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  1. Cool I have a high output oil pump that was installed when the engine was built. I just ordered that adapter. Looks like it works great.
  2. I need to buy an oil cooler but not sure what size to get. Summit has a ton of fan powered versions to choose from. Anyone running that HP level that can give me a measurement or brand/part number?
  3. Most don't know about them, but if you can find a FIAT 500e they are absolute the lowest cost to own car on the road. Mine just turned 40k miles. Its all electric and I get about 70-110 miles on a charge if I am not messing with V8 cars (its crazy fast). I just calculated out what it cost to drive 40k miles and it came out to just under $900 in electrical costs. I use it to bid jobs so no need for more than the 110 mile range. I bought it for 6k in 2020. Its like driving a track car because the weight is all down low. Has a 24kW battery. SRP is average $.0841 a KW. 24x.0841 = $2.01 to go 70-110 miles. HOV plates in AZ and costs $35 to register a year. I did also just change the cabin filter, but other then that there is ZERO maintenance. No oil, no engine, no trans, no brakes (It uses regen brakes until like 5mph).
  4. I have run this setup for a few years now. You will be fine. You were wise to not cheap out on the charge controller.
  5. r3meyer

    WTB Pit Bike

    That is sweet! My kids both have the StacyC bikes and love them. Thank you for making xmas shopping easy this year.
  6. Tons of folks on IRV2 have done this conversion. Looks simple enough. I would rather do that job than a CV lol.
  7. r3meyer

    WTB Pit Bike

    Have you seen all the new electric pit bikes people are using?
  8. I was ready to order it.... until I saw the $5000 price tag. lol
  9. The IOTA says it initializes a full charge if left in float state for 15 days. I would not want this. Im sure it would be fine either way, I have just found its more economical to use the smaller NOCO chargers.
  10. If the trailer is out in the sun, then I would get a solar panel and a cheap charge controller to keep it happy.
  11. Unplug your converter. Its only job is to recharge at high amps when you're actively using the trailer. You want to just use a simple trickle charger designed for these batteries. I use these on all my toys that have LiFeP04. I have 6 of them in total. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07W6B987F?ref=emc_p_m_5_i
  12. My pit bull loves to ride around in my Dmax AT4 with my 2 kids. She usually sits in the passenger seat eyeballing all the minivan drivers.
  13. Been waiting for this! Time to sell my Teryx4. Looks like a June release date.
  14. Try and locate Mark Howard. He is the director. He sent me the whole series in DVD back in 2018. I cant find his phone number. He reached out to me in DM before the site crashed.

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