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  1. Check out the 15" x 33 ,4 rib STU
  2. From the looks of the pic, your running 17" rear and 15" front ?
  3. Are you talking front or rears ? I'm so confused. 33x15 or 17 ???? 35 x17 ? I don't think they make a 35x15 front. 4 rib I have a 33x15 rib now. Heavy effin tires LOL.
  4. I'm only 3 or4 post's into this thread and I am sick to hear this. WTF ? . Another ditto ^^^^ that . Prayers to all the people involved. So sad. I won't say it anymore. You that KNOW, know ...
  5. Ditto that ^^^. Happy New Year JAlper. !!!! Death to 930's and the 2D ( for higher HP cars ). 🙂
  6. That isn't an aluminum boot flange is it ? WTF I think I'm getting an override complex . LOL
  7. Now that's some funny shiat. THE SXS guys are thinkng they have some game. OMG. I'd bet But someone is having fun. But that is some funny stuff... Not fast stuff, but kinda funny.. Oh ohh !
  8. That's not an AlumimMIN UM boot flange IS IT ?. oooh Cricehyty
  9. OK, now we are using the correct shoulder bolt for all of our cars ? WTF. If that were the case than we would be all cutting all of our bolts except for the ones that you sell.
  10. All I know is, I'm using the 1/2 " bolt 934 CV's @ 105ftlbs with no loctic and no 930/934 adapter BS and the bates boots. And the softer than steel Greaser alum. plates and have had no problems. I might do more off season maintenance then most LOL Loosener ? really ? now that's some funny lol shit.
  11. You missed my reply about " Greaser plates ". seems to me adding a 3/8" alum. plate that has a couple of zerk fittings will do better then a drilled and weak'nd CV, ? But that said , it is a bit more of a hassell to shorten 12 CV bolts an eighth of an inch. LOL
  12. My car too. I hate to say this but , WORD^^^. Nail on the head. You cant argue with proper CV angle, HP, Trans, Tires = reliability. Now that said.. How many of you have this ?. How hard or soft do you ride or drive, night or day ! or where..- Now be an engine or tranny builder and ask that question.. Good night. LOL
  13. I hope that is true !. I have not really bad mouthed them, OK kinda. Mainly because of there lack of basically everything to do with customer support and communication. Even as far as going to a cheap crappy competitor.. Please, Gear One, say your back to the saddle again !. ??? You'll have my business.

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