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  1. Not sure of any o-ring on the main jet?? Was it on the base of the jet at the top of the threads? and what do you mean by "it dies off idle"?
  2. I have 2" from the pedal to the bar. Normally have a side panel there as well. I'd love to rest my foot on something....any suggestions? If I do a small tube or something, even with pedal or in front(closer to me) of pedal?
  3. Just ordered the striker xl. The one at our Lowes is not the same as the one my buddy was talking about.
  4. @Desert Guy76 you should close this thread out with a pic of that new Can Am.
  5. dang it......just had to buy one while camping last weekend!
  6. @Desert Guy76 If you want to drive up to Lucerne for the day and test drive those things, I'll go with ya if you want.
  7. Good info...….nothing cheap about a VW. A Honda or Ecotec may cost a little more up front with a few extra parts (trans, ecu, etc) but will be much cheaper in the long run.
  8. Check out "the samba" website. They have a sticky in one of the forums with info and discussion on VW transmissions.
  9. I was having this conversation with a co-worker that is a certified welder today. He said that he had a $400 Miller helmet but bought a $100 Kobalt from Lowes (think I saw them for $80 the other day) for use while going to school and he said the Kobalt from Lowes was a great helmet. No shipping on that one @matt86m
  10. I kinda thought he'd go duner over baller. Guess this is the answer. Wish I could afford to even ask the price GM. GLWTS. This is a great car!
  11. Put your wife in the back. I'd bet that dirt to sand ratio would be closer to 98% of the time.
  12. I put Amazon LEDs in my truck a couple years ago and they are way better then the Silverstars I tried. I also have them adjusted so they don't blind the person in front of my on low beam. Polishing the housing/lens also makes a huge difference with just the halogens. However, one of my low beam bulbs started acting up and flickering recently. I was thinking of leaving the high beams LED and switching the lows to HID as some others have mentioned. Having read this, I think that is the direction I'll go. Probably 4300k though.
  13. I have 760-351-0400 in my phone under Glamis Tow. I think that is/was the number for the snow cat.
  14. Judging by the new Glamis hours, I'd say no more night rides!

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