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  1. Hi, I have a set of brand new Raceline Double Beadlock Wheels which are all 15” x 7”. They have never been mounted on a car however they do have some minor scuffs and a couple of hard water stains which happened while in storage. The wheels are designed to have 4 different backspacing options. They are currently set up on the most common backspacing which is about 3” to the outside of the beadlock. $1000 (over $400 each new) Note I also have a listing for a used set of Extreme Paddle & Apex Razor tires for $500 which would work for these rims. Thanks, Mike seven60-five91-zero957 Call Or Text
  2. I guess I was over priced...bump for price drop!!! Now $400 for all tires in good but used condition and $1000 for the rims...which are nice brand new double beadlock Raceline wheels!!! Originally over $400 per wheel.
  3. Hi,I have a set of Extreme paddle tires and Extreme Apex razor tires. The paddles are 14.5-15 and the razors are 8.8-15. All tires are in good condition with plenty of life remaining. None of the tires have missing chunks but one of the paddles does have a couple of cuts. There are signs of some small hairline sidewalk cracks but nothing significant and I’ve never had any issues with these tires.Extreme Tires: $500Note, I've also listed some brand new Raceline Double Beadlock Wheels on a separate listing which will work with these tires. I'd be willing to sell everything for $1300.ThanksMike seven60-five91-zero957 Call Or Text
  4. I appreciate everyone's feedback. After research, recent sales, and calling Tatum the general consensus is low 20's would be a fair price. The seller wants 28k which I feel is high for a sand demon so hopefully he's motivated to sell when I offer some cash. I do find that the mid engine 2 sweaters are less common (but what I want). End of the season is around the corner so I'm ok with being patient as well.
  5. I suspect Tatum builds out the rear based on the components going into it. I've seen one other mid engine sand demon and the rear is different but wasn't a LS 2D car. You still think 22k max?
  6. I received a couple more pictures today...I also called Tatum, described the rail, and asked their opinion on a fair price. They basically said low 20's which seems to be the feedback I'm getting. I'm looking at it Friday so any other price opinions out there is appreciated.
  7. Thanks for the information. Curious was your car a 2 seater or 4 seater mid engine?
  8. The tranny has never been rebuilt. He has had the car for 11 years (2nd owner) and claims he has never pushed it. The owner is currently in his mid 60's so I tend to believe him. He said it hasn't been out for the past 3 years but prior to that he would do 3-4 trips per year for a few days at a time. Either way I know all tranny's break eventually. Thanks for the feedback.
  9. The pictures I received while it was sitting in the trailer are not great...but here you go...Mark, thanks that's great feedback.
  10. Hello I'm considering the purchase of a 2003 Tatum Sand Demon. The car is a mid engine 2 seater, LS6, and Mendeola 2D. The car has low hours and has not been abused per the owner. I see other Sand Demons for sale but they are asking $17k - $22k and most of them are 4 seater turbo cars (VW or Subaru). I feel like these are not good comparables. I'd like to enjoy this car for a few years and get most or all of my money back (minus repairs and money I put into it). Does anyone have some feedback as to what would be a good or fair price? Also, does anyone have some feedback with regards to Sand Demons in general? Are there any good/bad years or major changes? I appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks Mike

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