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  1. spize909

    It's Saturday 3/16/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Left Friday at 8:30 am. Los Olivos, Solvang, Los Olivos, the gates of Neverland (little boy hell), Buellton, Santa Barbara, Ojai, Santa Paula, lunch at El Pescador in Fillmore (I highly recommend) and home 4:30 pm Saturday. Thoroughly enjoyed all the girly shops in Solvang🙄
  2. spize909

    WTB: 17ft+ Boston Whaler or Comparable

    Always loved these boats. First boat I ever fished in the ocean on was a 20" Skipjack......probably around 1970?
  3. spize909

    WTB: 17ft+ Boston Whaler or Comparable

    17 whaler will beat the crap out of you.
  4. spize909

    Leer Camper Shell

    6' 6" Chevy shortbed shell. It's my buddies and he bought it brand new. Has the carpeting on the inside and is in great shape. $350 obo. Located in Duarte Call or text Roy @951-265-5361
  5. spize909

    WTB: 17ft+ Boston Whaler or Comparable

    Check out the last page in this thread. That's our dates and info on our trips. I did change the deposit policy from what it says there to 50% instead of $100. You can also check out our group page on facebook. Search for Charter Group So Cal.
  6. spize909

    WTB: 17ft+ Boston Whaler or Comparable

    Ggot to love a fisherman/person! Good luck on the hunt. Nice whalers will cost a pretty penny but 10g for an older 17 could be doable. If you or your crew want to get on a charter check out my post in the "Fishing Hole" thread.
  7. spize909

    2012 Sand Car - seats 5 - fresh trans $20,000

    What trans?
  8. @ROBERT LDid you meet Kevin and Tammy? I vote Yucaipa
  9. spize909

    Green new deal

    Could be a repeat but this is a must watch...……
  10. spize909

    Sandrail Modern Transformations

    That one looks familiar...……..
  11. spize909

    2.2 Ecotec. Engine,, Harness and ECU SOLD

    Sold at a great price to a local kid.
  12. spize909

    2015 Polaris RZR 1000 2 seat

  13. spize909

    Butterflies everywhere......

    Love seeing those things stuck to my grill in the spring...………..means there will be exceptional quail hunting in the fall!
  14. spize909

    05 Honda 450r

    CRF's may have had the FCR carb but the TRX did not.
  15. spize909

    05 Honda 450r

    If it's running good, leave it. If the main jet was too big it wouldn't run right. At the very worst you are a little too rich and that's a lot better then too lean (for your engine at least).

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