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  1. Loko has been working on building me a custom ATC70 for months now. It'll give me my fix for riding on my property. Once I get more settled in, I plan to pick up another Raptor for navigating the off-road parks near me of which there are a ton!
  2. I loved riding my modded Raptor 700. If I had continued, I'd still likely be riding it over a UTV.
  3. Heh, hate to drop knowledge on you but that isn't free. It costs money straight out of your paycheck. You can't even breathe in CA without paying taxes. *insert Skeletor meme*
  4. I'm confident these guys will eventually register and obtain their liability insurance too. https://www.hastingstribune.com/ap/national/guns-stolen-from-rail-cars-spark-lapd-concern/article_d8a2c8f5-ae59-5caa-b21b-96d3dae43368.html
  5. I'm sure the Bloods, Crips, Homies, Mobsters, Mafia goons, etc. have jumped on their smart phones to obtain quotes.
  6. CA https://www.kold.com/2022/01/25/calif-city-vote-gun-law-proposing-owners-buy-liability-insurance/
  7. https://www.foxbusiness.com/economy/california-proposal-double-taxes
  8. Figures the guy’s name is Scott.
  9. Brrrr…snow storm. So, staying indoors and packing for a business trip to King of Prussia on Monday.
  10. It is small but it’s the closest place to me to get a bit of sand action. I plan on hitting the Outer Banks as well, to ride my ATC70, but that’s all beach.
  11. It looks like these are the closest (~9 hour drive) dunes to me and where I'd like to make a few trips this Spring/Summer. Has anyone been? If so, please share your experience, tips for camping, etc. Thank you.
  12. Sad to read these types of posts. R.I.P.

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