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  1. I used a chop saw and sat down with a tape line and a cut off wheel on a dremel tool for the groove👍🏻 Worked great and free to me.
  2. Here is my routing, I always let the car idle till the fans cut out when we come to a stop before shut off. one goes to the crossover and the other to the thermostat housing.
  3. Next in line if they don’t go.
  4. I ended up getting some chromo arms from Avery's air cooled. I debated all the others and ended up with them. I scrapped that car and we even transitioned them to my current 5 seat. I wanted beefy after tacoing a set of 3x3 boxed arms.
  5. I have a set of squirts on my car now and looking to up size and in Vegas if interested.
  6. My last car I just drug it down to a muffler shop and they bent them up in 20 min after I showed them what I needed. for like 30 bucks. Less headache....
  7. Something with a 2D or beefier trans, If I was to be in the market for a car that would be the 1st thing I looked at then make sure it's NA. Plain and simple turbos add headache and yes they are great and make good power but increase the chances for downfall on any engine and your asking for reliable and to not be turning wrenches. I run a 2.5 turbo subi, love it but stuck at 300 hp limited by trans and I don't want to pay for race fuel.
  8. The new one could use a saddle like outfront puts on their exhaust now, my setup split the same way on my subi and they took it back and added the revision (saddle) and no probs since.

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