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  1. School me on your intake manifold, I hear great things about that design
  2. Rad thread! dude if you get lost in the desert in that thing with all those gps......😂 keep this thread going lots of info and has sparked some ideas thx
  3. very well cared for car here. someone will be very happy with this purchase, fast and reliable!
  4. someone buy this smoking deal for a great car!
  5. This is a great car, great price, and should go fast a few bucks and someone could make this car their own and be happy for a long time glws john
  6. I have an amplified as well, they truly are a well built car. someone is going to score on this thing. gtws
  7. This site was all thins glamis. I frequent it for just that. even though traffic clowednin recent years this new change may have sent it over the edge. I sure hope not
  8. its clunky to use and all old data is gone. sorry if i missed something.
  9. i do it all the time, sometimes the dog rides in the 5th wheel i run a/c the whole time
  10. Joey i dont think your car is the issue, i think you will be extremely happy with the car. they perform very well, get a stock LS for cheap, and buy Chris 2d its litterally new and be done
  11. restore it and go do wheelies down the halls!
  12. On the list, right after potty training lol

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