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  1. Hey guys its Devil Child. I am 9 years old. I bought my 70 with my own money. Mike bought my new plastic but I paid for everything else so I had to save up all my money and spend it on my new 70. I started building my 1985 70 at the end of last season. I took everything off of it then me and Mike painted the frame, the rims and the tank. We got an 88 kit put in my engine (thanks to our friend Roy) and then put it all back together. Mike bought new orange plastic and we put that on too. When I sit here thinking about what to write I think about the great things that happened when me and Mike worked on my bike so hopefully it will have a great run. My build thread is here Before After
  2. Thanks everyone, I'm having fun doing this with my dad!! On the tank I'm going to put a devil and on the back under the seat on the plastic it's going to say 'Devil Child'.
  3. Very nice Justin. Can you convince Mike to buy me one.
  4. Hey Justin it's Shay. Just wanted to say Hi.
  5. Here are my puppies Glamis, Oakley, and Max
  6. I was talking to Esco this weekend and he said when anything bad happens it is always Chummins fault. So I started this thread to see what you've blamed Chummin for. Here's mine 10. Honest, Chummin ate my homework. 9. It's all Chummin's fault Me's Better Half crashed this weekend. 8. It's all Chummin's fault I got candy on my mom's truck seat. 7. It's all Chummin's fault that I was caught speeding in the compound. 6. It's all Chummin's fault that Me's Toy rolled her rail at the EPO 5. It's all Chummin's fault that Me's Toy ripped her pants and got the nickname Moon Toy. 4. It's all Chummin's fault that I kept leaving camp and not telling my parents. 3. It's all Chummin's fault that I almost got in a fight this weekend. 2. It's all Chummin's fault that I'm a messy kid. 1. It's all Chummins fault cause Esco said so.
  7. but witcheseye they dont come with training wheels
  8. Hi my name is Shay. I am Me's Toy's daughter. I am 7 years old. I ride a TRX 90. My favorite place to dune is Glamis. My favorite thing to do is jump my quad out of a bowl. I just wanted to say hi to everybody on the board and especially to Esco.

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