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  1. Baja Peninsula is magical! If you had to stay on the highways, you missed the best parts. But you did it and you will always remember the trip.
  2. @Turbo_Manx_Maniac This would be a good backup for the group.
  3. So what do you do with the acid when finished cleaning? Flush it down the street?
  4. Thats a nice setup. It even comes with a beer-bong so you can get drunk while your buddy is stuck.
  5. Great deal!! Way to "make it happen". I am in the same boat. I am ready to try something different. It is just hard to pull the trigger. I have a plan, there are quite a few domino's that need to fall but I recently pushed the first one over. Good luck and enjoy! I applaud you for doing it!!!
  6. What does a house like that cost? I'm hoping to retire soon. I want to downsize my house in San Diego and buy another property out of state to visit. I am just not sure where I would like to go. I am a San Diego native. It's tough to leave the best city in america.
  7. For all of those who are in the wildfire areas, I ran across this website. Interesting concept. Just passing it along... https://urbntek.com/
  8. Signart in Vista did my car. They were great to work with and quality job. I need my car for a Baja trip and the windshield/roof weren't done. The guys at Signart came to my house after the trip and finished the wrap. Thats great service.
  9. Thumbs up for the Jimco 30 Racing sticker!
  10. I was hoping this was going to be my old car. I'm looking to build a new manx
  11. Happy Birthday young man!! Get out and play some OTL!

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