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  1. Look's like a socket to remove the inner lug nut on a semi- truck, they're 13/16 square drive.
  2. You won't need a cooler, what you need is a trans warmer. Weddle reccommends 150* temp switch' to thin the oil before the pump comes on. the problem in a play car is it's hard to get the trans to 150* so the pump seldom run's. I've thought about running a external engine oil cooler, then using the radiators exchanger for the trans fluid. just have to turn the pump on a little earlier to get it to circulate and warm up.
  3. Two Toyo Truck Tires Brand New M122 295/75R 22.5 All Steel Radial Ply Tubeless $450 OBO
  4. Yes still available, the tires are "New Never Mounted" as are the wheels. '
  5. Pro Am 934 Mid Board Hubs & Brakes Used In perfect working condition Freshly prepped Repacked Bearings New Seals No Miles Prepped CVs in good condition with a couple small pits and nice 300M cages Also comes with a pair of Pro Am double boot flanges and 4 new CV boots 6 Piston Brake Calipers 3/4" thick vented rotors $4300 OBO
  6. yes it does, it has a exchanger in the manifold. price is OBO
  7. Raceline Wheels RT Baja Crippler Rears are brushed finish 17 x 12 with 3 & 3/4" backspace Fronts are brushed finish 17 x 8 with 3" backspace OMF Beadlocks with Stiffening rings Black Hardware Asking $3600 OBO

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