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  1. I put ice packs in mine if I need to get it cold quicker!
  2. All dogs bark, it is one reason why we have them. I have to yell at all the dogs around us from time to time. It is when it is nonstop! We had a barking dog behind us. It was a house dog and the people had a baby and threw it outside. My husband was working on a project in the back yard all weekend. And this dog barked nonstop. At about midnight that Sun. morning, my huband got up, got in his van, drove around the block to their house. their driveway gate was, shut and locked. My husband sat in their driveway blaring the horn until they came outside. He told them "if you can't take care of your dog, give it to someone who can". They got the picture and put the dog up for adoption. A neighbor adopted it and he is very happy! I don't know how you address someone spinless enough not to sign a note.
  3. The water is still too cold. And 80 isn't hot enought to off set the chill of the water. I think there are atleast 3 mos. left for off road'n! Then it's all about the river! Love the heat! Nothing better than floating!

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