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  1. Punchdrunk Monkey

    Alumicraft Pre-runner LS1/S4

    If interested - 64" to top of the cage, 68.5" to top of the roof rack. 88" track width (front and back) and just under 16' total length.
  2. Punchdrunk Monkey

    S4 gear box question

    I recently had mine gone through by Dave Folts. I had all the updates to the shift forks and barrels done. The cost was $3500 but that included a new R&P. Edit: The cost was for everything to be updated, mag'ed and freshened up. Not just the shift forks
  3. Punchdrunk Monkey

    Alumicraft Pre-runner LS1/S4

    Well that was my plan when I bought it. This car was built to explore Baja! Oh yeah, it doesn't do too bad in Glamis. I just put an offer on a house in Pacific Beach so plans are changing a little. It is registered street legal in AZ, also has the off-road tags.
  4. Punchdrunk Monkey

    Alumicraft Pre-runner LS1/S4

    2005 Alumicraft Pre-Runner. Originally built turn-key by Alumicraft. Full 100% bare frame prep done in summer of 2017. Car has been used 3-4 times a year since then. I bought the car with the intention of cruising baja, but time has not allowed it. I have taken it to Plaster City, Glamis and San Felipe. It just doesn’t get used enough. Original owner used the car to explore Baja and go to Glamis with his grandkids. Redline LS1/Mendeola S4 5-speed – Perfect Baja setup Car is setup to be 2, 3 or 4 seater. 2 seats and rear rack for storage, 3 seats with storage on each side of rear seat or 4 seater. Full prep included (front to rear): New Baja Design lights (3) XL80 and 40” Onx6 Racer Ed Front shocks rebuilt and new oil; rear shocks have rebuild kits All hardware (heims and bolts) inspected or replaced Wheel bearings cleaned, inspected and regreased New Mastercraft triple layer limit straps (front and rear) All wiring cleaned up and new circuit breakers GPS (Lowrance 6000C) serviced/updated at PCI New Sony bluetooth stereo (with amp and speakers) Four new Mastercraft seats (fronts have rear bags and seat heaters); new Mastercraft harnesses. New Graffig 4-way gauge (added fuel gauge); new fuel sending unit. Adjustable drivers seat on electric actuator Two new Optima Batteries New battery shut off switch New Harmon fuel cell (38+ gallons) with new bladder and foam All new fuel lines, fuel pump, fuel filters New slave cylinder Mendeola S4 5-speed Sequential transaxle- rebuilt by Dave Folts. New Ring and Pinion, all shifter parts updated to latest revision, all parts mag’ed. Gears 4.57 3.27x2.08x1.50x1.14x.89; New LAT oil New clutch, throw out bearing, pressure plate serviced by Dave Folts Alternator was rebuilt/rewound. New serpentine belt All fluids/filters changed (oil, trans, brake, PS and antifreeze) 934 CV’s cleaned and inspected. Re-installed with AGM CV Savers; new boots All hardware inspected and/or replaced. The car was torn down to a bare frame and gone through piece by piece. More about the car: Front shocks are Fox 2.0 air coilover and 2.5 3 tube bypass; Rears shocks Fox 2.5 Coilover and 3.0 3-tube bypass. CNC hubs front and rear (5) 35x12.5x15 BFG Mud terrain on Jesse Jones wheels with Champion Beadlocks. Rear STU 33” Paddles and front Mickey Thompson 35” tires with beadlock wheels Kenwood 110 watt radio, Racer X intercom, (4) headsets. Parker pumpers for front and rear seats 4 side bag at each seat 3 gallon fresh water tank with pump and hose (nice to rinse off or wash windshield) Curved front windshield UBS charger ports RAM Mount on dash CNC cutting brake Fire out system with Nozzles for front and rear seats. Hi lift jack and shovel mounted. This is the Pre-runner chassis with all the extra “X” bracing and lacing throughout. I have a few other wrap designs done if you would like to see them. The car has an amazing American flag/eagle paint job under the wrap. I also have a new 18 foot Yiro trailer that could be sold with the car, not included in price. I am willing to take the car out to the desert for a test drive with an offer/deposit. It has been a great car for my family. I had every intention of spending more time in exploring Baja but the timing just hasn’t worked out. I am in no hurry to sell in so please do not bother trying to lowball me. I am not looking for trades or help selling it. $54,000.00 Call or text if you have any questions Eight 5 Eight 7229Eightsix5. Car in in Poway (San Diego area) but registered (street and off-road) in AZ Petes_camp_2017.mp4
  5. Punchdrunk Monkey

    $30,000 for a built in BBQ island

    Has anyone done their own concrete counters? Is it hard to do?
  6. Punchdrunk Monkey

    bee removal San Diego area

    Any recommendations for bee removal in Poway (San Diego) area? The bees are in my attic. They have been there for probably a year. Well I remember seeing them last summer. They were quite during the winter and no back in full force. I think the area they are in is "california fill" so they are not free floating in the attic. I'm guessing they are going to have to open my roof to get them.
  7. Punchdrunk Monkey

    GPS malfunctioning due to date rollover

    Simple, call PCI.
  8. Punchdrunk Monkey

    Jeep Pics

    I just picked up a '03 TJ. 2.5" terraflex lift and 31" tires. Nothing special. I bought it to cruise in the summer and tow behind my motorhome. I'm in Poway if anyone wants to go wandering sometime.
  9. Punchdrunk Monkey

    Desert Dymamics 2'' PreRunner KC Hi Hilites Car $68,000

    Thanks Alpers. I wasn't trying to slander the car, just curious where those number came from. I think most people who would be buying this car would understand 27" of travel is not possible.
  10. Punchdrunk Monkey

    Ruggeds Vs PCI

    I am 100% a PCI customer!! PCI might cost a little more but their customer service is the best. Scott and the whole team are always there too help and support the off-road family. Scott's father Bob aka "Weatherman", RIP, Spent his life supporting off-road racing.
  11. Punchdrunk Monkey

    Desert Dymamics 2'' PreRunner KC Hi Hilites Car $68,000

    on RaceDezert the ad is claiming something like 27"/29" of wheel travel. How does that work?
  12. Punchdrunk Monkey

    Question for the sequential guys

    push in the clutch and downshift. Not a ton of options.
  13. Punchdrunk Monkey

    Trailer Tire Blowout

    I had the same problem with the same tire with the same vintage. This was on my class C motor home. I took the coach into my buddys RV shop for new tires and he told me that BFG had a bad batch of commercial tires and they were coming apart. BFG was replacing tires for a while but mine blew out around 4 years after I bought them so I was too late. Sounds like you got the same batch of tires.
  14. Punchdrunk Monkey

    1973 Baja Bug

    Priced too high. I just sold my VW Thing that was built with all race quality parts, 400+ HP, a-arms, bypass/coilover each corner, Honestly only the best stuff I could use on the car (no Chinese parts). It would cost 50k+ to rebuild it. I started at 35k and ended up selling it just over 20k. It is a harsh reality, these just don't command much money and the aren't a ton of people looking for well built Bugs/Things. Just have to stick with it. It will sell, just might take a while. People don't realize how cool it is to have a street legal off-road car and all the places you can off-road.
  15. Punchdrunk Monkey

    Sandrail Modern Transformations

    Not too much of a change. Did a wrap, changed light to Baja Designs and added a roof rack Edit: I just realized in the photos the wrap wasn't done. The windshield, roof and rear wing are wrapped now.

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