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  1. Hey, Thanks for liking my post!  

    Rock-on, fine Sir.

  2. This one's for sale. Check it Out! Click to See Listing in Buggies For Sale
  3. I was hoping GoFast Rentals would but it's $1200 to deliver from Mesa, AZ.
  4. Those are Bad A**, cant believe they dont have a website though??? It is 2014, you must have a website FB does not count I know...I thought thew same thing! Nice they have a ton of pics...build pics too! I think they have the best looking trailer out there! Love the spread axle too. That trailer is made by ATC (http://www.aluminumtrailer.com). Many companies resell these under their own brand. ATC makes some the cleanest car haulers that I have ever seen and they have a great website. ATC's staff is very friendly and ATC manufactures many of their own parts. However, their trailers are seriously expensive and the widest opening of any trailer they make is 96 inches.
  5. Yes, the GVWR is over 26k but the GVW (the actual weight) is well under 26k.
  6. This is a very broad definition for an RV. V C Section 15210 Definitions (b) (1) "Commercial motor vehicle" means any vehicle or combination of vehicles that requires a class A or class B license, or a class C license with an endorsement issued pursuant to paragraph (2), (3), (4), or (5) of subdivision (a) of Section 15278. (2) "Commercial motor vehicle" does not include any of the following: (A) A recreational vehicle, as defined in Section 18010 of the Health and Safety Code. _____________________________________________________________________ Health and Safety Code Section 18010 Recreational Vehicle Manufactured Home Mobilehome Commercial Coach Truck Camper or Floating Home Recreational Vehicle, Manufactured Home, Mobilehome, Commercial Coach, Truck Camper, or Floating Home 18010. "Recreational vehicle" means both of the following: (a) A motor home, travel trailer, truck camper, or camping trailer, with or without motive power, designed for human habitation for recreational, emergency, or other occupancy, that meets all of the following criteria: (1) It contains less than 320 square feet of internal living room area, excluding builtin equipment, including, but not limited to, wardrobe, closets, cabinets, kitchen units or fixtures, and bath or toilet rooms. (2) It contains 400 square feet or less of gross area measured at maximum horizontal projections. (3) It is built on a single chassis. (4) It is either self-propelled, truck-mounted, or permanently towable on the highways without a permit. (b) A park trailer, as defined in Section 18009.3. (Amended Sec. 2, Ch. 566, Stats. 2000. Effective January 1, 2001.)
  7. I called my local DMV and they were very helpful. The representative sent me links to helpful documentation (for federal DOT and state statutes) and even conferenced in the CDL rep and a state trooper to validate his responses and talk through code versus reality. Basically, my home state considers both GVRW (i.e. rated) and/or GVW (i.e. actual weight), see the language below. I was told a trooper will inspect the VIN plates for both the vehicle and the trailer, if both the GVWR and GVW are listed they will add up the smaller of the two numbers. If the combined GVWR or GVW is less than 26,000 pounds, then you are in the clear; as long as the load doesn't look excessive, at which point they might weigh the vehicles. As it relates to California, the CA handbook says any trailer over 10,000 pounds requires a Commercial License, I haven't found an equivelent statement in CA Vehicle Code. However, the DMV said that any state that accepts federal funds for a road being traveled, that state must recognize out-of-State licenses that have been validly issued in accordance with the Federal standards and operative licensing compacts. Source: State Statutes - Transportation Code for Vehicles and Traffic (5) "Commercial motor vehicle" means a motor vehicle or combination of motor vehicles used to transport passengers or property that: (A) has a gross combination weight or a gross combination weight rating of 26,001 or more pounds, including a towed unit with a gross vehicle weight or a gross vehicle weight rating of more than 10,000 pounds; (B) has a gross vehicle weight or a gross vehicle weight rating of 26,001 or more pounds; © is designed to transport 16 or more passengers, including the driver; or (D) is transporting hazardous materials and is required to be placarded under 49 C.F.R. Part 172, Subpart F. Gross vehicle weight (GVW). The total weight of a single vehicle including its load. Gross combination weight (GCW). The total weight of a combination of vehicles including the load. Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). The maximum weight rating specified by the manufacturer for a single vehicle including its load.
