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  1. I have both. In the end I wear the over the top head sets. Over the top can be annoying if you are wearing a hat. They push on the little button on the top of the hat. The behind are more comfortable but the back hits on the seat (when hitting bumps fast) and they get knocked off.
  2. My Subaru had DBW, I used the stock Subaru pedal. It worked great!
  3. Full adjustable bar type weight distribution hitch with clamp on brackets. Made in the USA (not harbor freight) $100.00
  4. two LED reef lights. They have remotes and are controllable. 165Watts 15.5"x8.5". Comes with stainless wire to hang lights. These were on a 120 gallon reef tanks and worked very good. $100 for the pair (prefer not to split them up)
  5. The four seats are connected (7'long). They were professionally cleaned but still a little stained. They were in my sons game room. All the kids would sit in them while playing video games. Seat bottoms fold up. $100.00
  6. 2013 Ford Raptor front bumper. I also have the mounting hardware, center plastic cover and tow hooks. Bumper is straight. It does have some minor scratches. Overall it is in good shape. I replaced it with a tube style bumper. $100.00
  7. 3 3/8 ELECTRIC 4 IN 1 WATER TEMP./FUEL LEVEL/OIL PRESS.80 PSI/VOLT WHITE. The fuel gauge does not work. Other 3 are fine. Comes with oil pressure sender. $25.00 or a case of Pacifico
  8. Maybe throw this on Trawlerforum.com There are some smart people there too.
  9. How much of the front end stuff do you have?
  10. I have a 5ti in my Ford raptor and I haven't had any issues with the signal.
  11. I know someone that used to have a cool VW Thing. 😣
  12. Depends on what you are doing. If racing, Lead Nav has the support that is needed. A buddy in our group has Motion X on a Samsung and it work great for playing
  13. I have both. I use lead-nav on my Mini. They both have their pros-cons. Truly both is the best way to go. I used both for the Norra 1000 and the voice promps from lead nav saved the day! I did my home work on the trail map before the race and it paid off. But if was the only visual GPS we would of been in bad shape. Lead Nav- pros- voice commands (not a big plus for recreational driving) Satellite map backgrounds (to zoom way in takes a large image and lots of memory) You have other Ipad apps (music) Cons- Yearly subscription for cool features Ipad is very hard to see in daylight, must be plugged in all the time impossible to use a touch screen while driving, especially racing. It takes more work finding trails, routes, maps. For recreational use, I almost always leave my Ipad in the motorhome. Lowrance wins. You are more than welcome to try mine out sometime.

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