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  1. Where did you find bypasses that will bolt on a jeep? I would be stoked to bypasses front/back on mine. Try and control the limited suspension.
  2. I looked it up and its in Boreggo off Fish Creek. Then I am sure I have been there and didn't know what it was called. I've taken my old VW Thing everywhere out there.
  3. Mine is not locked. I bought it around 6 months ago to tow behind the motorhome. I'm not really a "jeep guy" but I sold my Alumicraft so I have been playing with the Jeep out in the desert. It's fun but slowwwww. No, I have never heard of Sandstone.
  4. It is BLM land. Yes, you only buy the house and have to lease the land.
  5. What spot are you? We were going to head out there this weekend and look around but they are closed to "only owners" U.N.O.
  6. We are thinking of going camping out in Boreggo. Just go boondock somewhere on the east side of town.
  7. I have a TJ with 2.5" Terra flex lift and 31" tires. It rode nice on the street, because the suspension was soooo soft. With the Foxes it still ride good on the street. A little firmer but not bad.
  8. I had Bilstien 5100's and it would bottom out on all most any bump. I figured I would change the shocks first and see how that helped and then springs if needed. The shocks made a world of difference. I am in Poway so not too far from you. Let me know if you want to go check out some trails and see the difference. I want to say the shocks were a around $550
  9. Does anyone here have a place at hidden shores (Yuma/ lower river)? Sounds like a cool play to have a weekend get away house. Looks like it is pretty regulated which keeps the riff raff out and all night parties. Just looking for personal input on the area.
  10. Nice score. You will be happy with the Fox shocks. I can't believe the difference they made on my Jeep. It is actually kind of fun to drive now.
  11. I've got a 2013 Ford Explorer that as shimmy through a few RPM ranges. I'm thinking the torque converter is bad. Does anyone know a good, reputable, transmission shop in the San Diego area?
  12. I have the JD one. I finally gave up on the harbor freight crap. I bought the SWAG extend arm but never installed it. You are more than welcome to to give it a try.
  13. I am sure he would trade for 250, $100 bills.
  14. Thanks to everyone that helped out this on. We had a great time and it was awesome to see old the old friends.

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