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  1. What would y’all consider high hours on a sand car? just wondering what a normal duner in a season is putting on a car. or what one thinks is high hours thanks
  2. Dude you will be super happy you went with that winch works flawlessly and saves the wallet, haters will hate but it will serve you well for years i had one on the jk and for sure going on the JL rubi soooooo....when is the rubicon trip? Need to know when I need to have ours built lol
  3. Dam bro what’s the plan glws chris
  4. 2017 flat bed car hauler all steel, slide out ramps new tires, rarely used, dove tail 2900.00 in riverside call or text 714-458-6020
  5. Make your life easy just drop them off at funco they will be done right, quickly
  6. It is the 1” wide rack polished zero issues ready to bolt on 150.00 in riverside call or text 714-458-6020
  7. I have had a spare 934 micro stub and hub in my glamis toolbox for over a year no need for it anymore 125.00 chris 714-458-6020 in riverside
  8. Name the price brotha they are yours
  9. bump anyone need these, just cleaning out garage I have no use for them
  10. Nice what is done to it to make 500hp? 70hp bump over factory maybe head work and cam? interested
  11. dam you just missed a sick AG car from john at outfront. good luck
  12. Kicking around the idea of selling the amplified bitchin car full body w/windshield S4 turnkey 500 HP package (have build Sheet) ported heads, cam, bigger intake valves. sounds awesome and screams 300m axles 934 cvs banging stereo 4 corner king bypass pci race radio and intercom lowrance gps jamar pro X front and rear hubs and brakes 2" hollow front spindles prp seats/crow belts brand new douglas beadlocks and stu 10.75/33 blaster pro 2 zero issues perfect car 48500.00 text or call located in riverside 714-458-6020 ill get more pics this weekend and up load
  13. Should have went LS bwaha totally kidding john i bet they would be a hell of a lot more fun with 500 hp outfront motors!,,,,
  14. dude I heard they did it today. funny you posted this then it happens haha
  15. I did a search couldn't find it if you find a link let me know ill keep searching thx
  16. Does anyone know of a 4 seat scu roller or chassis available I am looking for one.
  17. i bought my 4 year sons at pci. hjc youth medium wired with air

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