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  1. This site was all thins glamis. I frequent it for just that. even though traffic clowednin recent years this new change may have sent it over the edge. I sure hope not
  2. its clunky to use and all old data is gone. sorry if i missed something.
  3. i do it all the time, sometimes the dog rides in the 5th wheel i run a/c the whole time
  4. Joey i dont think your car is the issue, i think you will be extremely happy with the car. they perform very well, get a stock LS for cheap, and buy Chris 2d its litterally new and be done
  5. restore it and go do wheelies down the halls!
  6. On the list, right after potty training lol
  7. thanks! no cropping i like them floppy better
  8. Meet Bruce our new boxer had one for 13 years and had to put him down. Only made it 6 months before we had to have another
  9. Thanks man! alot of interest no cash yet lol. but a potential buyer for tomorrow. we will see
  10. Upgraded to 2” hollow spindles these are extremely well made zero issues chris 300.00 in riverside 715-458-6020
  11. CHRIS J


    What year is it? special construction or trick title?
  12. I’m going to post the steps in the process tonhelpneveryone out super easy but the people at dmv are so mentally challenged that you litterally have to tell the everything tondomand don’t take nonfor an answer

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