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  1. you ever drive that truck over to Seal Beach......river parking lot? I see a Chevy with a Glamis sticker on it in that lot quite a bit.
  2. He had a calculus class that he had zero professor options on. Got a D the first time and then asked for course forgiveness and D'd it again. He always had A's in math and did AP Calc in HS. It was a shit professor. He had on problem with the same class at Citrus (JC). He only had to take that class because when he started he was majoring in computer science......or engineering and switched to a business major and wanted the minor on the computer side. He also worked and partied a little too hard...it all just caught up with him. He'll finish in a semester next year at either SDSU or up here at Cal Poly or LaVerne.
  3. I bet you're right! As for SDSU, my son Brad would have been a senior this year but (partially) because of shitty professors he was unable to maintain his 3.0 for the business college and ended up back home midway through the year last year. It is ridiculous the people the state hires with OUR money to teach our kids. He's completing what he can at the JC and loves his teachers. Exactly what my oldest went through but he did 2 years at SAC and had great teachers and got his degree at UCSC (Santa Cruz) and had mostly douchebag liberal non attentive, not teaching professors. OK, I'm done. Good luck and congrats on almost being at the end!
  4. Joe Exotic, Joe Fab, Joe Dirt...……….hmmm. Never seen any of them in the same room together.
  5. So the Tiger King is a white, blond haired guy with a mullet named Joe. Changes his name to fit his profession. Does he remind anyone of somebody in the dune world?
  6. @nickman123 isn't this the same issue you had with yours?
  7. Keep posting pictures and saying stupid shit on the weak ass Glamis facebook pages and they'll close it all down.....
  8. so even if you finance through the dealer they don't require some kind of insurance? What is used for collateral? We've only bought one new toy and we paid cash for it so I never had to deal with it.
  9. I'm betting he does...…… @rockwood
  10. OH SHIT...….nice witches eye at about 9:15
  11. Happy Birthday! Patron time.
  12. thus the need for full coverage insurance and the fire rate.....
  13. You have an excavator and you have the land...…..should have done it already.

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