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  1. I'm on the late, late, late show, but I read through and saw the sweet pics. There's some really nice Honda's up in this thread. I can't resist, I have to post a couple pics of mine to add to the super clean TRX's.
  2. Try Duncan Racing. Lauren is a really good guy, lil spendy, but he stands by his work, and it's nop totch too. I'm sure he has everything to get your bike dialed "tight and right". I don't know how backed up he is though. I know he's real busy this time of year, every year.
  3. Wally world has the best prices by far. Their batteries are pretty decent too. You should disconnect the negitive post when the seasons up, and a trickle charger once a month to keep it alive. My bud has a 400EX and the factory batt lasted 6 years but he charged it every couple months. If you keep up on it, spend the extra on a good battery, and it will last for a long time. If not, dog out the cheap Wal-Mart batt and call it a season
  4. If your running two lights and a lil fridge, I would say your best bet is to go with two 6v deep cycle batteries. Buy the alrgest AH batt that will fit into the location of the old batteries. Golf cart batteries are the best for longevity and reserve capacity. A charge controller is a must. They range from about $50 to thousands if you have a massive bank of batts. DON'T let anyone try talking you into Optima batteries. They are JUNK. I promise...(No one said anything, I'm just saying) What is your buget? Obviously the cheaper the better, but realisticly what do you plan on spending? Do you plan to add any other draw with more lighting or something else?
  5. Your soo lucky! How long had the insurance been out(Lapse in coverage)? I know if it's been "x" number of days they suspend your reggie. Then they can impound it AND write you a hefty ticket!
  6. Good shit girl, my eye's are watering as much as my stomach is hurting!!!! edited for wrong gender...
  7. Why are the toyota's so popular? Someone? My mom and sister both drive new Toyota's(Trucks with expensive CC's) and this has me wondering why? I tell you what...if they try I'll give them some precious metal alright, hollow point, .40 calabur, really hot and fast lead. Damn tweekers........
  8. That's bad ummm kaaayyy.... How bout the film developing room...we learned a lot of stuff in there!!! :weed:
  9. Avatar is kick azzz man!!!! did you manage to keep her on her feet?
  10. I have to agree with the statemnet that with age comes wisdom...But this kid knows what he's doing, clearly. There's no one around, he looks to have good control over the toy.... Personally, I see nothing wrong with it. If they were in a crowded area....not so much. We all have to learn sometime and this kids lucky enough to be tought earlier. Wish my dad was that cool, I'd be pro by 16!!!
  11. Yea, an uber ugly death trap for sure.
  12. Like on the 78 North coming home from G and these idiots know that there is a single lane ahead at the checkpoint yet they still try to stay in the left lane til the last possible moment and then get pissed off at ME when I don't let their sorry asses in... Yeah I hate them too! Everyday, as I go down Collage, these "kid's" do the same chit....They need to get in the right lane to hit the freeway and hang in the left for as long as possible. Then cut you off JUST before the ramp. I "Green Wall' their ass, they can never get by me, cause I watch for it. If it's legit.... cool I let them in, but these lil mother F&*%*# have to get over on you. My rig is bigger, taller and in most cases faster, and I have full coverage insurance so they can bring it all they want.
  13. Assklowns that insist they are soooo cool driving there sand toys 3ft from the crowd @ the drags so they can be seen. Assklowns that play R&B or or soft :ghay: music really effin loud in traffic or the gas station like the whole world wants to hear that chit. Assklowns that sit in the radiostations of San Diego and think people want to hear 12yo lil girl music and commercials only. Then they play the same chit all day!!!(This one really pisses me off. How's one suppose to get motivated at work to that crap!!!?) Assklowns that actually watch the rediculesly stupid commercials and shows MTV has. I feel dumber everytime I watch MTV. I think I just lost 10 IQ points just thinking about it. GAS PRICES!!!! I'm tired of spending $100 just to get to work every week.......the list can go on and on.
  14. Regina Chains and steel sprockets are going to last the long haul. They have worked exellent for me for the second season, barley any stretch, sprockets are in perfect shape, and I beat the hell outta my bike on every trip, and there has been a LOT of trips on them. There are others that are just as good. DID and most quality O or X ring chains work the best.

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