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  1. Yes please let me know before I order a new set, thank you
  2. anyone have any before I order a new set?
  3. This is exactly the type of info I was looking for! I currently run the 33x17 #2 blasters and was wondering about the 14.50x17 dune sports. Gonna buy new tires soon and wish I could test run a set of the dune sports before I pull the trigger. Who sells the 14.50x17s?
  4. Looking for a set of paddles for my car, anyone have any before I go new?
  5. How much for a set of Blaster 33x17 #2 cut
  6. I have a 415 LS3 and I have been thinking of upgrading...
  7. Does ford offer oem 4.10 , 4.11 or 4.30 gearing for a 2017 F250. last 8 of the vin HEB69824
  8. Dont Do It!!! Anyone want my elite car so i can upgrade to this one???
  9. I just did a 2d to S5 swap over the summer and the trans literally bolted in with zero modifications made. And when I say zero I mean I didn't even have to drill out the mounting holes at all, just had to build 1" taller motor mounts and by far the best upgrade I have done!!
  10. I was wondering where this car ended up, my buddy was the original owner. Looks good and that new motor should be fun! You going to do anything else to it?
  11. Got mine done and have one trip on it, shifts so smooth
  12. i tried texting the number listed and never got a response
  13. when I ordered my S5 I was told weddle was still a few months out on parts for the S4D so Im guessing they are still a ways out

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