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  1. Does this car have a manual fuel pressure regulator? Do you have spark at each hole? Also running it in that condition is a great way to destroy that motor. It will wash out your rings.
  2. I live in Glendale. Bus, Dmax, and all other vehicles that require emissions are registered to my buddies house address in Flag. They do not require testing and its cheaper to register. I just do it at the 3rd party place and let them know I want to register it to my "Vacation" home.
  3. Not all of them have it. I have 2 costco's about the same difference from me. This was in AZ. One has LPG fill, gas station with only unleaded, and a car wash. The other one has LPG, gas station with both Diesel and unleaded. No car wash. Its nice because I can fill both the bus and the fill station at the same time. No one ever gets behind me when I have the whole rig together. lol
  4. So just looked up their policy. Q: What are the rules for filling portable containers at Costco fuel stations? A: Costco attendants are instructed to enforce all provisions of the International Fire Code (IFC) regarding filling portable containers: International Fire Code (IFC) 2019 Edition 2304.4.1 Approved containers required Class I, II and IIIA liquids shall not be dispensed into a portable container unless such container does not exceed a 6-gallon (22.7L) capacity, is listed or of approved material and construction, and has a tight closure with a screwed or spring loaded cover so designed that the contents can be dispensed without spilling. Liquids shall not be dispensed into portable cargo tanks. 2304.4.2 Nozzle operation A hose nozzle valve used for dispensing Class I liquids into a portable container shall be in compliance with section 2306.7.6 and be manually held open during the dispensing operation. 2304.4.3 Location of containers being filled Portable containers shall not be filled while located inside the trunk, passenger compartment or truck bed of a vehicle.
  5. For years now I have gone to costco to fill up my coach (diesel) and the box trailer (91). Few weeks ago I took my box trailer down there with my truck to fill up my 55gal drum that is inside and has been for years. Its mounted and plumbed inside. I always open my side door, pull up, and get to filling. So as the thing is filling away here comes a tenant and says you cant fill that and proceeds to shut off my pump! We start to go at it. He tells me you cant fill any portable tank over 6 gallons. I tell him its not portable its secured and plumbed to the trailer. He says its portable. Pull out $100 bill and tell him I will give it to him on the spot if he can move it. He declines and says sorry you cant fill it. I explain I have been doing the same routine for 5 years this is the first time they have said something. I tell him I want to talk to a manager. He said it might be a while. I let him know I have nothing but time and point to the line behind me. He accepts and walks off saying he will be back shortly with his manager. I get out my card and fire the pump back up. 🙂 Just as I am about 5 gallons away from my 55 they start walking back over so I hit the stop pump button. Manger proceeds to repeat the same thing. I ask what the difference is between what I have and what a toy hauler has. She does not engage and just says that 6 gallons is the max. I say fine. Can I just get my 6 gallons and be on my way? Sure she says. I fire the pumps back up and get my last 5 gallons... So now I either need to build a tank into my trailer (always wanted to do this anyways) or put a Y and filler neck with fuel door on the side of my trailer. Anyone added a tank to their trailer that fits between the rails? I would like to get this done while I play the costco fill up game.
  6. I know a few guys that have RV's that have not been registered for 12 years and live in CA. Kinda hard to see the plate with that stacker right behind it.
  7. So only 27,000 on this new motor?
  8. Parker gave you the EASY button. I would go that route. Seems like a no brainer.
  9. You have what looks like type 1. I would just upgrade to 33 Micro stub setup and then keep a spare in the trailer. My brother had your setup with the northstar and he broke 3 stub axles before upgrading to micro stubs. That fixed it. They always seemed to break in the worst spots also. Made for 2 long nights.
  10. Still a believer in buying a much larger trans than engine you have. The 5-6k you save upfront goes right out the window after a rebuild. Would love to hear who has the longest running trans life and the power setup they have.
  11. Newest SCU to be completed has electric power steering with the howe rack. Big car, big tires, and big power.
  12. Just curious if there is a shortage of Albins gears like the rest of the trans parts.
  13. I don't think you will see prices come back down for materials, taxes, or labor. I did buy uniballs the other day and they were 50% less then 2016. Same supplier.
  14. What fluid are you running? Looks like Pepto
  15. I feel like Gear One and Weddle need to get together.

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