  8. My car hauler has a couch/bed attached to the side wall. What qualifies as an RV? Seriously, this may be important because if there is no reciprocity between our states and the trailer can be can be classified as an RV, then I may be able legally to tow this trailer as an RV in CA with just a Non-Commercial Class-A License.
  9. Thanks for the great feedback. I think the trailer is registered at 7000 pounds but I would have to look to be sure. It's a BMS enclosed car hauler. BTW, I wasn't for hire. Just towing my sand car back from Glamis. Also, I contacted an attorney I know to find out if the ticket justified hiring counsel. He sent me the attached CA penalty schedule and it looks like a $35 fine plus $200 in various fees. So, at this point, I may pay an attorney to find out if I am in the right but would not pay for representation (that could just piss off a judge). Maybe the thousands in fees noted above were due to impounding.
  10. The Short Story: - A California non-resident, with a Class-C Drivers License, passing through CA. - Driving F350 with Tipple Axle Car Hauler with GVWR of 18k on VIN Plate - Native State (State of Residence) only requires Non-Comercial Class-A Licenses if your Truck / MOHO has Air Brakes - Stopped by CHP on I-8 and issued a citation for "12500 (d) vc Vehicle Out of Class." - In the past few years I spoke with my DMV and CA DMV who both said I can haul my trailers in CA with my Class-C DL due to non-resident exemption. - Shouldn't the CA driver's license requirement be exempted via reciprocity? What I hope to find: - Clarification on the rules for non-residents towing trailers with 18k GVRW - Any specific language or links to Vehicle Code Provisions that would clarify the issue. I shouldn't be a misdemeanor or anything but I would really like to get the Out of Class portion of the ticket dismissed and/or figure out what I need to do in the future. Let me know what you think before I pay an attorney $45 every six minutes for their help. Thank you! The Long Story (more or less), if you care: The other night, I was driving on I-8 in my F350 with my 32' triple axle car hauler (white box, not a stacker) in tow when I was pulled over by a CHP; the cruiser was parked on the shoulder with no lights on. A very excited, young male officer approached the passenger window and on the same side, a middle aged female lingered by tailgate. After we greeted each other, the officer said " I stopped you because you were speeding." I provided no comment. Then he asked me "why were you speeding?" I provided no comment, only the non-verbal response of "does it matter." The officer requested, license, insurance and registrations and I complied except for the registration which we aren't required to cary in my state. He asked "how much does the trailer weigh?" I responded "I don't know, 8,000 to 10,000 pounds." It was just a car and quad, no fuel, or water. He smirked and said "this trailer is huge, it's at least 15,000 pound GVRW. Do you have a commercial license?" I replied "no, it's not required in my state." He said "this isn't your state!" At this point he got very excited, grinning like the sharks in the movie REEF, and then literally ran off around the trailer looking for the VIN. He returned to the passenger window and stated, with a huge smile "the trailer GVRW is 18,000 pounds. You need a Commercial License to tow this trailer. I'm going to tow your trailer..." This last phrase was repeated several times. I just sat there quietly, thinking I've never seen a cop visibly roused about a code violation. At some point I asked "I'm curious, do you mean a Commercial License or the recently required Non-Comercial Class-A?" He replied emphatically "No, a Commercial License." I didn't want to argue and figured if the situation continued to escalate that I could request an S.O. He then, with an inexplicable amount of glee, returned to his car. On the way, he tried opening the side doors on the trailer, yanking hard several times, but they we're bolted shut. After about ten or minutes he returned with a citation for speeding and out of class. He now seemed pissed and said "This is a citation only but I could tow your trailer... (which he again repeated). I asked about reciprocity and he said "there is none." That was it. I signed the ticket. Maybe a twenty minute encounter. Although he didn't follow behind, I had a friend with a Commercial License meet me at the next exit so that I could avoid any further issue.
