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  1. realbadlarry

    Motorhome + Trailer length

    I would love to see that in the exclusions section of a policy....never have........
  2. realbadlarry

    How much is enough?

    Make that sxs 2 ft longer and it will probably work good. Those stock radius arms will go before the trailing arm or shocks.
  3. realbadlarry

    It's Saturday 3/16/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Trying to figure out what Foremost is gonna do with my xp 900 Rzr....ran out of talent about 50 out in Barstow...rolled 3 times I think...bent the rear trailing arm about 75 degrees from where it should be, axle bowed like a rainbow....cage is toast as is 75% of the plastics...front bumper.... I'm guessing total loss. BTW may have a set of barely used eibach dual rate springs from schmidy for sale soon......They really make you feel like you can go fast........too fast.
  4. realbadlarry

    Honda Talon

    Why can't they make STOCK high clearance arms for these? It wouldn't cost that much more and would show that they cared....oh I guess then it would be a KTM.
  5. Maybe Yucaipa Regional Park....
  6. Did ya try jiggling the handle? That usually works for me.
  7. realbadlarry

    05 Honda 450r

    Sudco sells the needle and seat for a LOT less than the dealers....Sorry I thought all the 450s ran the fcr.....I guess just KTM did.
  8. realbadlarry

    1973 Baja Bug

    Nice toy...........
  9. realbadlarry

    2013 Polaris 900HO Jagged X RZR

  10. realbadlarry


    Right there with ya Brother....I'm looking for that promised land every vacation for the last 3 yrs has been "scouting"..... I think Utah will be one of the last holdouts....
  11. realbadlarry


    And what people don't see, or care to see is that construction doesn't last forever, but the thousands of low wage workers will, they will have kids and flood the schools, which will require higher taxes to pay for, then they will demand more entitlements, which will require more taxes....and then the roads will get worse...which will require more taxes to fix...and Arizona now has the same leadership that CA had 30 years ago....progressives that see the conservative voters as the "problem".....they will fix it for them....and AZ will become CA East. It is likely too late for AZ....enjoy the next year, as it will likely be the best it's ever going to be in AZ. As with the states that don't get it, the best days are behind them.
  12. realbadlarry


    Wow, where to start.....5 yrs ago I could jump on the 15 frwy at 630am and get to walnut in 35min...today its probably at least twice that...the freeways don't ever get "light" anymore....the truck traffic on the 60 is outrageous...gridlock, with more warehouses coming. Now that's probably a good thing due to more people having jobs and having to go to work...but it still takes away from our free time. The schools are horrendous...the kids coming out are foolishly ignorant and pretty much useless, except for low paying jobs. I know it has to do with parenting...but there are just MORE of the stupid parents walking around also. Costs of everything are going thru the roof, Water, Power, TV, Gas, Food, you name it. The goals of the elite running this state will make living here so expensive, you either have to live like a 3rd world country with 20 people in a house, or have a great public employee job. Now see, here is where it gets good....the cities, and counties, cannot continue to do what they are doing , the Nut they pay for the retired and working salaries etc, is SOOOOO big now, there is nothing for anything else and it's gonna get MUCH worse in the next 10 yrs. LA is talking about congestion pricing....Ie TOLL roads for every road in CA...on top of the highest registration fees and outrageous smog rules.. Caltrans Wastes money like no other, and the people in charge HATE private car ownership. The "Conservatives" that pretty much kept everything from going 100% wacky are impotent and meaningless at this point, so the onslaught of regulations and taxes will push this state past the tipping point to where all the companies that can move will. The already are, my company was founded here and is moving all but a small portion of its operations out of the state to AZ. I'm sure every single job they can move out will be gone in 5 yrs. Did I mention CRIME yet.....We have none in CA , because nothing is illegal anymore.....except ARs and Loud pipes.....Thousand upon Thousands of shitbags running around stealing anything and everything they can with no consequences. Sorry, sounds pretty grim, but when PROP 13 goes away...and the cities HAVE to fund the pensions and salaries...Taxes will continue to go up, on everything they can.....why will anyone stay? So they can surf and ski the same day....BFD...I don't surf or ski anymore. The weather is great, but when you can't afford to enjoy it....what good is it.
  13. realbadlarry


    It is really sad, how many warehouses are going up in the chino/Ontario area...the roads are destroyed by semi's.....and it's only getting worse...I just hope I can get out before the collapse.
  14. realbadlarry


    Hey, Don't bag on Norco....they will fix the streets as soon as they figure out how to hide all the kickbacks from the Silverlakes Soccer field....I mean Equestrian Center.

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