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  1. N2SAND

    Best Seats For Rzr1000

    Anyone try the front bench seats that allow a child to sit in the middle?
  2. N2SAND

    2014 Xp1000 Otd Pricing In Ca

    I can get a 14 with the street legal kit installed for 18k OTD. It's hard to justify another 2300-2500 for a 15.
  3. N2SAND

    Just Bought A 2014 Xp1000

    So I can get a 14 for 18k OTD with the street legal package. Is this still a good deal or are people doing better?
  4. I just logged in today and for some reason I cannot see any pics. I tried restarting, updated my browser, ran the usual system clean-ups and still nothing. Any ideas?
  5. N2SAND

    Unbelievable Hockey Shot!

    Too bad it's a Ford
  6. N2SAND

    Childs Quad Suggestion For Christmas

    Ok, I got it titled, registered and I purchased an AZ OHV sticker today, I think that's all I need. How difficult or long does it take to get the atv certification?
  7. N2SAND

    Childs Quad Suggestion For Christmas

    I want to make sure my sons quad is legal in G for New Years. Do I only need a copy of the title and green sticker to be legal?
  8. N2SAND

    Interesting Test Chevy Vs. Ford

    Oh yeah, this is not a real world test but you can hang a Ford from a bolt, remember? I stick with Chevy!!!
  9. N2SAND

    Childs Quad Suggestion For Christmas

    Well I took my son to try on some quads and the 80 is just too big for him right now, he is a little guy. So we decided to go with a LTA50, recommended by so many. Thank you everyone for your feedback. Now, I would like to replace some minor plastic pieces to give it a cleaner look. What is the best place to get parts for this bike?
  10. N2SAND

    Childs Quad Suggestion For Christmas

    All good info. Let the search begin. Thank you everyone.
  11. I am Christmas shopping for my 5 yr old son and I need suggestions on a 50cc quad. In your experience, what has been the best bang for your buck? Obviously, safety & reliability is top priority. What about suspension? What should I avoid? Any info and experience would be helpful.
  12. N2SAND

    Lasik Or Laser Eye Surgery

    It's a no brainer, go to the best in AZ, Dr. Swartz. He's not the cheapest but he IS the best, does all the professional sports teams in the valley. Had mine done in 2006, think it was about $3200. The actual procedure does not take long at all, from the time I went in to the time I left was only about 1 and a half hours, not 3.
  13. N2SAND

    Glamis ~ Thanksgiving Weekend

    What country are we in again...? I am so sick of this disrespect for the good ol' USofA!
  14. N2SAND

    What's The Reason This Car Isnt Selling?

    I agree 100%. I'm on my second Tatum in 8 years, both with 2D's and I have never had a problem. I also agree that it would be nice to have an S4 but then there are added cost with that as well. My point is, someone who is looking for the best deal, say 40k and an S4, might be a little strapped when it comes time to replace 934's and rebuild the tranny. I would rather have the money to maintain my car and use it then have it sitting cause I cant afford to fix it. Kind of like having a turboed car but cant afford the race gas. Just my 2 cent.

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