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  1. socaldmax

    F Thieves - An Engineer’s Revenge.

    That was great! I'm not so nice, instead of glitter, I would have used dye packs to permanently eff their cars up!
  2. socaldmax

    Anyone here using a Mac computer

    The wood stove, right?
  3. socaldmax

    RV Fridge conversion

    The fans mounted behind the fridge seem to help with the freezer temps. as well as fridge temps since it increases efficiency overall, especially on hot days. If I were you, I'd buy one of those long fridge brushes they sell at Harbor Freight for $1 and clean off the coils, then install 3 fans blowing straight up through the coils from the bottom. Here's a link to a 5 pack of fans, they're silent but move 53 CFM ea. $20 for 5 fans. https://www.amazon.com/ARCTIC-F12-Standard-Configuration-possible/dp/B00NTUJRHK/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1545025909&sr=8-3&keywords=5+pack+120mm+case+fan Here's a link to the finger guards for the fans inside the fridge. $7.50 for 5 pack. https://www.amazon.com/uxcell-Finger-Guard-Protector-Silver/dp/B07GTRKBKG/ref=sr_1_17?ie=UTF8&qid=1545026117&sr=8-17&keywords=120mm+case+fan+finger+guard
  4. socaldmax

    RV Fridge conversion

    I started off with a battery powered fan similar to that one. It didn't move much air and the next time I tried to use it, the 4 D cell batteries were dead, so I tossed it. That unit is the same price as the 4 fan set from Amazon, with free shipping via Prime.
  5. socaldmax

    RV Fridge conversion

    I don't use a switch on either set of fans, they run as long as the fridge is running. They consume very very little power.
  6. socaldmax

    RV Fridge conversion

    Yes, it just moves the cold air off of the fins and onto all of the food/drinks. Don't forget you can also move the thermal sensor away from the fins to make the fridge get colder. It's plastic and usually clipped to the last fin on the right side.
  7. socaldmax

    RV Fridge conversion

    I don't have any pics and my trailers aren't close by. Just mount the outside fans facing upward just inside the lower fridge vent so they push the air upward over the fins. The inside fans go on or behind the top shelf in the fridge, blowing onto the fins. Let me know if you have any more questions.
  8. socaldmax

    RV Fridge conversion

    They do sell some, but they use batteries or cost way too much. I use 12v computer fans, 120mm size from Amazon. They have plain ones for behind the fridge, I mount 2 or 3 horizontal, screwed into the frame of the fridge vent blowing upward. I wire them into the 12v supply on the main board. This helps push the hot air up and out from behind the cooling coils and really increases efficiency, especially on hotter days when it would normally not cool as well. They have white LED fans for inside the fridge. I get the finger guards for them and mount them behind the upper shelf, blowing straight onto the fins. This pushes the air around and cools all of the food inside the fridge about as fast as a residential fridge. I wire them up to the 12v for the light switch, but before the switch so they get power at all times. When I put the fridge in storage I turn off the main 12v switch, so that turns off the fans. They sell the fans in multi packs, you should be able to get all of the fans you need and maybe a couple of spares for about $30 total or less.
  9. socaldmax

    RV Fridge conversion

    Those numbers sound right. He used a 20A fuse for the wiring, not the actual current draw. Since you're going to keep your fridge, have you got internal and external 12v fans? They make a huge difference on both of my fridges. Before I installed them, I wasn't satisfied with them at all.
  10. socaldmax

    RV Fridge conversion

    He installed a 20A fuse in there, but he's running it on 24v. Assuming he did say it would draw 10A, that would be 20A @ 12v. I'd have to watch the video again to see what he said. There is no magic in 12v compressors, they've been used in yachts for decades. The real increases in efficiency in that cooling unit is in the higher efficiency coils and the use of a fan to move the hot air out. That setup is also not trying to remove the heat generated by the propane burner or electric heating element. That's the problem with using Amps as a measure of current draw. It's voltage dependent. Power should be measured and compared in watts, 100 watts of solar output could support 100 watts of power used, etc. not accounting for losses.
  11. socaldmax

    Recommend a place to shave down a seat?

    That turned out great!
  12. socaldmax

    RV Fridge conversion

    I watched that video and it went incredibly well. I've replaced a few cooling units and I have to say, none of them fit as well as that one. There are always variations in cooling plate location, hole placement, etc and things rarely line up that well, since there are a lot of different models of RV fridges and variations from unit to unit. If either of my fridges ever worked as poorly as theirs did, I'd definitely do that conversion, but so far mine are frosting up the fins in the fridge and even staying around low 30s in the summer, so I don't mind running them off of propane.
  13. socaldmax

    Losing volts to injectors???

    That's actually backwards. The battery's job is to start the car, once the car is started, the battery can be removed and the alternator will power the entire car, and recharge the battery if it's left in. Several types of race cars don't even carry a battery or starter, for weight savings. In our cars, the battery can help get you back to camp if the alternator stops charging, but you don't have too long before the battery voltage drops too low.
  14. socaldmax

    Losing volts to injectors???

    Ah, I see. Yes, you're right, the ECU itself doesn't draw much compared to all of the other items. It might be affected by low voltage, though.
  15. socaldmax

    Losing volts to injectors???

    The 12v may be applied to the injectors at all times, but current only flows when the ground trigger is present, meaning the current draw increases with RPM.

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