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  1. Air450

    SX / Motorcross

    Broken collarbone. He'll be out for a while.
  2. Oh we cared! But what could we to do about it?
  3. The mute button is locked. But I can read and read lips!
  4. They replayed most of it yesterday. You could watch the last 2 and get everything. I hate the format they use. They act like they have to inform you like you didn't watch the episode before. Repeat the same events over and over and over! Dang! I think on every episode they showed Ricky not finishing because of his motor. You might be able to find them online somewhere? Some stuff here. https://www.nbcsports.com/search?search_api_views_fulltext=dakar
  5. Mid season upgrades mean a few issues. Hopefully it will be smooth. Belt driven or turbos?
  6. Looking to buy a car and learn more about them. Knew I wanted an Albins and nothing else would do. Couldn't find a car after 2 years of looking and learning so I built one. Owning and upgrading the motor of the same car, I'm happy! Learned a lot here. Thanks!
  7. Nobody out in the dunes but Gecko was full Friday when I got there. Friday evening moon shots. Some duners driving by while we were stopped. A group of Can Am'ers cruising by Olds today. Um, helmets? Just goofing off at Olds! No one there today. Not a big jumper but thought I would try it since no one was here. Some side hill wheelies!

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