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  1. 2006 Sand Cars Unlimited- Big Bro Motor Redline 550 HP LS2 New Aeromotive A1000 Fuel Pump and Filters New 18 gallon Harmon Fuel Cell w/roll over valves Howe Power Steering Pump CBR radiator with 1 season old Transmission Mendeola S4S Sequential - Recent total rebuild by Folts (Newest Specs) Hargett Sequential Shifter with gear indicator Twin Disc 9" CBM Clutch 934 Race Prep 300m CV's 934 -300m axles Chassis SCU BIG BRO Full Body w/Windshield Upper and Lower LED Light Bar 2.5 King Bypasses (All around)-Tuned by King 2" Hollow Spindles Howe Rack w/ Charlyn 4 Wheel Willwood Disc Brakes Turning Brakes 17" Douglas Wheels 33"X17" Blasters 17" Douglas Wheels 1050X17" Razors Dual Odyssey 925A Batteries Interior Jet Trim Ostrich Seats Crow Belts Momo Wheel w/ Quick Disconnect PCI Race radio w/Bluetooth Intercom (2) Carbon Fiber PCI (Behind the Head) Headsets Lowrance GPS All Auto Meter Gauges This car was purchased 7 years ago from the original owner. It has been meticulously maintained. This car has never been jumped or abused. 57,000.00
  2. As a kid in the late 60's, I used to go there with my family and watch my uncle, a professional boat racer, race on Salton Sea. There were many classes running, and we had a ball. In the early to mid seventies my future inlaws (who knew?) had a trailer at "Salton Sea Beach Marina". (The sign is still there, a mile north of Red Earth on the 86). I spent many weekends from about 1970-1976 boating and water skiing by day, and thrashing my 1969 Yamaha Dt250 or 1973 400 CZ across the desert by evening. May have even borrowed a few "original style" Coors from my girlfriends parents cooler now and then! Believe it or not the area was "going places" back then. There were many developments in the area that got as far as completed roads, curbs, and power. We used to race our dirt bikes and manx buggies on these roads. We bought fresh corn and other vegetables right off the truck, from roadside mom and pop markets. Sadly in about 1976 the water level rose rapidly and washed out trailer parks and marinas. It killed our playground and the dreams of developers. To this day you can drive the area between Salton City (AM PM) and the Salton Sea and drive on these "residential streets" that never got developed. Its weird! I pass many times a year, back and forth from Glamis, flooded with wonderful memories. I know its dirty and often "stinky" now, but it was once a wonderful place. I miss it and I'm sorry if you didn't get the chance. PS My "girlfriend" and I celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary yesterday.
  3. Never optimistic when dealing with the government. I sent emails to my reps yesterday. I will be attending the meeting this week. I completely understand all the frustration, but quitting is just wrong.
  4. Trailers Unlimited in Anahiem. Probably not the cheapest you will find, but you won't find a better built trailer. Steves been building them for 20 years. He's the most reputable shop I've ever dealt with.
  5. Don Lemon is an idiot. Great to see him have his a$$ handed to him by a good man! I hope America wakes up. Thanks for posting that.
  6. I've done a few cars with the aerosol glue in the can, sold by upholstery stores. Worked ok but didn't always last long. I got a tip from a pro who told me the can stuff never holds properly. He suggested I buy "the good stuff", which is sold by the gallon specifically for upholstery by automotive upholstery stores. He told me to buy the cheapest harbor freight spray gun they have, use it for your project, then throw it away. I followed his advice and couldn't be happier! The glue goes on much more evenly and completely. Spray both side of the project, let it sit for a few minutes, then apply your material. Wow does it stick! Sorry I can't recall the name of the glue or its price. I can tell you it is expensive. $75.00 a gallon rings a bell. HF's spray gun was about $18.00. I used much less than a half gallon on my car and my buddy did his car easily with the rest. At least in California this stuff is highly regulated. I needed to fill out a form! When u open the can you'll know why! Good luck
  7. I bought the quiet cool set up. Installed it myself in a couple of hours. Very easy. Also bought their two speed switch/timer set up. Had that done by an electrician. Very happy with the results. Cools the house in no time once the outside temp is cooler. Make sure your attic venting is adequate. These pull a lot of air, so venting is very important . All that info is available on the quiet cool website.
  8. Trailers Unlimited in Anaheim. Several in my group have em and they love them. I pulled the trigger a couple of years ago and couldn't be happier. Great to work with! Couldn't recommend anyone higher.
  9. They fly over was kinda shaky footage. I posted a lil clip to Facebook and instagram though. The rest will be included in the "Best Of Video" that Im starting OK, I may be in the footage! Want to see what you got Looks good. Ordered
  10. Sure looks like it. Is the barrel end on the new cable the right size for the hole ?
  11. Just did this. The two inch throw cable was fine. Got a cable extension from pacific customs that connects to the cable you have. its about a foot long, and ends with a barrel end (like a motorcycle cable) that connects to your throttle body. About 20 bucks.
  12. Just upgraded mine to the hargett. Looked at the Kartek shifter but didn't care for it. My trans guy (Folts) thought the hargett was hands down the best. Pricey, but installed quickly and works great.

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