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  1. Steel It is selling cans for $20.00 at the show....
  2. Um, NO....Kate calls ME daddy.....
  3. Polaris engineers told this to my neighbor in Idaho....4wd puts far less stress on the drivetrain. Sounds wrong, but running all the drivetrain makes stuff last longer.
  4. It sounds like they were protecting your rights by advising you to seek counsel. The Insurance companies are governed by the Fair Claims guidelines in CA. Bad faith dealing is a big deal and gets people fired. The CA Department of Insurance is a huge advocate for consumers in CA and pretty much governs everything that goes on in an insurance claim. If the insurance people worked for a horrible company, they wouldn't have said anything to you about seeking counsel. Not all insurance people are bad, and yes some companies go out of the way to screw people, just like lawyers do.
  5. Hopefully, he's still got at least one ticket to Paradise.
  6. Funny, you bag on him for trashing Atty's... and then trash insurance companies.....??????????
  7. Insurance is just like everything else in life now...all the information will get punched into a computer....how much was the car damage...what did the Dr say about injuries...They don't pay all the treatments just because you get an Atty....who gets 30-40% and Files a Lien with both carriers..just in case you drop them....The insurance company is going to value the claim and pay that amount regardless of Atty involvement or not. If you are Seriously injured....you will get payment. What are the other drivers limits? Was it a new car? Old Car? What are your limits? Do you have uninsured coverage? Do you have medical payments? Do you have private insurance...they will try to recover if its the result of a collision.... Talk to your insurance carrier and see what they say...if they piss you off get an attorney. They are actually easier to deal with then customers, because they understand what is going to get paid and what isn't. If it does go to court...expect to deal with this for the next couple of years.... I hope everyone recovers and is not seriously injured.
  8. Did you try the rubber on wheels guys?
  9. He'll never need a bigger grill...it pretty much does it all.... unless he turns into a BBQ God......
  10. the only people that hate pellet grilles are the BBQ snobs...with the eggs and the old webers….everyone I know that has one LOVES it....
  11. Green mountain pellet grille will do just about everything....better than Traeger...
  12. laying in bed....call from a buddy woke me up....couldn't believe it....Still pisses me off..... Pisses me off even more that we have people in Government that HATE this country and everything we stand for...…...
  13. The Can Am is a no go for me...just is....My neighbor has a XX and put almost 3k miles on it with just the early axle boot issue....plus it rides really nice.....I don't really need to go as fast as a turbo will take me...but if I can get one cheap enough..... that and one of his friends did a lawn dart off a 15 ft dune in her wildcat.....nothing broken...nothing bent....kinda tilting me that way... Haven't looked at the Honda's but they don't really light my wick....
  14. Buying a new SxS either a Polairs S velocity or a Wildcat XX....

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