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  1. Keep trying the local junk yards (Otay area). There's always a guy that knows a guy that knows a guy. Funny thing is I was just there today looking for same style truck but different parts, saw a bunch.
  2. EVBM

    Action Shots

    That black and white pic is awesome,. Kind of tells what Glamis is all about in a single pic.
  3. Awesome, (GOOD TIMES) that’s what it’s all about. ?
  4. How thick do you go on the concrete for something like that?
  5. Funny shiat right there.?
  6. Don't some stereos come with 3 RCA's out ? Sub / Front & Rear
  7. A KICKER KX700.5 I believe is the amp Weekend Wariors use to come with (not 100% sure) but it is a 5 channel amp. There was a thread about it awhile back, maybe look it up.
  8. how would he coat the inside of the fuel tank if its fully welded? . . . . it wouldn't make sense to coat it before closing it up either (welded).
  9. Is it possible that this guy was just pissed off at the pass you made? Maybe that’s why he went so close to you and then turned back to flip you off. I don’t know, just what if he’s thinking the same thing you are.
  10. Mirage Racing moved to Carson Ca. They are no longer in Santee,Ca. New address is 17121 South Central unit 2g, Carson,Ca. 90746 # is 310-632-5533 Good people with good prices.
  11. Remember to post lots of pictures. Maybe even a new thread on the project.
  12. Ya, I wouldn't recommend them on these other full size cars because they are to small but on a Chenowth Explorer which is more of a mid size car, I think they are the best pick. . . Weight, Size & Look . . . . (my opinion of course)
  13. 1300+'s on my Explorer #1 cut, 30" all aired up and I would definitely buy them again if I needed paddles.
  14. Got any pics of the repair, mine does the exact same thing.
  15. This right here. Going to need new tabs and square everything up correctly. Still see it being kind of a pain though having to line up the holes on each side. Good luck with it, hope it works out.

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