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  1. At least he was representing at the ceremony! #12 Hope you heal up fast! Get well.
  2. When are you going to build a flat 6 Subi G52, F9, etc? Sorry, don't know all the new models. Or have you already built one?
  3. I know my motor would be a disaster with the blower on top! Tiiiimmmmbeerrrr!
  4. OK. I'd like to see the same video with a complete motor.
  5. Why is there nothing in the top holes on the head? Cams? Rest of the parts?
  6. You've had the car out duning enough! Lets see some pics of the steel-it on the shocks. What do you think of it?
  7. Sorry to hear of the breakdown. Save the wire in your trailer until next time we meet up. The CBM wire I had, fits right in with the Redline ones! Don't mail it. Colors look great! How did the steel-it on the shocks hold being behind me for a few minutes! Did your buddies Tatum get the oil issue solved?
  8. Thanks for the event! Here are a few pics I took. Thanks to all the Veteran's! If you want to see them all. CLICK HERE
  9. Awesome! Thanks. Thanks to all the Veterans! Thanks for putting on the event. First class.
  10. 26 bucks a year for a green or red sticker in commiefornia.
  11. I just go on the off weekends when I stay on Gecko. Still have to get there around Wednesday! I'm not the fastest typist so I would be here a week for some of my stories!
  12. What if I disconnect it from the internet? I have 2 comps that are still running win 7 pro.

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