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  1. spize909

    Mega Millions tues oct 23rd 1.6 billion$

    Unless that person was unknown.....I dont recall having to provide my real name or proof thereof when signing up for this site.......that said. Here's mine. Only had a $5 on me.
  2. spize909

    Mega Millions tues oct 23rd 1.6 billion$

    So is there any true legal recourse if one of you wins and decides that you don't feel like sharing?
  3. spize909

    Weber 22” perfomer...price reduced 100.00

    you could replace your rabbit poo cooker with a real bbq! Looks like a great deal!
  4. spize909

    My Son and a worthy cause

    My son rarely puts anything out on social media (bet he snapchats plenty though) so when he does I take notice. I'm pretty proud that this is what I see when he does post on IG.
  5. spize909

    Venting a gas jug

    Tuff Jugs...…….I have a couple. If you have it vented while pouring, I don't think the auto stop will work. They do need a vent while sitting for sure though. I stick a penny in the top lip of mine to hold it open just a little when not in use at camp.
  6. spize909

    Song Of The Day

  7. spize909

    Scary Weird Car Image

    Easy Fix
  8. spize909

    2.4 Ecotec Supercharged Engine Package

    oh man...…………….
  9. People are gonna want to know the Price and rear door width and width between inside fender wells...………. Sounds like a great trailer.
  10. spize909

    Chenowth 2-Seater Sand Rail

    It's a steal at that price
  11. spize909

    My Friend

    Sorry to hear........it's one of the worst things there is.
  12. spize909

    It's Saturday 10/13/18 what are you doing this weekend?

    New tires on the daily driver. Picked up the trailer/buggy to do an oil change and apparently put in a new battery. Gonna replace the one bad piece of plywood in the trailer and then get at least the underside/floor of the trailer insulated. Maybe the ceiling too if it goes ok.
  13. spize909

    Sand rail Insurance

    Allstate thru Don Kent here on the forum. I had Foremost and when I changed cars and went away from a VW they wanted the appraisal. Allstate did not. Of course it's not a $50,000 car either...……..
  14. spize909

    Hows Your Attitude?

    Wow....……...sad to hear how f'd up that industry is. Keep in mind that the work force out there right now is just a giant piece of shit. Sounds like you should find a nice used one that fits your needs Matt.
  15. spize909

    Holy Jehoshaphat!

    I have a couple like that too...………..

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