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  1. Thank you, I am aware, just letting the person that asked know. I do have them listed for sale in the appropriate forum.
  2. Sold! But I have some sad cars for sale!
  3. Hey all did anyone ever put together a rear disc brake kit? Also on the a+ chassis bike what size rear tire is everyone running?
  4. Sand season is here lets sell some stuff! I also have two rails for sale!!!
  5. Gardnerville Nevada Yes grey tank, there’s a sink in the front counter.
  6. Sand season is here! You need a stacker!!!
  7. Door width 96.5 Overall width 98.5 Overall inside height 135 Height to bottom of lift 73 Top of lift to ceiling 60 Lift Platform 157.25 plus 28.75 storage loft infront of platform Lift platform is 93 wide
  8. I know the pictures aren't great, sorry! Just want to get rid of it, we never use it except to store the buggy that I'm selling too! https://reno.craigslist.org/tro/6304392809.html
  9. Its been a while. Still no brake on bike LOL. Any update on your project?
  10. Off topic, but where can I get the FRONT axle for the A+? I measure approx. 15mmx306mm?????? Need one bad!

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