  11. If you are going to store your RV in Glamis, you might as well spend the extra ~$100 to have one of Junior's guys from Sand Demons deliver your rig from storage to your camping spot and then take back. This year, Junior will have a store next to Sweet Marie's, on Gecko. Below are some of the things they can do. I fly in from Texas and everything is ready to go. I love it. Appx. $100: Pick Up Trailer Fill Water, Fuel and Propane at cost Deliver trailer to your spot and turn on fridge Return includes dump Optional: Setup - Pull Toys out, slide out the pop outs, Roll Carpet out, setup tables or whatever you request Delivery of Extra Water, Fuel or Propane Black and Gray Water retrieval from campsite Wash or Detail Exterior, Basic Cleaning of Interior Drop off and pickup rig to local service shop. Deliver rig to any place in the US (Cost of Fuel plus a milage fee). Deliver Cars or Parts to and from builder. Grocery Shopping RV and Toy Rentals Pick up from Air Port Basically whatever you need to have a successful trip.
  12. Even before I blew it up to see the pixel lines and the wavy edges from the photoshop, it was pretty obvious the door is fake, the "trailing arm" has also been altered. The back of the door doesn't flush in, it is overlapping the rear panel, and besides looking tacky and not the way that company would do the door, there is no shadow on the white panel where it overlaps. The front is also so far over the front of the panel, the door wouldn't be able to open based on where the hinge would have to be located unless the door was sticking out about 4" away from the panel. If they do a door, the front edge will start behind the front panel so it will not stick out 4+ inches away from the body and be more complicated to build a hinge for. Here's a few pics of the photshop work to show both the pixel edges, and non concentric contours around the tubing. You can also see sharp pixel edges next to feathered edges. Article says boxed front arms, this has tubes. The back arm is chopped as well. The one they chopped on the top covers the bottom corner of the panel, the one on the bottom shows the arm on the inside, behind the panel. The arm on the top actually couldn't even cycle. The bracket on the top arm is also chopped. It shows the arm to mount under the chassis, the one on the bottom show the arm to be mounted above the bottom of the panel. And what's with the tube on the bottom of the door, just stops in mid air? Trailing arms for 2 of them are below frame, trailing arms for one of them is above frame. One door has a white sticker with grafix, the other has no sticker. Someones sitting back, following topics like this and grinning ear to ear over their handy work......... . Wow, that's quite a detailed analysis. What do you make of this photo?
  13. What is the constraining factor in the 1000cc limit mentioned above? Does that mean SXS cannot exceed 1000cc's? How big would the RZR's need to be in order to allow the rider to avoid the CA helmet law? 1001, and there's the rub. IMO I don't see any of them going above 1000cc. They all saw what Yamaha went through with the rhino early on with all those law suits. I think if they went over the 1000cc limit, and started building outrageous motors, the law suits would start up again when talent ran out, and people started crashing, and perhaps maiming, or getting killed. We have to face the fact that they all probably agreed that 1000cc was the limit, and everyone should wear a helmet (Cali). considering it might be the biggest market. So no legal restriction, just smart consensus? I can understand that perspective. I once took a ride with Ed Niemela in his 900XP and that thing was ridiculously fast; a completely different performance level from the 800XP (I expected more of a linear performance improvement). Ed overtook a small group of V8 sand cars and then they were following us in the XP, it was an heart stoping ride but the suspension just soaked up all the terrain. After that ride, I got out of the XP and thought "jesus, that thing could get away from a rookie driver in a heartbeat." I'm sure the bump up to 1000cc and extra 5 inches of width will really improve the performance of the XP4.
  14. Humm... Maybe you meant something else, but I have the iPhone 5 voice and data with Verizon. Both work great on Gecko... Pad 1-3 at least. I meant using Voice and Data at the same time, not one at a time. Thank you for info! FYI, I read that T-Mobile operates like AT&T and offer simultaneous data streaming while on a voice call. "AT&T and T-Mobile are the only ones who can provide simultaneous voice and data for the iPhone 5 (Apple chose to prioritize battery life over including a second radio as a work around). So if simultaneous voice and data is something you value, you'll have to scratch Verizon and Sprint off your list." Link to Article

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