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  1. Take it from someone who is big into the 250rs, DO NOT have Carlos build a motor for you. Guy is a walking scam.
  2. Definitely a fair price. Pennies on the dollar for what it was originally built for. These work great for us doing high Sierra slow speed cruising. We are going less and less to the dunes. Exploring old mines and gold towns. 1st real trip will be T-Day week Hopi g for a little snow to play in.
  3. $7500, on the high side for Rhinos. But it is very well built and extremely clean. Some of these have been clapped out and ran into the dirt over the years.
  4. Well, found a clean 2008. Seems to be done with all nice stuff for the time it was built.
  5. OK, Yeah I seen that one and was going to contact the poster, but looks like it has sold unfortunately. I clicked all the right boxes. Thanks for posting it up though
  6. I looked at yours Tj and it is really nice. Problem is still being able to find 4 seat cage kits for these. Also not sure what the overall length is, right now the Rhino just barely fits in our Toyhauler.
  7. She currently runs around in my dad's. He hasn't had any issues with the axels so far. We have a trip coming up Thanksgiving week and the grandparents are going too so seats are full.
  8. Looking for a nice built 4 seat Rhino. Something that is a 08+ Fi. Long travel, 4 seat cage, etc. Not looking for something that's clapped out. This is for the wife to cruise around up in the Sierra's. I will be in a lot of trouble if she breaks down 40 miles from camp. I know they aren't the hot thing anymore so someone has to have one not getting used much anymore.
  9. What is the motor setup wise? I run 22x10x8 Knobby on my 363 to 72RO 14 pdle on my Puma.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions so far. We are going to fly down,(live up in the Bay Area.) Not looking to do the AirBnB for this trip. I'll talk to her about Laguna Beach. The Loews Coronado looks like what we are going for. I'm gonna check into that some more. Keep the suggestions coming.
  11. Wife just said she wants to go to San Diego for our Anniversary. Looking for suggestions. Would like something that is on the Ocean not bay. Kids are not going, just going to be the 2 of us. Something quiet preferred. Would like to keep it under $500ish a night. Any ideas?
  12. Looks good. Looks like Tony's gusset kit? I would suggest using a Upp case saver over the Nacs. If you throw a chain I bet those mint looking cases will bust the mounts. And mint cases are hard to find.

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