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  1. Air450


    Back when I used to go to the desert! Not afraid of the desert.
  2. That is because they probably they turned it off. Take it to the carrier and drop it off. I did that with a phone I found in the street that had been run over many times but it keep ringing possibly from the owner but I couldn't answer it because the screen was destroyed. Just make sure it is logged in. Good luck
  3. A few months ago my friend left his phone at a restaurant and I just happened to call it and they told me. I got a hold of his daughter and they went back to get it.
  4. Take it somewhere there is service. I'm sure they are calling it. Then you can answer it. If you don't want to wait leave it with a friend who has service.
  5. Got a phone # A friend is looking for one.
  6. Holy F#@K! I was on the edge of my seat! Those are some BIG and STEEP dunes. I would have taken way different lines though.
  7. Well not so fast. Just an observation. If you wear that mask in the store and you breathe in the virus and it sticks to the outside of the mask and then you grab it touching the surface to take it off, you now have germs on your hands and then you touch your steering wheel etc... I guess you could always use the straps/bands to remove it but you might bump the external surface and now you are contaminated. It is also a deterrent to touching your nose/mouth.
  8. That TP will be gone shortly!
  9. This video I found to be very informative. The guy keeps it simple but long. Keep washing yore hands, STOP touching yore eyes, nose, mouth, and keep yore social distancing.
  10. How about the suction side of the pump. All the hoses been check to see if they are collapsing? They are usually layers and one could be collapsing inside. Even pressure side can de-laminate and cause blockage.
  11. Same water pump as the old motor? Or did he replace it?

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