that makes too much sense". Common sense is not a gov't asset! All the "necessary services" were created by the BLM. A wilderness area should have NO services. Of course no gov't agency will close a revenue source. If collection/enforcement is such a huge cost why not make the season pass a window sticker (has to be cheaper to make) & end pass sharing, without the friggin' huge increase? Plus make the off-site price a bigger savings & on-site higher? In the real world you pay more for convenience, why not in the BLM world? AND why does the business plan/fee increase always happen in the off-season? Sorry for the rant.
  13. Funny (not) how the BLM pulls this crap from May to Sept while the dunes community is in the off-season. Think maybe there's a method to their madness?
  14. Feed the monster... maintenance, fee management, visitor services were all created by the BLM. Put a damn coin slot on the pit toilets & let those who use pay. Didn't want toilets, pads, trash, road grading etc. but now we have to continue to pay for them. Dunes were great without all the BLM's add-ons. Let those that want the amenities pay for them. Bring back the wilderness! I know it will never happen, BLM created a revenue stream, it must continue. Thank you gov't!

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