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  1. Air450

    Too much HP

    I love my car now. About 825hp and 625 or 650 to the wheels. It works perfect so far. My buddy has that black Alumicraft with about 1200hp motor/800+ to the wheels. Man that thing is touchy to drive in the dunes. Yes you can have to much for duning, but not enough, if the drags is yore thing!
  2. That's why you need a suppressor for yore firearms!
  3. One of my fav's is "Did someone get a picture of me going down the drags?" Classic.
  4. About 20,000 hours in my plane at about 100mph. = 2 million miles in my bird. Just my trucks alone. 400,000 Wife's cars about another 100,000 Offroad vehicles about 30,000 Boats about 50,000
  5. Dang! Again? Seems like this happens every year! You're getting old! Happy belated Birthday!
  6. Yep! They're still there!
  7. Funny! I said the same to my kids. None have tatoo's. My daughter has a few extra piercings in her ears and a belly button one.
  8. Well that was quick to go from a new Honda to a Canned Ham! 22 hours.
  9. Oh yea. I have an Attitude 33ft fifth wheel. Fixed the sagging and a new awning a few years ago for about 4500 bucks. Just general issues and easy fixes for me. But I'm pretty handy and can fix just about anything on these things. I've had mine for 10 years. Good luck hunting for your new trailer.
  10. I think you mean Stellar Trailers are the same as the Attitude. I believe the Stealth is another company.
  11. And then you drive yore 95 f250 gasser getting 7 miles to gallon, 150+ miles round trip, to burn 2 gallons of gas in yore dirtbike at the track! Good thing they made yore bike a red sticker! Not directed at you Jeff! Just everyone named "yore"!
  12. They also said it had no steering. Towing was necessary!

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