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  1. Yes, specifically the large low income areas, lower middle class that like most of us live pay check to pay check.
  2. Just FYI, and others might be in the know, but I just today found a place the delivers booze "In about an hour" www.pikfly.com
  3. The sand density is interesting out there, would love to go.
  4. Stafford Act is a pretty commonly used governmental/executive power year according to Forbes Usage of the Stafford Act is actually quite common (it gets invoked an average of 56 times per year, according to a report from the Congressional Research Service), but it has rarely been used for public health emergencies since the 1960s: Only twice, in 2000, when President Bill Clinton declared emergencies in New York and New Jersey over the West Nile Virus outbreak, according to Bloomberg. https://www.forbes.com/sites/sergeiklebnikov/2020/03/13/trump-declares-a-national-emergency-under-the-stafford-act-heres-what-that-actually-allows-him-to-do/#62ec52985c48
  5. Looks like it’s burning throw a lot of units unfortunately, I certainly hope it gets put out soon
  6. Just heard it was at least 1 motor home at the storage facility.
  7. Can’t tell what it is from the dunes but I hope everything is ok
  8. If they are in or passing through North Phoenix (i17 and Deer Valley), you can get them at Screwie Lewie's 2031 W Deer Valley Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85027
  9. Wash 15 late on the 13th, damn wet dunes again it looks like possibly. I have only gotten 2 of 6 trips in dry sand this season!
  10. Cold Data Center move and rebuild of infrastructure plus 30 location WAN transition between carriers for my largest and oldest (16 years) customer. I’ll be i this dang DC until Monday
  11. would love to have a place to camp (firework free wash/pad/???) that I could bring my dogs but they hate the fireworks and I can only bring them out with us on off weekends. One is scared the other wants to attack every explosion.
  12. found the 4 seater that crisped up on Saturday but never found the Sunday bonfire, but we could see it from the flag pole.

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