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  1. The dirt tires look nice ! What tire and rim size ? Looks like bfg's. Are the heavy ?
  2. I read the first link at the top of the page. That link said Wet Look #3 . But like I said . I think they are close to the same thing. high traffic and wet look
  3. Someone needs to sticky this thread ! I spent 700.00 having some guys waxs my trailer. It doesn't look as good as your's w/Zep. I went down to pick up supply's from Home Depot. Zep comes in high traffic floor waxs and wet look. They look to be close to the same product. I got the Zep wet look floor waxs. In this article both are mention . Does it really matter on which one ? Reading the label they appear to be about the same .
  4. The side x sides of today have come a lot closer to my idea of a sand car. If we making 100 horse power out of a vw we where happy. Now these side x sides are making over 100 hp and have tons of wheel travel. You can ride them on the road (street legal), mountain trails, sand dunes and w/ tracks hit the snow!
  5. Hundy I got my fresh air kit on yesterday. Used a 2 5/8 bit, worked great. But I noticed I flat spotted my rollers. So I need to order some new rollers and a spring compressor. I found a place called Hunterworks that sells some harden rollers. Next is rear tires. This is a problem with these 1000"s...the rear tires keep trying to catch the front ones. Only 1500 miles on them. I was thinking about Mongrel or Kahuna GMZ tires in 30 x 10 x 14. Going to 30's I may need to go to adjustable clutch kit ? Have you or any of your buddies come across this yet?
  6. I have been thinking of selling my WW FSC 3200. It was bought new in 2008. I have slept in it like once in the last three years. It just sits in front of our cabin now.
  7. Let us know how the kit goes on for you. Still haven't done the upgrade yet ! Not sure if I was going to do the work or have the dealer do it?
  8. Yep that's the 2007 cover. But repair looks like a better option then a couple hundred bucks. Is there any other option ?
  9. I have a 2007 FSC 3200. My propane cover cracked. Does anyone know where I can pick up a 2007 or 2008 propane cover. The 2008 has a door to get to the top of the tanks with out removing the whole thing. Does anyone sell parts for WW ? Thanks
  10. Which skid plates are you using ? I also noticed your had your rear trailing arms protected.
  11. My Heim joints are noisy . How do you keep them from squeaking ? I don't want to spray any lube into them and attract the sand. I know there must be a trick out there that you guys are using. Fill me in,thanks.
  12. Maybe we will see you guys on our side of the mountain this year ? ;-)
  13. You may want to pick up a Wilson antenna booster for your cell phone. It helps out a lot in our mountain areas. Don was in Marysville the last time he was here. You can also check out Circleville. Both of those towns have pretty good access to the Paiute trail system. For bigger towns on the same system you can try Beaver or Filmore. We like it a bit higher. We spend our summers on Fish Lake . Not as atv/utv friendly as the others, but cooler. If you have a street legal machine it helps up there. The Great Western Trail system rides threw the Fish Lake area. I depends on what you are looking for. Maybe search these few for a place to start.
  14. It fits just fine. I did raze the two rear beds up as high as they would go. The spoiler on the top of the roof does just touch the bed a little. Of course that was the passenger side with only the driver in it. My WW is the FSC 3200 not a 5er. But I believe the rear bed areas are the same.

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