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    A lot of people take PICTURES. What good are they if they're not shared? I've got a ton of pictures that are buried in my archives. I think it's time to share. And you should as well. Don't Hide em.......Divide Em! Peace
  2. CHEFF

    You may not know that your friend is a bad ass

    What a great read sndsmplr. I enjoyed sitting around the fire with Tom. And I had NO IDEA how bad ass that man is! Peace
  3. CHEFF

    SX / Motorcross

    The CHAD-A-PULT jump. It's awesome too. I never approached the jump at that speed tho. Peace
  4. CHEFF

    What're You Listening to Now?

    MONEY...………………...Pink Floyd. Peace
  5. CHEFF

    America's Second Civil War Has Already Begun

    Great picture. You should be proud! I'd be proud too. Studs! Peace
  6. CHEFF

    SX / Motorcross

    IS shows Spring Creek Motocross photo there. Didn't know IS was a motocross guy?! Webb has the mojo working right now. Peace
  7. CHEFF

    It's Saturday 3/2/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Went to my daughters Unified Special Olympics Basketball tournament. They finished 3rd. Our first UNIFIED tournament. Apparently our team didn't have enough participants to have a full team so we went unified. Which means 2 out of five players are shall we say Normal. And Da chEFFF was extremely disappointed in our unified people. I thought the unified players should be there to help the Special Needs kids play...…………...not show boat for themselves! And that's what our team has. I wanted to suit up for the other team and destroy our players. It was embarrassing and wrong! When you're up 30-4 and it's the 3rd qtr, why continue to pound. It's obvious that team was not capable of playing with us but come on already. I had to walk out of the gym. Didn't want to embarrass my daughter or beat up the coach! And yes, he needs to get beat up! On a good note, saw Lionel Ritchie in concert Friday night!Peace
  8. Had to enjoy a day in the sand bunker with friends and family. Was awesome in Glamis!! Peace
  9. CHEFF

    SX / Motorcross

    I'm jumping on the Webb Wagon and Tomac Train. Peace! Peace
  10. CHEFF

    SX / Motorcross

    Kind of fell off the line DD.....sorry Bro. Time to circle back in line. My fantasy picks suck. Still not on the Webb wagon. I could use 80 pts this weekend. Da chEFFF will be there live and in person. Then it's off to Glamis for the week!!! Peace
  11. CHEFF

    2019 Sandy Golf Tournament

    Looks like greatness. Jeni Rips the ball!! Peace
  12. CHEFF


    Great Day to entertain the lady! Peace
  13. CHEFF

    What're You Listening to Now?

    Sweet Jane......Cowboy Junkies. Peace
  14. CHEFF

    Oldsmobile Hill today

    I'm jealous! Peace
  15. CHEFF

    True Dedication to Yard Art

    That is so badass! Peace
  16. CHEFF

    Anyone Have An Amazing Mattress?

    I stopped sleeping on TOP of the bed. Lay under it with the Dog. Like my suspension...…………...I needed max clearance. Peace
  17. CHEFF

    Ryder's on the storm!

    Train them about the kiddie tracks in the washes and in the flats. They cause serious damage to those who don't know! Collarbone snapage. Seen it done. Peace
  18. CHEFF

    2019 Sandy Golf Tournament

    Scratch and sniff?! HA! Peace
  19. CHEFF

    SX / Motorcross

    Anyone seen the documentary on the Isle of Man TT? Those dudes are NUTS! Peace
  20. CHEFF

    What're You Listening to Now?

    Devil's Child...……..Judas Priest. Peace
  21. CHEFF

    Ryder's on the storm!

    It's awesome teaching your kids how to ride. And watching other kids in your camp learn to ride. Then they grow up confident and independent. Peace
  22. CHEFF

    SX / Motorcross

    Who's jumping on the Webb wagon? Peace
  23. CHEFF

    2019 Sandy Golf Tournament

    Should take everyones opinion and store my stuff there! That's the problem...………….leaving it in Mother G! I like seeing my stuff daily. Kind of like fondling my gun. Peace
  24. It's amazing how much dirt accumulates in a motorhome after 17 years of Glamis! Peace
  25. CHEFF

    King of the Hammers

    All I've got is a black screen. But I can hear the guys talking live. Peace

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