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  1. CHRIS J

    Any Peterbuilt cars for sale?

    Thank you
  2. CHRIS J

    Any Peterbuilt cars for sale?

    Peters quality is nuts i have an amplified that he did and it’s flawless good luck with your search, he will built you a new one too
  3. CHRIS J

    Dune sports 14.50 15 300.00 sold

    Sold , updated add thanks!
  4. CHRIS J

    2 seat supercharged sequential LS6/S4 sandrail

    Looks fun i bet it’s a rocket glws
  5. CHRIS J

    E85 things to know.

    post a pic? hope you enjoy it!
  6. CHRIS J

    E85 things to know.

    you never came by to check out my funco hahaha, looks like you found one. which one did you buy? Mine did sell as well. good luck see ya out there
  7. CHRIS J

    Stu 33 blaster and beadlock wheels

    sorry sold
  8. CHRIS J

    funco gen 3 **SOLD**

    Sold thanks GD
  9. CHRIS J

    funco gen 3 **SOLD**

    call me, ill be there all weekend. car is there now at my friends camp. we will go for a ride and you can check it out. you will love it. chris 714-458-6020
  10. CHRIS J

    funco gen 3 **SOLD**

    bump this car is in glamis until new years at roadrunner, in the middle
  11. CHRIS J

    Anyone have Nitrogen

    ed neimela "the suspension guy" should be at roadrunner
  12. CHRIS J

    funco gen 3 **SOLD**

    bump i will have this car in glamis wednesday december 19-22 camped at roadrunner inner circle, call me if you want to come check it out, i know a couple guys are coming to look at it we will be there 714-458-6020
  13. CHRIS J

    funco gen 3 **SOLD**

    come take a look at it. cleanest gen 3 out there. Thanks dude.
  14. CHRIS J

    funco gen 3 **SOLD**

    Thanks brotha!

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