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  1. CHRIS J

    New backyard/pool build.

    Sweet pad man! Ton of potential in the landscape dept
  2. CHRIS J

    Bought my First Sand Car

    welcome to the amplified family, you will love it! here is mine
  3. CHRIS J

    Auto Detail referral near Upland

    Kyle xtreme detail +1 (909) 208-3308 only guy I will let touch mine or my customers vehicles specializes in high end paint jobs and corrctions tell him Chris Johnson referred you
  4. CHRIS J

    S4 gear box question

    Thanks everyone i spoke to Daniel at Dave foltz he shot me straight, and took as much time as I needed to explain the process and how/whcost would rise i will be taking it to DF for the updates great guy
  5. CHRIS J

    S4 gear box question

    oh i see, so it is able to be updated. that makes me feel better.
  6. CHRIS J

    S4 gear box question

    thanks, so if i have an older one and needs parts I cannot obtain I'm burnt?
  7. CHRIS J

    S4 gear box question

    what are the major differences between an S4 from 2005 and one from 2012? and what needs to be considered for an upgrade when having one from 2005 gone through? thanks
  8. CHRIS J

    Enclosed race trailer 22ft

    can you post info in mission? im in the market
  9. CHRIS J

    Muffler advice

    gibson has a bitchin one
  10. 41’10” over all its a bad ass rig! ready to make a deal
  11. CHRIS J

    RBP rear brake kit with hubs

    Bump realuzed they weren’t priced right just want them out of garage
  12. CHRIS J

    RBP rear brake kit with hubs

    Rear brake kit I had 934 rear if that matters needs one rear wilwood caliper can’t find the other 250.00 obo chris In riverside 714-458-6020
  13. CHRIS J

    $30,000 for a built in BBQ island

    I have a guy in riverside great work cheap as hell!!

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