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  1. spize909

    Opinions ?

    Low. Looks like a very fun duner car.
  2. Awesome car......pimp or duner. Made your choice?
  3. @Yarder this is the one you were telling me about??
  4. disturbing that somebody named "Wilma Mankiller" was on the list of possibilities. Personally, I could care less as long as it's still a 20
  5. I'm always glancing in my mirror or looking over as we run big bowls to make sure someone's still behind me. Radios can fail.
  6. Ken fits in his and I'd bet he's as much of 6' as you are! Buy it!
  7. I just did my "pre-season" StaFlo application yesterday. Works very well!
  8. My little Honda will be running all night...….you're in the clear with me around.
  9. I'm gonna hi-jack this a bit. Is there a speaker that can plug into a headphone RCA jack? Does/can that work? The intercom pumps music into the headphones so I assume it's been done. Cable?
  10. we had a Recon for a few years....bought for $850. What a great quad it was. Same as a TRX250 (as you already know) to you might want to put that in your title it may get more attention as lots of people have owned those. I would suspect brakes for sure. They are pretty bullet proof. IIRC they have drum brake(s) on the rear??
  11. Happy Birthday Mac...….might see you in a few days.

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