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  1. I keep hearing " Optima batteries quality has gone way down " but I just replaced mine that is dated 2009. Even then I still didn't give it up for a core because its still good. Instead I pulled the battery out of my civic which was showing signs of weakness and gave that one up for a core then put the Optima in it . . . . . . . .D51 Yellow Optima ( it's a half size ) laying on its side all day long, no issues what so ever. . . . . . . .Only replacing (with another Optima) for peace of mind. After all it is 10 YEARS , lets get real.
  2. Keep trying the local junk yards (Otay area). There's always a guy that knows a guy that knows a guy. Funny thing is I was just there today looking for same style truck but different parts, saw a bunch.
  3. Car looks good 2TF , Explorer here also. . . . . . sounds like a good option.
  4. EVBM

    Action Shots

    That black and white pic is awesome,. Kind of tells what Glamis is all about in a single pic.
  5. Would a 3.5 V6 / 091 / 930's / with combos do good with this size n style tire? Asking because I to am looking for the same size tire as the OP.
  6. Awesome, (GOOD TIMES) that’s what it’s all about. ?
  7. How thick do you go on the concrete for something like that?
  8. Funny shiat right there.?
  9. Don't some stereos come with 3 RCA's out ? Sub / Front & Rear
  10. A KICKER KX700.5 I believe is the amp Weekend Wariors use to come with (not 100% sure) but it is a 5 channel amp. There was a thread about it awhile back, maybe look it up.

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