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  1. Wicked Sand Toy for sale This car is one of a kind, as you will see in the pictures this car has countless hours and money invested! From the custom reverse opening hood with Stainless Steel Web to the big power Honda! This car is VERY fast, and very quiet! Stealthy.... Honda 3.5 Turbo charged and built by VTEC Tom Face Custom Headers Motec ECU Intercooled Power Searing Mendeola MD4S 935 CV's Pro AM Disc Brakes on all four corners FULL Body Heated front seats Power Driver Seat Custom Embroidered Seats 5 Seats Real Glass Windshield Lowerance GPS Rugged Radios Intercom with Car to Car & iPod/Iphone hookup, four headsets (Brand New Never Used) Fox Shocks LED Whip Paddles and Custom Wheels come too, the BTR deadlocks and BFG's were used for parade and storage ONLY. Car has never been in rocks, SAND ONLY! Thanks for looking! We want to sell! Make serious offers via instant message. Asking $45,000 OBO $35,000 Selling to due death in the family, we won't use it without him :(. Also selling his car! Also have a Apache Pivot stacker for sale! Videos: This is of car just sitting at the house: This is of a trip we took to dumont driving around there are four videos all are pretty long but show how well car drives! IMG_5392.MOV
  2. The paint s one of the best parts of the car! Its amazing in person! Not as PINK as it looks in pics!
  3. NOW $28000 I want it outta the garage! Need more space!
  4. kkahabka

    East County Sandcar FOR SALE

    Mom wants Dad's car sold any offers on this sweet Subaru Car?
  5. For Sale East County Sandcar Subaru Powered! Mendeola MD4S-4E Lots of new parts, including seats and belts! (This is my fathers car, he was very meticulous, everything on this car was done professionally.) Dad passed away, the car has gotta go! $25,999 OBO .pdf link show recent work to car. GeorgeKahabkaSandrail.pdf Video for Download: IMG_4992.MOV Or youtube: https://youtu.be/6NKbTLomkHo
  6. I run VP110, but you could mix it 4:1. I don't like to do that though.
  7. Message me offers on either car. I gotta make room in the shop at this point for other projects.
  8. Ok I'm done with people promising and not showing up. Someone come with CASH and make me an offer! I have two beautiful cars that have got to go!
  9. $29,000 someone buy this thing!
  10. Dune season is here! Price drop $29,500 OBO!
  11. TTT what do i gotta do to sell this beautiful car?
  12. kkahabka

    Cheap Stacker

    Thank you, I am aware, just letting the person that asked know. I do have them listed for sale in the appropriate forum.
  13. kkahabka

    Cheap Stacker

    I know the pictures aren't great, sorry! Just want to get rid of it, we never use it except to store the buggy that I'm selling too! https://reno.craigslist.org/tro/6304392809.html
  14. kkahabka

    Cheap Stacker

    Sold! But I have some sad cars for sale!
  15. kkahabka

    East County Sandcar FOR SALE

    Hey guys, I still have both my sandbars for sale. With the death of my father, that I went to the desert with, I jut don't use my sand toys! Lets get these cars sold. Make serious offers!
  16. Hey guys, I still have both my sandbars for sale. With the death of my father, that I went to the desert with, I jut don't use my sand toys! Lets get these cars sold. Make serious offers!
  17. kkahabka

    East County Sandcar FOR SALE

    $21,000 MUST SELL
  18. $30,000 let’s get this car into a new garage!
  19. $30,000 let’s get this car into a new garage!
  20. Must SELL !!! Lets make a deal!!!
  21. kkahabka

    Brake and tires atc70

    Hey all did anyone ever put together a rear disc brake kit? Also on the a+ chassis bike what size rear tire is everyone running?
  22. someone needs this car! stacker trailer sold! this baby needs a new home!
  23. Someone buy this! I want it outta the shop at this point! It’s so pretty sitting here but it’s gotta go! Make offer!
  24. Please see the drawing I made for the car. This is with the Paddles on! I can measure for you with dirt tires this afternoon. Wicked Sand Toy Measurements 2012.pdf

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