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  1. would love to have a place to camp (firework free wash/pad/???) that I could bring my dogs but they hate the fireworks and I can only bring them out with us on off weekends. One is scared the other wants to attack every explosion.
  2. found the 4 seater that crisped up on Saturday but never found the Sunday bonfire, but we could see it from the flag pole.
  3. I love the split grey 2 x 50 gallon grey tanks, and residential fridge and bath on my Genesis 34 GSXL plus the king bed!
  4. If this is from today then that’s not bad at all.
  5. Bummer weather was looking awesome for this weekend, been riding wet sand all season.
  6. Kool beans, I haven't ridden a trike since my 20's in Glamis on my 350x. After riding my sons yz450r a couple of weeks ago I can see myself getting into this conversion, it was such a ball to be on a bike again, forgot what the visibility was like after being on a SxS for the last 12 years, not to mention that 450r basically rides on its rear end 80% of the time 😛
  7. How well does that thing turn, or do you just steer it with the throttle ? That's a really cool conversion, how does the front end mat up to the yz450r frame is there a lot of fab work involved?
  8. I will take a White and Chrome sticker, please PM me the PP info.
  9. That's crazy, you must live/work near my where I live and I also go to that discount, its not even 2 years old.
  10. I have a stand you can have, I can bring it to KOH or Glamis for Presidents Day.
  11. I have the 36' toybox and Diesel the YXZ (and I wish a Rail) but this weekend I am just stealing my sons YFZ450R and sleeping in the back of my truck. Nothing like the good of days of leaving late on Friday and being wore out by Sunday afternoon and a short 3 hr drive back to Phoenix with nothing the clean or unload but the truck and quad.
  12. I was going to try out these reverse lights and if they worked well i was going to consider at least the high beam kit for the front. https://dieselleds.com/collections/super-b-led-reverse-light-kits/products/dodge-ram-super-b-led-revere-light-kit-2100-lumens
  13. If Sandjoker29 didn't convince you I will tell you about my buddies 2017 which he hates, the tiny DEF bottle on it requires him to fill it every few days (I get months on my RAM 2018 if I am not towing). The power on that little cummings in nerfed by the smog/emissions. He hasn't had any issues with the 4x4 so I would say that has been the only good thing about that truck, but it struggles to pull a 30' non toy hauler in the mountains.
  14. +1 on the power steering, I though it was just a nice to have luxury item until a friend broke his wrist on a canyon wall and my self on a witches eye in an old school Teryx.

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