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  1. Fontana radiator does all the bikes....might give them a call.
  2. Hmmmm sounds like something was too short.....not an expert, but pretty sure they are not supposed to do that.
  3. Still got the springs...someone needs these....make an offer...…….Also have 2 spares for the Turbo S.
  4. Nascar/Supercross.....rubbins racin……..
  5. Maybe that's why no factory turbo???? they couldn't get them to live on the boost???? possible...or maybe they had enough failures that they wouldn't risk the HONDA reliability for a few extra ponies..? Hopefully they figure it out.
  6. Now all the keyboard experts show up....oh wait.....never mind…..good point. Wasn't Jackson Factory recommended?
  7. bigger question is who is picking up the bill for the dead motors...
  8. My old neighbor had this problem....Pain in the Arse to fix....
  9. Well, most people watch too mush CSI....it's not really that easy to tell where a fire started when something is burnt to the ground...I guess you could have a bunch of friends in on it , but that could be a problem...and Insurance companies will look at your credit and your loss history to see if there is more investigation needed. Also a cause and origin can be several thousand dollars...to come back and say....it burned. Insurance companies can demand examinations under oath and they have some really good investigators....Social media is awesome.....ps...don't post videos of you crashing your car and then report it stolen.... In the big picture.....a lot more are insured than are burnt for the $$$....
  10. Doesn't sound normal....that's for sure....start with the last thing you changed....
  11. The way I see it, he was still moving 150mph + when the other car hit him and put him in the air...There is a lot of damage to that cage.....I wonder why it seemed to fail so badly... Hopefully he is just beat up and will be able to come back.
  12. You should have been at King of the Hammers.....fugggggggggggg all night long till 3 in the am with the Disneyland shells.... then somebody set off like a stick of dynamite at midnight....I felt the concussion from that blast....INSIDE my motor home.... it was nuts....and NO leos venturing into the crowds...
  13. beam going in for the kitchen remodel...then trying to figure out electrical....

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