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  1. Not even a 10,000lb hitch. Hollow means it's a 5000lbs. I'm assuming he meant someone pulled the clip and the pin worked its way out.
  2. https://www.instagram.com/racecousainc/
  3. Where's the canopy for shade?
  4. We're losing a bunch of our era, music and TV stars. We're getting old is what this is telling us. 😢
  5. How about a strobe light under the car?
  6. Yes I noticed! 36' 5ver $89,173 I wonder if they discount them like the other companies! $119,999 discounted to $69,998! Show special! Probably not.
  7. It looks to me like they build a nice trailer. Made to last and look good after 5+ years. I have an Attitude and everything still works but it looks wore out from the weather on the outside. Wish I could store it indoors. I think most trailer issues are usually minor and I can do them myself. But if you're not handy a friend or handyman can repair most. Major issues would definitely be the dealer issue. Good luck.
  8. Bet those legs don't feel good.
  9. Wow! I know someone going through this right now. Similar, but just as interesting and just getting started. Total shock to say the least! Well wishes in your new journey and for the other posters as well.
  10. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7412441/Miniature-HORSE-seen-sitting-passengers-lap-flight-Nebraska.html

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