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  1. Im no AC tech but that looks like you dont have any air moving across the coils. Is the fan running?
  2. They got what they wanted. Now make them look at the dead tree for a few years until you need some more glamis fire wood. These kind of things can consume you if you let it. Dont let it.
  3. You would be surprised with how little it costs to cool a shop with a mini split setup. I only cool it when I am going to be working in it. Leave it at 85 and then turn it down to 77 when I am in it. In AZ you need AC in a shop if unless you just want to use it early morning or late night.
  4. Yeah the smart chargers need it to be "Jumped" if you want to get them rolling. Try to find a NOCO charger. If you can find a G26000 those will charge anything. Including LiFePo4 @ 24amps. They will also charge a battery from completely dead. You can also use it as a 12v power source if you want to test things. Cant say enough good things. The new version is $500 so try and find the G26000 https://www.ebay.com/itm/294275246426?epid=1372400157&hash=item44842be95a:g:eQYAAOSwjbJg7Opp I paid $200 for mine.
  5. Its not that they DONT want to fix it... its that they cant. You cant get pumps, filters, valves, lights, plumbing, panels, heaters, salt systems, cleaners or anything. I am a builder. I have a list of part numbers I search for every morning trying to complete a mile long list of work we have suspended. I have even had parts sold out from under me at part houses. MFG's are 6-9 months out on all orders from factory.
  6. IF you start now you might be ready by next year this time.
  7. Good luck. Pools are just sitting right now because you cant get equipment. What was a 50k is double or more this year.
  8. Disconnect the fan motor and strap a box fan from walmart up on top.
  9. If its your fan motor you can disconnect it and just strap a box fan to the top of the unit to move the air while you wait for a fan motor to ship out. I have done this twice now over the years. Works like a champ.
  10. You just need some LiFePo4 batteries and a math equation. You need more power coming in then going out. My system will charge at close to 50Amps when the suns out. Get an amp meter and do a power audit of what you use each day. Once you have that you can make a choice.
  11. Ok so I pushed it out of the trailer to grab some better pictures. I put it on the charger so I will see if it will start later today.
  12. I think this is your old car. I was trying to remember who he got it from. Its a 2D now and on its 3rd motor. The shroud and radiator are different now also. The windshield they pulled off because it would overheat. What you see is whats left.
  13. A good friend of our riding group passed away a few weeks ago. He has a 2 seat Alumicraft that the family has no interest in keeping and has asked me to help in selling. Im going to list what I know about the car but this will be an as is sale. 2 seat (Mastercraft seats recovered last season) 2d Transmission was rebuilt by McMullin 2 seasons ago. Very little use. It has a turbo v6 honda. Motor is a JDM so basically a throw away and repeat when they go bad. 930 Microstubs Fox internal bypass shocks (car rides like a pillow for a single shock car) The car has EPS but near as i can tell the rack is stripped and needs replaced. Its a standard manual rack. Rugged radios intercom with 60W radio. Headsets were not in the car. Switch Pro Sand blaster 33" rears tires Buggy whips single led whip. LED light bar and cubes. I can try and answer any questions someone might have. I picked the car up two days ago. I did not even attempt to start the car and just winched it in my box trailer. I believe the family is waiting on the death certificate to do the tile transfer but once that is received it should be an easy transfer. I am not sure on the year. This car needs to be bought back to its former glory and Im hoping someone wants to take on that task. PM for details. Car is in Glendale, AZ $28K OBO

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