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  1. Daddy's Girl

    Is An Ex Friends Ex Off The Dating List?

    I'll probably get bbq'd for my response, but I'll live (maybe). I've got one real problem: you still say "Mr." and "Mrs." 'X' and that they've "broken up". If they're still married, single girl should stay away. If they're divorced, and "Mrs. X" is the one who turned her back on the marriage (per your scenario) and not that close of a friend, then yeah--it's all good. She just needs to keep her head on straight, and be ready to deal with any loyalties that might be in place due previous bonds and ties that were made. Best wishes for all involved!
  2. JD rocks! Just make sure MXD isn't around when you meet him...
  3. Daddy's Girl

    Anyone A Manager At Verizon.?

    I'll ask my father.
  4. Daddy's Girl

    Summer Night Ride With No Moon You Ask? Photos

    Rockin' photos. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Daddy's Girl

    Cbm Show And Shine Pics

    Speaking of which...what a beaut: Yup, that's my twerp inside. Totally made his day, too. Both of my boys are now officially in this thread! :D
  6. Daddy's Girl

    Man Arrested For Dui

  7. Daddy's Girl

    Olympus Stylus Sw Models

    Just got the 850SW from Circuit City to replace my Canon that was recently stolen. Their price was unbeatable, and although I haven't used it yet, I've heard nothing but good reviews from people who have owned it. I got it just for those reasons--it's waterproof, sand proof and shock resistant. It also comes in different colors, if that's an added bonus for you!
  8. Daddy's Girl

    If Animals Could Talk...

    and here i'm thinking... "gimme some luv!"
  9. Daddy's Girl


    EXCUSE ME??????
  10. Daddy's Girl

    A Crusty Family Adventure...

    Cool!! Thanks for sharing!!!
  11. Daddy's Girl

    Two First-timers For Me

    I was on that ride, as well...was told it was going to be "easy". It was my first trip out in a Rhino, and I was fortunate enough to ride shotgun with He made the trip quite interesting, especially when we had to circle back to get the less experienced in our group. Yes, I even got a sand bath or two. What a great group I was with! Special thanks to you too, and Carlos, for your hospitality. To everyone else who made me feel welcome in the Pound, I appreciate it!! :D It was a real experience, that's for sure!
  12. Daddy's Girl

    Beautiful Flag Ceremony

    As far as I can tell, the afternoon ceremony starts at 4:30 daily. If you're planning a trip to Disneyland, it's always a good idea to go to the calendar page for their site. This way you can get the park hours and what's going on inside beforehand. There's also info telling what rides/attractions are closed for refurbishment. http://disneyland.disney.go.com/disneyland...ndarMonthlyPage
  13. Daddy's Girl

    Truck At Olds

    It wasn't pretty...we was there when it started up the hill. It suddenly spewed some nasty black smoke and then died. Don't know what happened after that.
  14. Daddy's Girl

    Beautiful Flag Ceremony

    For those of you who have been there for it, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. For the rest of you, and in light of the upcoming holiday, I'd like to share... My boys and I are Disneyland passholders, and go quite often. However, until last weekend, I'd never EVER experienced the Flag Retreat Ceremony at the front of the park. When it was over, I'd kicked myself mentally for never having done so before (right after wiping the tears from my eyes). The ceremony takes place in the little plaza at the end of Main Street (below the train depot). It begins with the marching band parading up the street and gathering underneath the flagpole and joined by the barbershop quartet. They then perform several numbers in tribute to our country and the American flag. Members of the military are then invited to gather around the flagpole; each branch is announced, accompanied by the appropriate anthem. I watched one gentleman stand at attention for two different branches. The crowd then stands for the National Anthem, and for the folding of both the American and California flags. I was so moved by the ceremony, I could hardly stand it. I was so proud to be able to stand there with my sons and acknowledge those who have served our country well. I was so choked up by the end of the presentation, that I could not speak. For those of you who have served our country, thank you very much. For those who have family and friends who have served, please thank them for me, as well. And yes, I did get emotional (again) while typing this.
  15. Daddy's Girl

    Police Gun Down Wrong Man" In Anaheim

    Wow...I remember him from the Commissary @ March. He was a nice kid. Sucks big time...

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