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  1. This site was all thins glamis. I frequent it for just that. even though traffic clowednin recent years this new change may have sent it over the edge. I sure hope not
  2. its clunky to use and all old data is gone. sorry if i missed something.
  3. i do it all the time, sometimes the dog rides in the 5th wheel i run a/c the whole time
  4. Joey i dont think your car is the issue, i think you will be extremely happy with the car. they perform very well, get a stock LS for cheap, and buy Chris 2d its litterally new and be done
  5. welcome to the amplified family, you will love it! here is mine
  6. Thanks everyone i spoke to Daniel at Dave foltz he shot me straight, and took as much time as I needed to explain the process and how/whcost would rise i will be taking it to DF for the updates great guy
  7. oh i see, so it is able to be updated. that makes me feel better.
  8. thanks, so if i have an older one and needs parts I cannot obtain I'm burnt?
  9. dam, spartan is the kicker i dont have any diagrams if there are any issues, since we are a freightliner dealer. near me i would recommend colton in colton they are a very popular spartan chassis center.
  10. what are the major differences between an S4 from 2005 and one from 2012? and what needs to be considered for an upgrade when having one from 2005 gone through? thanks
  11. If its a ford or freightliner and you can't get help from the previous mechanic. i will gladly help you out Transwest Truck center in fontana, we are a ford, freightliner, cat, cummins, detroit and Onan dealer, winnebago, and renegade dealer. not plugging my dealer just offering help to a fellow duner. ill take care of you. let me know chris
  12. Michelin rvx there is a reason every freightliner chassis comes with them

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