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  1. Stay black on the frame. You can always change body to any color. It will re sell better. With a red frame you are so limited and so is the next guy buying it.
  2. you have to remove the back cover to support the shaft when you press it back on
  3. Gate Keeper in Calico at night ....now thats some fun
  4. Thats what the manager is for when you have a problem. It would not have happened in real restaurant. $100 is like 20 these days so you aint spending a lot of money. Unfortunately for me once my appetite is lost because of something like that or cold food etc, there isn't anything that will help me enjoy my meal. It just kills the mood.
  5. This is a post I have permission to share from a friend who's uncle is in Nevada with Mr. Bundy (the cattle grazing issue in Nevada) right now. Hello all you Patriots of the 912, Jerry called me this morning to inform me that the BLM has been ordered to stand down but NOT to go away. Jerry, Jack and his son Josh arrived early in the morning and started to set up camp. Jerry watched the Feds dropped off 3 sniper teams at around 3:00AM to 4:00AM today via land vehicles using flashlights as signals. They spotted night time activity in the hills surrounding the Bundy property. After catching about an hours sleep they awoke to see three snipers skulking in the bush surrounding the camps that people have set up. They also were asked by Ryan Bundy to run security while they rescue the calves who are dying because of the stress and lack of grazing from being kept off the range. The people who have been there are not leaving and more are still coming in from all over the US. Jerry has said that more people are needed to help right now. The airspace over the Bundy ranch has been shut down in a 3 mile, 30,000 feet perimeter so that no private helicopters or planes can fly over to take pictures or surveil what the feds are up to. If the National Guard, the Army, the Marines or any military faction becomes involved that means they will be declaring WAR on the citizens of the United States. We are perilously close to an all out military action. So far Federal Agents are still trolling the roads, surveilling the territory and the camps in big black SUVs with blacked out windows. We need more numbers out there. There's a Federal Express outlet in St. George, Utah on South Airport Rd. If need be get ready to send supplies. If the government decides to shut the roads down to try to contain the numbers of people coming in to take a stand the supply lines could be compromised. I will have more intel by this afternoon. Anyone out there who is involved with the III%ers or the Oath Keepers please contact me at 603-834-1949. We need to get organized. If this turns to war we need to drop everything and go. The Government is NOT GOING TO GO AWAY. This is not cool and this is not funny this is for real! Rochester 912 Group meeting is tomorrow, Monday 4/14/14 at 6:30 at the Salmon Falls Church of Christ, Rochester (East), NH Yours Truly, Sue DeLemus
  6. I just can't see the reason ANY law enforcement agency in this entire country needs to be outfitted like gestapo storm troopers. If they need more than a 6 shot revolver, they need to leave if they are worried about "officer safety". "Better to let 20 guilty go free than hurt 1 innocent"...but these goons don't care about that, the only important thing is their macho ego. You got that right , along with the "God" syndrome. Thank God himself they didn't have LAPD out there it would have been a blood bath with both sides getting hurt over cattle. Or another Mayday melee at the least. They act different when the people are armed.
  7. Id be afraid to eat there , That chick is a wack job and her husband too.
  8. http://www.cnn.com/2014/04/09/us/pennsylvania-school-stabbing-heroes/ 19 kids stabbed , kids protecting each other and stopping the bleeding , now thats heroic.
  9. Get the 2d the s4 will take away a lot of horse power and they break too. They have the same ring gear . Also for the last 4 months Mendeola has been telling me two weeks and they will have cases. I should have bought a pds.
  10. So sorry for his accident. I did the same thing. He will be ok just a while to get back to normal. Some advise , I lost a lot of muscle mass from being inactive. Move those legs and arms as often as possible. GREAT VIDEO by the way!
  11. Im going through the same thing. She was diagnosed with dementia. Took her license away. At first she was accusing us of stealing. Then my father for cheating. It gets worse. Now she runs away and escapes. When she says bad things its the sickness talking not her. Please buy the book " the 36 hour day" this will really help you understand and cope . It really helped my family. Good luck
  12. I am playing with you so that qualifies.
  13. POOR.LITTLE.ANGELMONEY, still.cant.get.any attention, or post what he does for a living. How about.what departments his.so called cop buddies work for? Let me guess , Legoland and Matchbox city.... You bite the bait every time !! Thanks .... go put on your uniform and look in the mirror some more. You can always put me on ignore but you love it.

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