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  1. I saw an AstroAWD van.......Astrovan on the 22 fwy this morning. Was trimmed out pretty cool. I got a couple pics. Something I've never seen before. I'll get them on here tomorrow.
  2. shhhh! My pricing was way better then that!
  3. spize909


    Required back there.....great idea. I've seen a few in Glamis.
  4. what's gonna happen with the old arms and spindles?
  5. We install them at model home sites...…..I can ask our landscape contractor where they get them.
  6. Did you tackle the EPS yet?
  7. except Simba wasn't pink!
  8. spize909


    I like it.......except the Cadi crap on it. I guess wheel spin is undesirable in Michigan!
  9. 30 days for somebody that could have been evicted on several occasions and was habitually late paying rent as well as breaking a no pet rule (that I'm sure was on a written contract). eff* 'em and their disregard for your property and their lack of integrity.
  10. Obviously........just thinking of a factory 2 seater on a longer wheelbase. Maybe push the driver compartment back a little, more room, larger fuel cap, etc.
  11. It would be cool if one of them came out with a 4 seat chassis in a 2 seat trim...........I don't really want ANY passengers but would love the extra wheelbase (if I sold out and bought a SxS that is).
  12. I think you get the prize for best Saturday. Cool, memory making activity with your kid........can't beat that.

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