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  1. DarkJuJu

    BBQ hook up!

    I have had this Weber for over 8 years, it has been solid and I cook on it almost every night. https://www.weber.com/US/en/grills/gas-grills/summit-series/7360001.html
  2. DarkJuJu

    Anyone cover their trailers?

    I just got a Genesis 34 gsxl and have it scheduled with a quality outfit in Phoenix to have it ceramic coated with Sensa Japan product that is warrantied for 5 years (supposed to last for 😎. You only have to wash your coach, it's not magic, it won't stop scratches and what not but what it will do (from my research, and talking to other owners) is protect it from the sun, dirt, and bugs that are such a pain to get off without having to wax it twice a year. It's not cheap but I will come out ahead in $$$ and time saved in wax/polish.
  3. DarkJuJu

    Towing to Glamis from Prescott Valley or Payson AZ

    I would like to get some info on this place, please and thank you 👍
  4. DarkJuJu

    RIP Schwinn

    eff* Cancer!
  5. DarkJuJu

    Powerball lottery pool 3/27

    Im in for 10
  6. DarkJuJu

    Battery Charger recommendation

    I have an older Schumacher and it has worked great for 5+ years, here is a link to a updated model on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Schumacher-SC1281-Automatic-Battery-Charger/dp/B07BLLRM8R/ref=sr_1_3?qid=1553273749&refinements=p_89%3ASchumacher&s=automotive&sr=1-3
  7. DarkJuJu

    YXZ and sand

    Yep, I may cruise around in 4-5k area but when I am getting in and shifting gears I stay up 7-9k and hauling the mail 10k+
  8. DarkJuJu

    YXZ and sand

    Are you sure you're talking about a YXZ? I don't start seeing usable power until 4k and thats with intake, exhaust, cams, and a tune. Do you have the Tubeworks 70/30 kit?
  9. DarkJuJu

    ABC at KOH, ..

    Yep long johns at night and a rainproof windbreaker over all your warm layers make it barrable.
  10. DarkJuJu

    WTB-Quad for Teen

    If you were in Phoenix I would sell you my sons Raptor 250, he just turned 14 and just outgrew the power for it in the big dunes at the speed he wants to be able to go.
  11. DarkJuJu

    Ok how is it out there...rain in glamis

    Bingo, but if it's still bad by Saturday afternoon Ill just hauler home
  12. DarkJuJu

    Ok how is it out there...rain in glamis

    Leaving this afternoon, hoping its somewhat dry by 8pm-ish and all the wet sand will make the 20+ mph winds they are predicting barrable.
  13. DarkJuJu

    King of the Hammers

    Well I had a blast, I had never been to Johnson Valley (what an awesome place to ride) before but I will for sure be back next year. I came out early (2/1) and left Tuesday afternoon before the crazy wind they had on Wednesday. Friday was nice but Saturday (UTV qualifying) was mad windy, ended up just driving my TV all over the place wrapping my head around how large this area and race is. It rained late Saturday afternoon and cleared up by 8 pm or so. Hammer town was a mud fest but the rest of the trails and area was not bad if you stayed off the lake bed. Thanks to whoever suggested camping near Turkey Claw that was a perfect area for us. I understand why those that fought so hard to keep this place open the last few years, it is a treasure.
  14. DarkJuJu

    King of the Hammers

    That looks like a great spot, how best can you get there with a small (26') tag trailer? Do you just go in the main entrance and then head east on the best tracks you can find, looking at the satellite it's hard to tell.
  15. DarkJuJu

    King of the Hammers

    Heading out Friday 2/1 through 2/7 to check out the UTV races, Monday Night Shootout, and Everyman Challenge. Friday 1/25- Gate Opens Friday 2/1- Hammertown Opens Saturday 2/2- UTV Qualifying Sunday 2/3- UTV Race Monday 2/4 - 4500/4600/4800 Qualifying & Monday Night Shootout Tuesday 2/5 – 4400 Qualifying Wednesday 2/6 - Every Man Challenge Race (EMC) Thursday 2/7 - Toyo Desert Invitational Presented by Monster Energy Friday 2/8 - Nitto King of The Hammers Race Powered by Optima Batteries (KOH)

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