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  1. Punchdrunk Monkey


    Oh the good old days of GD.com.
  2. Punchdrunk Monkey


    That's too funny! It was one of Pimpshacks buddies. At the time, I lived a couple blocks away from Pimpshack. The old shopping cart just wasn't setup for the dirt. I should of sold it to Johnny Knoxville.
  3. Fore Sale: 2007 (?) Santa Cruz Blur. I think the frame size is a medium, it is 18.5" I bought it in 2012 and rode it for a couple of year. Now, I get on it every once in a while but it doesn't get much use. There is a small dent in the frame that was there when I bought it. Shimano Deore XT Selle Italia saddle Easton EA50 and Monkey light Carbon Fiber bars Cane Creek S2 New Maxxis tires Mavic CrossRide wheels (26") New rear cassette Sram PG980 and new chain Fox F100 RLT fork Fox FloatR Shox Under seat tool bag with light and tools Pump and bottle holder Extras: (2) new Kenda tires, stuff to go tubeless; Valve stems, spoke tape and sealant (5) new tubes, dry lube for chain, extra bag, fox gloves, clip in shoes (size 8.5), helmet, riding shorts , Misc tools (chain tool, bike multi-tool, chain cleaner, cassette removal tools). Everything you need to go out and ride as a package deal! I cleaned the bike after every ride. $700 for everything!
  4. Punchdrunk Monkey


    You guys must of forgot that I am the guy who brought a gas powered shopping cart out to wash 13.5. Moped is a step up! I might of given the shopping cart to @Bansh88??
  5. Punchdrunk Monkey


    Did Joe write that for you??
  6. Punchdrunk Monkey


    No....scooters are for skinny pants wearing hipsters. Mopeds are for ugg wearing, unicorn helmeted men!
  7. Punchdrunk Monkey


    What is a DWI bike?
  8. Punchdrunk Monkey


    Yes moped with pedals. I will be riding it with Uggs and my unicorn helmet. I will have warm feet and be safe.
  9. Punchdrunk Monkey


    For some reason I've been looking for an old moped. Any chance does someone have one sitting their garage collecting dust?
  10. Punchdrunk Monkey

    Best LED light bars and pods...........Go

    I replaced my 4 Hella 4000 HIDs with 3 XL80s on the bumper and 40" Onyx6 Racer Edition on the roof. If I did i over, I would not do this again. I still like the Hella 4000 better but they are just too big. I would rather do all XL80's and not the light bar.
  11. Punchdrunk Monkey

    How To Keep Rats From Living Under My Motorhome?

    I started this topic and I bought EVERYTHING I could and everything people said "works every time". None of them worked to totally get rid of them. I was catching up to 10-15 rats a week. Then it would stop for a while, a couple months later the next wave would hit. Finally I gave in and contacted "Love your feral felines" and bought (yes bought) two feral cats. I have have two dogs so I didn't think the cat thing would work but it did. The whole process is a bit of a hassle. If anyone told me they when through want I did to make sure the cats stayed around, I would of laughed at them and said "no way I'm doing that". But I will tell you, I had to train the cats for 4 weeks....then let them loose. one cat I never saw again, the other cat stays around. Sometimes I see it once a day sometimes not for a month. But I put our food every few days and it's gone the next day. The best part......I have not seen a rat in a year! I really do not like cats. But this cat is the best thing I've bought! I don't see it, don't pick up its crap and it works for food. It's one effed up looking cat too. all black with Albert Einstien hair and mean as Fu*k. It has survived the coyotes for a year. If someday this one doesn't come back, I will spend another $40 for another cat. Plus I am saving a feral cat So anyone who has rats and thinks they can't get a cat....you can and they work. I had spent $1000's on trying o kill them. and $1000's on repairs from crap they ate. on $40 cat problem solved.
  12. Punchdrunk Monkey

    Alumicraft 2 seat sand car/dual sport

    What is the wheelbase and track width?
  13. Punchdrunk Monkey

    Lowrance Global Map Baja 540C

    Remember there is a size limit for the SD card in the older units. I think it is 1GB. Sometimes it is hard to find the smaller cards.
  14. Punchdrunk Monkey

    Damned Poison Oak

    Yep and it peaked while I was in Las Vegas at the Off-Road Hall of Fame ceremonies. It was all over my arm. Pretty gross to see, especially while I was at the crap tables throwing the dice. I tried to cover it up but the "juices" would soak through everything.
  15. Punchdrunk Monkey

    Damned Poison Oak

    That sucks. I just had my first bout with Poison Oak. At first I thought it was a nasty bug bite. But it kept growing and getting worse. It took about 10 days until it peaked. I was still itchy for a couple weeks after. Goofing around fishing a pond with my son.

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