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  1. Or talk to Brandon Long. @Brandon Long He is a great guy with a wealth of knowledge. Steer clear of living by D-N-Tyke, that guy is iffy at best. And his neighbors.....sheeesh. Trouble.
  2. My son moved away to college and left behind all his saltwater aquarium stuff. He had a ton of money wrapped up in this and it was a cool reef tank. I've listed most of the bigger items. There are lots of smaller thing included. Not parting out. come take it all, everything you need to start your reef tank. Tank/sump was built by Aquatic Warehouse. 110 Gallon Acrylic Sealife tank. It does have light scratching but almost all of it goes away when water is in the tank. 30 gallon Sump with 1190GPM return pump, everything is hard piped with unions, skimmer (Reef Octpus 110INT) and three heaters. Sump has shelf for coral and drain valve Cherry wood cabinet and canopy Two Viparspectra 165w LED lights with remotes, fully programmable BRS 5 stage Plus RODI system, with TDS meter. Has extra filter on top and backflush valve. 25 gallon water water tank, with auto stop valve. Two 5-gallon jugs and pump to mix saltwater. AquaeuroUSA chiller 1/10HP Around 100lbs of live sand and some coral rocks Lots of misc stuff: test kits, reactor media, dosing Alk/Calcium, bioballs, carbon, wavemakers, pumps, tubing, medications First $1,100.00 takes it! Please no trades or parting out.
  3. I feel your pain. I sold my Alumicraft earlier this year. It's tough to walk away from such a nice car.
  4. It doesn't stay down. I also have dogs so they track it into the house. I did flagstone, with DG walkways and I am constantly having to sweep up the flagstone.
  5. Bigger the rock, the less of a mess it makes. I did DG walkways and riverrock in planters. DG makes a mess!!
  6. That's awesome!! My son just moved away to college. I miss him helping in the garage. I just sent him pictures from the Baja 400. He's pissed
  7. Call B&R Buggies in Oceanside. They have done a few pre-runners.
  8. I have both. In the end I wear the over the top head sets. Over the top can be annoying if you are wearing a hat. They push on the little button on the top of the hat. The behind are more comfortable but the back hits on the seat (when hitting bumps fast) and they get knocked off.
  9. My Subaru had DBW, I used the stock Subaru pedal. It worked great!
  10. Full adjustable bar type weight distribution hitch with clamp on brackets. Made in the USA (not harbor freight) $100.00
  11. 2013 Ford Raptor front bumper. I also have the mounting hardware, center plastic cover and tow hooks. Bumper is straight. It does have some minor scratches. Overall it is in good shape. I replaced it with a tube style bumper. $100.00
  12. 3 3/8 ELECTRIC 4 IN 1 WATER TEMP./FUEL LEVEL/OIL PRESS.80 PSI/VOLT WHITE. The fuel gauge does not work. Other 3 are fine. Comes with oil pressure sender. $25.00 or a case of Pacifico

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