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  1. HydroPower

    Ball Bearing Billet shifter for PBS and S4 S4D

    is anyone running one of these on an S4 or S5 and have feedback? Need to choose a shifter soon to go with my S5
  2. HydroPower

    Mendeola 2D and Shifter

    $5500 for trans and $200 for the Fortin Shifter if interested in separate deals
  3. HydroPower

    Truck Pictures

    My new girl
  4. HydroPower

    Mendeola 2D and Shifter

    could meet tomorrow if anyone is interested
  5. HydroPower

    2018 F350 4x4 lift shopping...need advice

    Hit up NotStock on here, he has the the PMF lifts out of Arizona. I went with the 5.5" kit for my 2017 and love it. He can build you just about any kit you want
  6. HydroPower

    Shifter preference

  7. HydroPower

    Mendeola 2D and Shifter

    It was an LS
  8. HydroPower

    Mendeola 2D and Shifter

    Trans will be picked up this week and I will be heading to so cal next weekend 4/14 if anyone wants to meet up
  9. Set of used 930 midboard micro stubs from RBP Mfg. These hubs are used and only changing them out because I went to a set of RBP 934 hubs. Bob still sells all the parts for this kit so whatever you need is readily available if needed. $500 Used single disc flywheel for LS motor, comes with Kennedy clutch disc and stage 4 pressure plate $SOLD Used 930 axles, 27.5" end to end. Axles are marked for rotation and were only used for 2 trips $225 Various used 930 CVs and bates boots, good for backups and spares $125 Also Mendi 2D posted in different ad and would do a package deal for all parts Located in Nor Cal but can ship or deliver to So Cal next weekend 4/14 Call or text with any questions 530-613-3658
  10. HydroPower

    Mendeola 2D and Shifter

    Im in nor cal, i will prob be in so cal on the 15th and could meet
  11. HydroPower

    brand new S4S FOR SALE

    2D to S4 mounts are very close and some have got 2D mounts to work for an S4, motor is raised 3/4" or 1" if I remember correctly. S4 to S4D are different and have to be redone this is a 2D and an S4 comparison
  12. HydroPower

    Mendeola 2D and Shifter

    So im in the process of switching from a 2D to an S5 so need to get the 2D sold to help fund the project. 2D was dropped off last week for a referesh and will come with a 100% clean bill of health. Trans has 930 CV's and will also come with a Fortin Shifter with reverse lockout 4.86 Ring and Pinion 2.90 1st 1.86 2nd 1.50 3rd 1.22 4th $5800
  13. HydroPower

    2017 F350 air bags...

    I have had air ride and Firestone kits and all have been pretty good kits but when you throw kelderman in the mix there is no comparison. If kelderman is within your budget hands down go that route, especially if you tow like you say you do.
  14. HydroPower

    2D to S4 - Need Advice Please

    i believe the S4 and the S5 are the exact same size, i think you can just have your 4 rebuilt into a 5. Sean@weddle would know for sure
  15. HydroPower

    2D to S4 - Need Advice Please

    Im in the process of doing this same upgrade, as long as you stick with a 33" tire the S4 should be plenty of trans. Im going to an S5 because I want that extra gear for diner runs and for the wide open runs in idaho. I was told yesterday by McDowell that cases were 3-4 weeks out so Im in the same waiting game as you. Im also upgrading to 934's at the same time so it wont be a cheap upgrade

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