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  1. Hello, I am going to keep them as a set for now. Thanks though. Mark
  2. Set of sand tires mounted on wheels. See below for specifics. Will ship on my dime. Brand new never put on car. Purchased in May. Injury changed my plans Rear - Sand Tires Unlimited Blaster 33 #1 cut mounted on Douglas Beadlocks 15X12 Front - Sand Tires Unlimited 8.50 Razor Back w/ 3.5" offset $2250
  3. Great advice. I’ll have him set it up for bypasses. Thanks again! Mark
  4. Good afternoon, I am looking for opinions on shocks for the buggy I am having built. I am unsure whether or not I need to run bypasses on the rear or not. The car is a two seat mid-engine Smith Sandcar. I am running an LS/2D set up and expect the car to weigh around 2000lbs. Honestly, I don't dune all that hard and don't jump much. However, I am concerned about the weight of the V-8 being too much for a standard coil over. I appreciate your guys expert opinions. Mark
  5. Good to hear. So far I am very happy I went his direction and I don’t expect that to change. He will be great throughout this whole process. Let the build begin. 😁
  6. Looking for a good set of used front brakes for my project. Needs to be for Combo spindles. Thanks!
  7. Hello, can I get a price on two blaster 33 X 15 1 cut with two 8.50 razors Thanks
  8. Update! I ended up working with Rob Smith of Smith Sandcars and ordered one of his frames. Going to be a mid engine LS. Super nice guy, answered tons of questions and spent time with me in his shop going over the details. Car will end up right at my needed length. I'll keep you guys posted.
  9. Thanks again for the reply's. Lot's of help and ideas here.
  10. Good point. Unfortunately I just bought my trailer last year and at that time I was done duning..... I was Just going to use my UTV....
  11. Thanks again for the replies! This helps a lot. I’m going to get a hold of some builders and see what they say.

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