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  1. Air450

    Honda Talon

    Thats pretty cool that 360 cam. Even while paused you can go 360. They need to get the quality up a bit though. I'm sure in a few years they will have it figured out.
  2. Air450

    16.50 x 17 Dune Sport #2 cut

    What did you end up using now?
  3. Air450

    Transporting a Rail/SxS

    That was about as embarrassing as it gets.
  4. Air450

    Steepest tall Dune in Glamis? Foot climb challenge

    Did you walk back down?
  5. Air450

    Transporting a Rail/SxS

    Neutral or in gear. Whatever my mood is. 4 straps.
  6. Air450

    The Fishing Hole

    Yep! Oil rig in the background.
  7. Air450

    what oil to run in LS1

    Sorry it wasn't perfect per say. But was very nice inside for the time it had in the sand.
  8. Air450

    what oil to run in LS1

    Ran it in my CBM 425 Stroker for 5 years/5000 miles and everything was perfect inside when Redline tore it down for the new whipple. Regular oil pan and pump on it. Now has a dry sump.
  9. Air450

    what oil to run in LS1

    Delo 400. On sale at Costco right now.
  10. Air450

    The Fishing Hole

    Right out in front of LA harbor. Even Newport.
  11. Air450

    The Fishing Hole

    Bluefin are out front now!
  12. Air450

    Large Stainless headers

    Very nice! I'd like to hear them in a video soon.
  13. Air450


    Didn't see a primer application in the instructions. Just 4 coats.

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