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  1. CHRIS J

    WTB Baja pro 33

    Anything out there?
  2. CHRIS J

    WTB child/baby booster seat!!

    Will kartek has a bunch in the show room black 199 list I’m getting a couple
  3. CHRIS J

    Stu 10.75-15 and Stu Padla Trak 16.50-15 tires

  4. I have a brand new set of 10.75-15 Stu blaster razor fronts used 2 rides still have stickers zero issues like BRAND NEW seTof used rear Stu Padla Trak in ok shape paddles good have some rough spots on the side walls rears hold air bud need one patch I WOULD LIKE TO SELL TOGETHER AND THIS IS FOR TIRES ONLY NO WHEELS 950.00 Call or text 714-458-6020
  5. CHRIS J

    funco gen 3 axle length

    hi does anyone have the axle length and spline count for a gen 3 big 5? thanks
  6. CHRIS J

    WTB Baja pro 33

    Let me know looking for Baja pros in good shape need 2 I’m in so cal. thx
  7. CHRIS J

    DWT 17” Beadlock Rings with Bolt Kit

    What conversion? sorry not sure I know about it, any pics of after?
  8. selling my polished douglas beadlocks off my gen 3 big 5 funco please call, text or pm 714-458-6020 750.00
  9. CHRIS J

    New to me funco gen 3

    Polished pm sent
  10. CHRIS J

    WTB Front combo hubs and brakes funco

    Just noticed my cnc hubs are cracked while prepping anyone have any front combo hubs and brakes for sale gen 3 funco thx
  11. CHRIS J

    Funco Gen 3

    nice car for the price GLWS
  12. CHRIS J

    New to me funco gen 3

    I’ll sell them do you need wheels?
  13. CHRIS J

    Douglas beadlocks, 15x12, 3.5 backspace

    Can you pm me your number? thanks chris
  14. CHRIS J

    Douglas beadlocks, 15x12, 3.5 backspace

    Do you ever come to riverside area cj
  15. CHRIS J

    New to me funco gen 3

    Thanks i think this is the one!

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