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  1. I have heard the on/off ramps at Gordon's Well exit are closed thru next summer. Does anyone have confirmation? Anyone done an early trip? Can you still access Gordon's by way of Buttercup frontage & memorial bridge?
  2. IMHO - stoners are much better drivers than drunks... 5-10 mph to the Taco Bell.
  3. First time I went to Gordon's was 1970 or '72... memory is not so good. We camped in the old canal in our Dodge vans with our bored-out 90cc Three-wheelers. And we thought we were the s@*t! We ran all day, everyday, on those kidney-beaters... & we loved every minute! What's your first memory of Gordon's? Hate to see the place die.
  4. Unfortunately I didn't make it out for Halloween. How was Gordon's? Any crowd? Any Cops? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller?
  5. It seems logic would indicate that if the BLM truly wanted to protect the dreaded MilkVetch the closures would be well-marked (not), easy to follow & obey (they're not), & concentrated in areas where the MilkVetch is prevalent (again they are not). Like, perhaps one entire valley, instead of up & down crests, laterally across valleys, & hidden over crests. It seems these closures have been intentionally designed to be confusing, dangerous (by forcing lamed vehicles & injured humans to navigate much slower & difficult passages out), & to raise the number of closure violations & ensuing fines (exorbitant!). I have no confidence in the BLM whatsoever!
  6. Well it's been about six months since a Gordon's post. Did the stupid, arbitrary BLM closures kill Gordon's? Very sad!
  7. It's not sharing if one vehicle per week uses the pass. Don't drink the BLM koolaid... they are just about revenue! If I pay $150 for a yearly pass I'll use it whenever & however I can to get my money's worth.
  8. "Have you ever been in love? Nope, been a bartender all my life."
  9. After seeing the new closures first hand I have to say that whoever decided the stake placement is RETARDED & I don't mean to slander those that are less fortunate. But BLM is RETARDED! They have to be, there is no ryhme & definitely NO reason for the stake placement. You can follow a line of stakes & they just disappear. They go across valleys, up dunes, then gone! Some were exposed only 6". Some are shredded. Stupidest thing I've ever seen (I watched yesterday's Charger game). Nice new 4 X 4 trucks for all the rangers. Glad I could help fund your new rides. Got there on Thur. morning & there were more rangers than camps, but never had an encounter. So I had that going for me!
  10. Just my 2¢, but I can see that when the BLM drops the yearly pass (& I think that's what they want), the next step will be prioritized pricing. Holiday prices will increase. Imagine paying $100+ for Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Years, etc. Just like the NFL! Or maybe it'll be more for Glamis? Also why can you "display" your weekly pass receipt inside but the lame-ass sticker MUST be outside?
  11. So does this mean only stock SxS (manufactured roll bars, seats, etc) are exempt from the new "adjusted" helmet laws? My add-on roll bar & seats are not manufacturer installed, now what?
  12. Again hate to be hatin", but I can imagine the first "change" by BLM will be to ban sand drags at Gordons, due to dangerous conditions caused by their own RAMP (i.e. closing a central portion sand highway). Logically, won't the dunner solution be a new sand highway, farther east? Also, the "flat billers", spoken of disdainfully, had their tax dollars taken to pay for & support ISDRA. They should be allowed access just like a hiking tree-hugger or illegal alien. It's not all for the long travel buggies & 200K RVs!
  13. Hate to be a pessimist, but this is the BLM creating a dangerous situation at Gordons. Just unexplainable! STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!
  14. Everyone thinks this is a "big win" for duners. I'm not so sure. It appears that this decision will close the sand highway entrance to Patton Valley (& possibly other valleys in the South dunes) leaving limited dune access from the Gordons Well Flats area. If so, this could impact camping at the dunes, i.e. less people at Gordons, more crowds at Glamis, Buttercup & Ogilby. Just another disguised land grab!

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