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  1. sounds like the malaria drug is doing an amazing job...seems to be lots of stories of people being declared victims of this even though they were dying from other causes first. This is just the icing on the cake so to speak. I think when it's all done, we will know that the Democrats will take every opportunity to seize and grow power over the people, never let a crisis go to waste, The Govt basically sucks at everything, and the vast majority of people in the world are idiots.
  2. First off the numbers are being spread by the Press....so we know we can't believe them. I mean if it was really as bad as they say, would CBS have had to use a photo of an Italian hospital instead of one in New York? The stories of people dying from this leave out all kinds of information of their prior conditions. Nobody will say if these people had got hit by the flu bug if they would die as well? I don't think people know how badly this is hurting the economy. We are going into a Depression...not a recession. It is going to be really, really bad with 47 million people out of work and no jobs. The public shaming of people who just don't believe everything the press says is astounding. This information is coming from the same people who said that the ICE caps would be gone 10 years ago. I'm sure this is a horrible virus and people will die, I just don't think it is worth destroying our way of life.
  3. This is just a perfect picture or stupidity...…...Gecko closed but go over there it's open....so it's obviously just a dog and pony show and has nothing to do with reality..... Where are the mounds of bodies????????? 2500 people in a country of 340 Million. ?
  4. I caught my family member talking shit about my 90yr old Marine mother on tv non the less.....She HATES me and by definition YOU. They may be nice to your face, but when push comes to shove...YOU are the enemy and taking all you have and enjoy doesn't bother them one bit.
  5. I want one of those Idaho Militia type bunker complexes.....they always look cooler on tv than in real life.....damp, musty.....
  6. Wow, sounds dangerous, I bet the BLM closes it any second now...better cancel those trips.
  7. Being a Raiders fan is a mental disorder, I know my wife has it, Being a Socialist is an entirely different thing. Supporting the destruction of the American way of life is something I don't pass off that easily. I have family that I don't talk to, won't talk to, have no use for them. They are Bernie supporters and HATE everything about me, my way of life and what I hold dear.
  8. Yep, AAA or Good Sam, insurance company tows are for simple stuff only...if you tow you need one of the two and I think you have to be a member for a year to get extended coverage.
  9. That's the rub, this bill makes up the difference so you bring home the same or MORE then you were making.... But I swear, if I hear one more friggen Govt employee, who is going to get 100% of their salary no matter what happens to the economy, tell me to sacrifice, I'm gonna stick my foot so far up their Covid19...…... I'm 75% sure I am going to lose everything by the time the Dems get done with this game...….I have no illusions of being anywhere close to the lifestyle I had prior to this. So sad......it was a fun ride while it lasted.
  10. I heard that and thought what an arrogant piece of crap...………… he doesn't care...he's getting paid....they just want to destroy Trumps base...…...so tired of this crap.
  11. did you build them some crossbows and boiling oil pots too?
  12. it'll work long enough...….to get the job done...
  13. Making your own is a good way to hang out with guys in club fed......not worth the risk in CA....one wacko neighbor and you get caught....kiss $50k in atty fees and a few years of your life away. Guns and CA don't mix...DAs don't gut any slack for that stuff. Likely even air guns are a no no where you live.

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