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  1. Looking for a possible boat partner or two...….you guys ready to step up to a real boat? Sorry for the post hijack. That's a damn fine buggy that I wish was mine! GLWTS!!
  2. I wish...…...kinda leaning towards a boat (slipped in the salt) for the next big purchase. Can't afford everything. I do deserve a car like this though.
  3. You call it a daffle and sell tickets that cost "points" instead of money. I know of a couple guys that are "daffleing" stuff off daily on Facebook. One is for a charity foundation, the other for personal gain. Neither is probably legal. I for one don't think you're going to be able to sell 250 tickets for 100 "points" each. Maybe though. Lots of ballers here.
  4. Poule was all over it.....he has dibs.
  5. @nickman123, my next door neighbor just got a new door and opener. His old opener, just a few years old is sitting on the ground getting ready to be thrown away. I told him I'd post it up here to see if anybody could use a FREE opener. Remotes, hardware, safety beam, etc all there. Text me. 951-538-4707
  6. Sounds like a good time...….I hope/plan to be knee deep in tuna blood at noon on Saturday. Therefore, count me out!
  7. considering the poster is from Alabama, I'd be looking at old Berrian or Appletree frames and stuff like that.
  8. Have not fired this weapon yet.....seems like it should be fine.
  9. That engine isn't built yet...….better hurry @DeviantDuner season's almost here. As for the tree, we had to relocate one on the last job I did in Walnut. It had to stay in the box for months. As far as I know it lived. I could get some info on who we used if you haven't signed a contract with the other guy yet.
  10. Trying Microsoft Edge now...…..we'll see. So far so good.
  11. I can't even get on here at home anymore.....glitchy, stops running, starts, stops. Maybe I need to try logging in with Explorer instead of Chrome.

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