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  1. I dislike anxiety thread. I’m from TN and we’re chill. We’re “pooling”, “laking”, “rivering”, biking, bbq’ing, and partying with neighbors. We organized the first block party!
  2. Flip it and reverse it fellas. The biggest problem in this country today is the extreme one-sidedness.
  3. People in CA should just carry their guns.... why in the hell would someone apply for a "permit" to carry a gun in CA (or anywhere) ? Of course you do so at your own legal risk, but gang members do it all the time with great effectiveness. NOW (in CA)... you can even just cite this new "policy" with its privacy concerns and take it to the supreme court if needed. You will win. Democrats dont know how to use calculators and dont read history books... this has been done before and failed in other states (and those states became open carry no permit states). CA law is crazy, I've mentioned in the past... but since carrying of a firearm is illegal without permit.. BUT if a firearm is used to kill someone IN SELF DEFENCE (look up that legal meaning in your state) "outside the home", then the "gun" itself "magically" appears in the event timeline in a court case. You are not charged for the carrying of the firearm or the public discharge of the weapon, etc, etc.. since it would not add up legally. This is California's peter pan dance around laws concerning 2nd amendment, guns, etc.. its all going to blow up in CA's face... and soon... it already is beginning to. This allows CA to unlawfully enforce gun laws when guns are found on persons AND AT THE SAME TIME EXCUSE instances where a legal gun was used to kill a mass shooter for example. Political infused law enforcement for the purpose of only politics. Like democrats always want to have it both ways..... they cant... and CA can't either. and now the idiots in CA who THINK this may further their anti gun agenda... it will do the EXACT opposite... by applying for a carry permit, you in effect SELF DOX yourself BECAUSE of the CA state policy.... democrat doxing in and of itself has ALREADY been defended in high state courts are reason ALONE to obtain a carry permit... so CA shoots itself in the foot once again (pun intended). ahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
  4. I can relate to this so for this, I applaud you! I didn't want kids. I didn't like kids. Having my son is the best thing that has happened in my life to date.
  5. Dawn patrol on the MTB. Planned for 21/2600 but the humidity was brutal so I ran out of water before I could finish. Ate brunch at Calhouns on the river and now just hanging watching a series. Going to the pump track later with ma monster.
  6. Crusty be like, “give me Covid 8x!”.
  7. I agree with everything you typed. Here in TN, a CCW is not required but I obtained mine anyway. After a year living here, I've only seen one person display a sign of carrying. The assumption is that EVERYONE is carrying yet I've only seen one. I carry my P226 but during late Spring and Summer, the weather is just too hot to wear pants so I wear shorts every day which makes it more difficult to CC, particularly because I wear running shorts on the daily. So, I carry it in my bag pack so I don't display any sign that I'm carrying.
  8. That’s what I was considering but my son and wife are young. I’d be viewed as the mid-life crisis, creeper driving in one alone. So, an AMG SL65 AMG vert is more appropriate for me.

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