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  1. some subis had an issue with eating oil...our 2012 2.5 likes it.....not enough for subi to warranty it.... think it was 2011/2012 motors mostly.
  2. I think he's trying to get some $$$$ to do Epoxy on the floor...……...
  3. Looks like San Fran.....except nobody dropping a deuce....
  4. He wouldn't risk his reputation and future in the off road industry for $250K....that is pocket change to them. He'll build them.
  5. When I flipped my 900 their arms were like the only stuff that didn't break.
  6. heard the same about the desert
  7. same flooding in 12 , my friend sent pics...
  8. Found wheels...Now have 2 extra spares... Coyote tires/ Polaris wheels. 50 miles of Barstow...no patches no holes. $250.00 each. located in Norco
  9. what caliber/rifle at 710......I can't even see that far?
  10. I put almost 9 gallons in and the tank is listed at 9.5. I clean out the air filter...it was pretty silty from a Barstow shake down trip....I wonder if that didn't help either. Ran about 194-199 in 4wd and 203-210 in 2wd.

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