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  1. bigbyrd

    Car Upholstery Question

    Hey Buddy, Most of the time what you pay for is what you get. The cheapest price is not always the way to go. Nice work is not cheap.
  2. bigbyrd

    Mama Bought herself a Jeep

    Fox makes a shock for the non lifted Jeeps. The fox 2.0 . I put a set on my lifted Jeep and it made a world of difference. My brother in law has them on his stock Jeep and he likes them.
  3. bigbyrd

    Need a DJ, photographer and officiant!!

    Hey Brian, If you don't find someone hit me up. My brother-in-law does weddings. He did Alicia's and mine. Or just hit him up on here his board name is "Pastor". Congrats man. Jason
  4. bigbyrd

    2007 Funco Gen 4

    It was a custom build. That's why 6".
  5. bigbyrd

    Sold Sand cars unlimited sold

    Can't believe your selling your princess. This car is very clean for anyone considering it.
  6. I know I have seen it on here but can't find it. I'm a business owner looking for a home loan. Appreciate the help in advance.
  7. bigbyrd

    The Trip Of A Lifetime

    Pretty damn cool trip by far. Trip home meeting him. Priceless! Image the stories he could tell.
  8. bigbyrd

    What A Contrast Between Then And Now.

    So true . Everybody feels they are owed something in life. Work for what you have has a new manning now. Common sense is not common anymore.
  9. bigbyrd

    New Website

    Hey Buddy , Just get the dimensions and I'll see what we can get that closest matches the size. As far as the install it should not be to hard. You might want to talk to Wes's Dad I know he might have done them before. Let me know . Talk to ya soon .
  10. bigbyrd

    New Website

  11. bigbyrd

    New Website

  12. bigbyrd

    New Website

    :yay: :yay:
  13. bigbyrd

    New Website

    Ok after working with our Website people from the RV side of our website they do not have the ability to do a coupon code for GD'ers. So if you would like a 5% discount the only way we can do it is have you email your order with the Part# ( In Blue) with a short description of the item and we can put the order in for the admin side and give you a discount .Sorry for them making it so hard but we will do our best to make it effortless on your part . Thank you in advance .

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