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  1. redneck woman

    Typing Speed Test

    67 WPM and 2 mistakes
  2. redneck woman

    Guy Calls Me From Over Seas

    When I was selling my boat I had the same thing happen. When I told him the only way I would deal with him was through an escrow account I never heard from him again....be careful sounds like a scam to me.
  3. redneck woman

    I Got Trouble With Dead Beat Renters

    Good luck with your trouble, I feel your pain. My tenants are not behind but I am trying to sell the property and they have made it nearly impossible to even get someone in to see it. I hope everything works out for you but like everyone said be careful they totally have more rights than we do...
  4. redneck woman

    Sooooo What Would You Do? (with Poll!)

    My suggestion is this if you do tell her you have to be prepared for her to be upset and maybe even blame you or accuse you of having something against the relationship, jelousy not liking him or anything for that matter. If you don't tell her she may be upset when she finds out and think your hiding something, so far lose lose... A similar thing happened with my brother-inlaw and last GF my husband and I saw her with another man we chose to tell him and he was angry with us said we just didn't like her and didn't talk to us for about 6 months when she finally came out and told him that she was seeing someone else. Though as a female I would want my friend to tell me if something like that happened...so u have to make a decision on your own. I know you don't know but thought I'd toss in my two cents
  5. they probably wouldn't know what to with themselves...lol
  6. As a woman and some may hate me for this (never stopped me from speaking my mind before), I know exactly what I am doing with my girls and I know how to use them...haha. So my answer is she knew what she was doin' take it as a compliment maybe she likes what she sees u never know. I guess we know where you'll be gettin your parts from...just hope she ditches the "armor" is that what you called it and discovers Victoria's Secret lol.

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