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  1. I have a 5ti in my Ford raptor and I haven't had any issues with the signal.
  2. I know someone that used to have a cool VW Thing. 😣
  3. Depends on what you are doing. If racing, Lead Nav has the support that is needed. A buddy in our group has Motion X on a Samsung and it work great for playing
  4. I have both. I use lead-nav on my Mini. They both have their pros-cons. Truly both is the best way to go. I used both for the Norra 1000 and the voice promps from lead nav saved the day! I did my home work on the trail map before the race and it paid off. But if was the only visual GPS we would of been in bad shape. Lead Nav- pros- voice commands (not a big plus for recreational driving) Satellite map backgrounds (to zoom way in takes a large image and lots of memory) You have other Ipad apps (music) Cons- Yearly subscription for cool features Ipad is very hard to see in daylight, must be plugged in all the time impossible to use a touch screen while driving, especially racing. It takes more work finding trails, routes, maps. For recreational use, I almost always leave my Ipad in the motorhome. Lowrance wins. You are more than welcome to try mine out sometime.
  5. Price lowered to $52,000. Also possible trade for SxS or Manx
  6. Roberto Vega 619-368-1614. He does a bunch of the off-road racers (mastercraft, Jimco, Alumicraft) stuff and my company trucks. Great guys and great service.
  7. I have (or had) 6 of them. Only had the spark plug problem with 1 of them, 2001 F-350, blew a plug out at 70k miles. Lost a intake valve at 80k miles. It is in the shop getting new heads as I type. $1700 fix the first time and ~$5000 fix now.
  8. Here are some other wrap layout that were done. Just some ideas......
  9. Make sure you ha ve a rear skidplate. Why limit your fun!! Or buy a car that can do both very well. I happen to know one for sale.....
  10. This looks like a fun boat to chase tuna or drug dealers.
  11. If interested - 64" to top of the cage, 68.5" to top of the roof rack. 88" track width (front and back) and just under 16' total length.
  12. I recently had mine gone through by Dave Folts. I had all the updates to the shift forks and barrels done. The cost was $3500 but that included a new R&P. Edit: The cost was for everything to be updated, mag'ed and freshened up. Not just the shift forks

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