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  1. Me? Nah. This law was specifically designed to protect family members from another family member who owns guns. Typically the gun owner is the male and the one seeking protection is the wife or GF. The guy down the street may be an ahole, but he's not full on crazy.
  2. socaldmax

    Pbs s4

    When the "PBS" case came out, Omar showed it to me alongside a Mendeola case and I could easily see where the extra thickness was on the PBS case and I could feel the substantial difference in weight just picking them up. I was particularly surprised/disappointed that a company in the trans business as long as Mendeola was had arranged the gear stack the way they did instead of rearranging them for the obvious advantages that PBS found. Isn't there a way you could show us the differences/new improvements via CAD drawings or showing the specs of thicker bulkheads, case thickness, etc? I would think most people would be able to clearly see the differences for themselves, if given a chance.
  3. It seems to me you have 2 unrelated problems. One is the inside switch not being able to start the gen. The other problem is the transfer switch not switching over after the genny starts. Does the fuel pump prime when you hold the inside switch in the off position?
  4. For those of you who crave really tender, juicy tritip, swing by Ramey's Meats in Brawley (across from Vons) and pick up a couple of Brandt beef tritips. It's all naturally grown, so no hormones or antibiotics used, but more importantly they are fed premium grains to get them up to weight, so it's comparable to Prime beef in marbling, tenderness and flavor for a little lower price. This is where all of the locals buy their beef for special occasions.
  5. OK guys, sorry, but we're not going to do it this weekend. Please continue to post up when you're available, and we'll schedule a session as soon as we have 4 or more vehicles on the same weekend. SxSs are welcome too, this may be your least expensive opportunity to have a professional tune your suspension exactly to your taste and driving style!
  6. Are they still certified? That might work,
  7. Does anyone have a hookup on a 200-300cuft Nitrogen bottle in San Diego? Thanks in advance!
  8. As it is now, someone can swat someone else anonymously. Are they going to allow people to get red flagged via an anonymous tip? Hopefully not...
  9. Apparently the royal family knows a few tricks too...
  10. Trump has even influenced NK a little...
  11. I would think the neighbor would have to somehow know about your guns. Far easier for a spouse or GF to know about such things. As my FBI friend has told me several times, they don't start investigations on people for no reason. Someone has to phone in a tip. 95% of the time, it's a jealous ex-wife or ex-GF who calls them and starts the ball rolling. Add in a little bit of divorce, maybe child custody, a dash of mental instability and pretty soon the stories get full on crazy, especially when an attorney gets involved. This reminds me of my old neighbor "Bob." His idiotic, alcoholic wife used to walk 1/2 block to 7-11 to buy her beer and smokes 1 can and 1 pack at a time. One night about midnight, she was staggering back in the middle of a 4 lane rd and got picked up for public intoxication and started babbling about how her husband was abusive to her and owned a lot of guns. They threw her in the drunk tank and went and paid her husband a visit at 2 am. Fortunately for him, he was totally sober, both of his sons were home to vouch for him that he never even spoke to her in an abusive manner and all of his guns were locked up in a safe. They told him he could come pick up his wife in the morning after she dried out. He left her in there for an extra 12 or 14 hrs just to let her know he wasn't happy with her behavior. She probably still drinks, maybe worse, since that particular episode didn't make her stop. Poor "Bob."
  12. I sure hope this doesn't become the standard license plate. All of this crap is already too expensive. As for tracking, it only tracks the plate. The smarter thieves will just remove the plate or destroy it, the dumber ones will get caught. You know they will eventually use it to track everyone's movements at all times and you'll get an automatic ticket for speeding, or using the fastpass lane, etc. If I want my vehicle tracked, I'll do it myself and for a shitload less than $500 plus monthly fees. What's next? How about monthly vehicle registration, automatically deducted from your checking acct to the tune of $$crazyamount.99 until your acct is overdrawn then they immediately change your plate to "Unregistered" and you can't pull out of your driveway without getting an automatic fine? Just ask your grandma on a fixed income how she feels about the added expense, much less the insane gov't penchant for misusing current tech. Does anyone think the DMV won't screw this up? Just wait until you're sprawled across your hood getting cuffed for no other reason than some idiot at the DMV fat fingered something and your e-plate shows "unregistered." They've just barely figured out the whole "real id" mess, and that fiasco isn't over yet. This whole thing smells of "big brother" like Fontucky smells of politician's promises.
  13. First of all, I don't believe voters actually voted for that bill. They may have voted for a libtard candidate who then authored the bill, but the actual bill was written and and enacted into law by the libtard politician, just like all of the nonsense bullcrap laws passed here in Commiefornia. The real problem is legislators who write laws possessing the IQ of a dead cockroach. This law is clearly in violation of the 2nd Amendment, which clearly states "The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Some dipshit lawmaker needs to look up the definition of "keep" and "infringed" for starters. The real, direct solution to that is to pass a law stating that candidates must pass an IQ test with an IQ of at least 120. Why should someone with an IQ of 90 be making up laws affecting the rest of us? It makes no sense to give that kind of power to the stupidest person in the room just because he's a good liar or is endowed with too much ambition. There have been a number of sheriffs and police chiefs who have come out against red flag laws, seeing them for what they are, another thinly veiled attempt to grab guns and a clear violation of the 2A. It's far too easy for someone who hates you (translated: your ex-wife or ex-GF, since hell hath no fury like a pissed off ex) to make false accusations and BLAM! they're banging on your door. Let that be a clear warning to anyone who has a mentally unstable, hard core drinker, addict, vindictive, drama queen spouse or GF. One little complaint of domestic abuse and you are GUILTY until proven innocent. Good luck proving a negative. Have you ever met someone who successfully argued his/her way out of involuntary commitment to a mental institution? Of course not. They're crazy, so they never get heard. Same thing with a gun owner in a red flag proceeding. They are not asking you. This also applies when getting a divorce. Claims of spousal abuse are almost guaranteed, even if you never laid a finger. Nothing you can say or do will stop it, because they are trying to prevent a thought process by illegally confiscating your Constitutionally protected guns. The other issue is states like CA are also going to link it to medicinal or recreational use of weed. Sure, it's legal to own a gun. Sure, it's legal to smoke or ingest weed. But they will make them mutually exclusive, you can bet on that. They'll simply cross reference the registered gun ownership list with records of all weed sales in the state, and go confiscate your guns. Socialism arrived back in 2008 when the foreigner got elected. The fact he was elected and was never a US citizen just proves what a farce the election process is. The same thing with the 2016 election. All of the pundits and news outlets were crowing how Hillary was winning right up until the last minute. They just miscalculated how hard they had to cheat to actually win.
  14. socaldmax

    GD Postal

    I travel from Santee up to Commerce, CA via I-5 a couple times per month, I have a pretty flexible schedule. If you want to meet up at an exit off the I-5 up near Buena Park sometime around 10 - 1130am, I could bring them up to there.

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