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  1. Wow! That was a fun weekend! All the wash 13.5 peeps.
  2. Have you ever worried about shooting yourself while you were sleeping? Dreaming of some nice big ( . ) ( . )'s take a squeeze and...........bam! you're dead.
  3. BEST OFF ROAD LIGHTS EVER!!! Not as "cool" as LEDs. but brighter and throw the light much further.
  4. If you are talking about feb 14-16 weekend, there was the huge fireworks display and the area was packed!
  5. I broke a CV just watching that video!
  6. /\ /\ /\ That 70 it SIC, it has "triple trees"
  7. Do you have bypass shocks? If so, adjust them. Its free!!! Get a note pad. Go to each tube and tighten all the screws in, measure how many turn in for each. Write this number down. Or get a sharpie and write the number on the tube. Then back them back out to where you started. Now drive the car. If it is too soft, tighten the compression tubes. BUT ALWAYS MAKE NOTES OF WHAT YOU DO. Then if it is worse, go back to what you had before. If a tube gets all the way in or all the way out, you need to revalve. This is a super simple version but don't be afraid to make adjustments, just always write down what you did. Then you have a map of how to get back if it gets worse. When I first started playing with shocks, I was told to make big changes. Then you can really feel the difference. As you get closer, make smaller changes. Now you will have an idea of what needs to be done and can talk to a shock tuner. "I did this xxxxx and it rode better, I did that xxxxxx and it felt worse".
  8. Again, I don't own a SxS, just curious if anyone does their own work on the shocks. I really enjoy messing around with the suspension (desert/baja cars). Testing/adjusting/testing/adjusting. It sounds like Fox made the new style shocks not as user friendly to take apart and mess with. Maybe to keep the average person going to "tuners". Thanks for the input. If I ever decide to join the craze, it sounds like there are a few relatively easy adjustments to improve the ride.
  9. I went out to Gordons this past weekend with some buddies that just bought 4-seat Can-Am's both of them have very limited off-road experience. They both love the X3 and think the suspension is incredible. I drove one of the cars (first time driving a SxS, other than Rhino). I was impressed with the out of the box suspension but I could tell it could be a lot better. I have tuned a lot of Fox shocks. But all of them have been coilovers and/or bypasses. I have never taken apart the new style shocks with the adjusters on them. After reading/researching about Can-Am shocks it seems to be that no one (or not many) does their own shock work. Why is all the SxS shock tuning kept such a secret? I get the main shock tuners have to keep trade secrets but all the adjustments have to be pretty close to the same. Why re-invent the wheel? I have my suspicions that quite a few of the SxS owners are buying them and don't have the experience at tuning shocks. Has anyone taken the new Fox shocks apart and revalved/respringed? Are they harder/different than a normal bypass shock?
  10. Great job!!! Came out nice. I can't believe Paule is saying Harley theme and not paint is blue???
  11. Super cool! Just my .02, I have a taco cart that is around 6' long and all 4 wheels are fixed. It isn't too heavy but it gets real old moving it around without turning wheels. Again, just my opinion, but I would rethink the wheels.
  12. I would be interested in the Weber Q stand if decided not to rebuild it.
  13. Eddie is still around but he is focusing on his propeller business (PSD= Propellers of San Diego) 619-469-5300

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