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  1. Daddy's Girl

    Happy Birthday Daddy's Girl

    Thanks, you guys. my GD family!! What made it extra, extra special was all the well-wishes I've gotten. An extra thanks to you, Ray, for posting this! Hey DWB...what would it take to get you to sing it to me? Bet lots of folks would pay to hear that!!
  2. Daddy's Girl

    Is An Ex Friends Ex Off The Dating List?

    I'll probably get bbq'd for my response, but I'll live (maybe). I've got one real problem: you still say "Mr." and "Mrs." 'X' and that they've "broken up". If they're still married, single girl should stay away. If they're divorced, and "Mrs. X" is the one who turned her back on the marriage (per your scenario) and not that close of a friend, then yeah--it's all good. She just needs to keep her head on straight, and be ready to deal with any loyalties that might be in place due previous bonds and ties that were made. Best wishes for all involved!
  3. Daddy's Girl

    Daddy's Girl (29)

    Thanks for the well-wishes, everyone! You've given me a nice head start to my birthday (which is actually tomorrow). So far I've had a bbq in my honor, complete with strawberry whipped cream cake; A day of cruising a Harley dealership, dinner of my choice, and key lime pie for dessert. I've now packed the kids off to their dad's, and it's time for a drink and a movie. And tomorrow?? ...I'm going to Disneyland!!
  4. Daddy's Girl

    Happy Birthday

    Man...came in to make a smartazz remark, but everyone beat me to it! Joe... ya!
  5. JD rocks! Just make sure MXD isn't around when you meet him...
  6. Daddy's Girl

    Happy Birthday

    Nik! Have a beautiful day. I love you, girl!
  7. Daddy's Girl

    Anyone A Manager At Verizon.?

    I'll ask my father.
  8. Daddy's Girl

    Summer Night Ride With No Moon You Ask? Photos

    Rockin' photos. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Daddy's Girl

    Cbm Show And Shine Pics

    Speaking of which...what a beaut: Yup, that's my twerp inside. Totally made his day, too. Both of my boys are now officially in this thread! :D
  10. Daddy's Girl

    Man Arrested For Dui

  11. Daddy's Girl

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Slappy, and to all my GD family as well!
  12. Daddy's Girl

    Olympus Stylus Sw Models

    Just got the 850SW from Circuit City to replace my Canon that was recently stolen. Their price was unbeatable, and although I haven't used it yet, I've heard nothing but good reviews from people who have owned it. I got it just for those reasons--it's waterproof, sand proof and shock resistant. It also comes in different colors, if that's an added bonus for you!
  13. Daddy's Girl


    Happy Birthday, JD! So glad I was able to celebrate with ya last month...hope your day's turning out to be every bit as wonderful as you!
  14. Daddy's Girl

    Its Wild Bill's Birthday

    Bill! Best wishes to ya!
  15. Daddy's Girl

    If Animals Could Talk...

    and here i'm thinking... "gimme some luv!"

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