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  1. Can you send me some pics and info on it, if it's something your willing to sell? Thanks Tom
  2. Looking for a 33+ 2008-2010 Weekend Warrior fifth wheel. Preferably one with a front slide or no slides. TIA
  3. Ginger13


    Price drop
  4. Ginger13


    Chenowth expedition sandrail frame - never made into a roller. Setup for a bus tranny, the one in the photo isn't included in the price. Asking 950 obo. Also have a complete wider front beam and spindles, rack and pinion, rear 3x3 trailing arms, front wheels and tires; I can get you photos and a price if interested. Located in Yuma.
  5. ISO a 4th gen ('10-'18) Ram 3500 dually short bed. I have a flatbed now and looking to switch back too stock. I'm also willing to trade the flatbed if someone wants it too. Thanks
  6. Do you still have any? Going to be SD next weekend and would like 2 of them.
  7. Ginger13


    Sold please delete
  8. You going to be in the riverside area this Friday?
  9. I can't agree more...if the officers would have stepped out of their vehicles it would have probably needed up in a fire fight with who the hell knows what would have happened (innocent people getting killed and everyone saying the cops didn't do enough; an officer getting wounded or killed and can never go to work again or never going home to see their families again; or even killing the guy and getting sued). Being in this type of situation sucks, I'm in law enforcement and have had to discharge my firearm because a guy pointed a gun at a fellow officer which resulted in me killing him. If he would have listen to us and put the gun down things like this wouldn't happen. I am not saying cops do everything right everytime, but most people don't see that some situations are split second decisions. People will curcify cops before they even know what happened in the incident and it doesn't help that the news feeds this $hit on. I saw a video of activist recently that was a real eye opener for him and made him think about what was really goes on...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfi3Ndh3n-g Rant Over!!!
  10. I stopped by motoworld in el cajon to look around near Christmas time and prices seemed to be cheaper than anywhere else I've seen.

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