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  1. Finally, a nice weekend without to much wind and my honey-do list chewed down, managed to get some meat on the old smoker. Scratch beans, 2 racks of baby's, and a beef chuck that will become pull Philly steak sandwich filling.
  2. Yep, I may cruise around in 4-5k area but when I am getting in and shifting gears I stay up 7-9k and hauling the mail 10k+
  3. Are you sure you're talking about a YXZ? I don't start seeing usable power until 4k and thats with intake, exhaust, cams, and a tune. Do you have the Tubeworks 70/30 kit?
  4. I only manage to get out to mother G 3-4 times a year but you can sign me and my family/crew up for wash 15. Thank you this is a great idea!
  5. Even with all the travel in a Trophy Truck, they still run 40" tires for a reason.
  6. I have about 20 hrs into a '17 SE manual shift, safety first with a full cage 5pt belts and seats. If you want to keep it quite but solid performance with the stock gearing I can not suggest strongly enough the Alba SBD kit with stag 2 cams and 10 paddle 26" skat's
  7. IMO the best I have used, parts are replaceable/exchangeable if you change trailer or TV. I just upgraded my truck and just needed to flip the shank around but will most likely upgrade to a larger shank so that I do not have to use the bracket sleeve on my larger hitch.
  8. I think you can just fill this with Tinfoil hats and throw your certified organic vegan veg right on there/
  9. That looks tasty, next time try separating the flat from the point and do some burnt ends ?
  10. Got the new rig dialed in a few weeks ago, looks small but that's a 15lb butt and 2 full racks of baby's. I must have forgotten to get a finished pick but the ribs got sauced shortly after these pics
  11. ECU Flash fixes the high temp (at least it did on mine) plus pulling out the spark arrestor and weller air injection block off kit kills the exhaust popping and makes its sound way better (about $250 for flash and block off kit). I don't want a this yxz any louder than it already is so I went with the Alba silent but deadly kit, supposed to add 25 HP to the rear wheels ( have it purchased but not installed yet). As soon as the cams go in I am going to have it dyno'ed so I can tell if its BS or not.
  12. Not to be a tease but i had been waiting to sell my 06' 2500 and give you a call. Went to Durnago last weekend any my truck gave up the tranny, had to rent a uhaul to get home because of a large wildfire you cant get a rental car and it was going to take them 5 days to get the re manufactured tranny and install it. Anyhow all that being said if you still have it after I can get my sold I will be giving you a call, love your truck.
  13. dumb question but how well does that little Ryobi air pump work?
  14. I have had one of these bad boys on order since January (16 week wait until production). 24x40 offset smoker from LoneStar Smokers in Texas. Dang thing is close to 1000lb got install a winch in the toy hauler to load her. I love stick burners!
  15. Not sure if anyone has seen these photos yet but I thought i would share

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