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  1. socaldmax

    Want the wall built?

    Those are a couple of common misconceptions. The 14th amendment has absolutely nothing to do with immigration. We had NO immigration policies in 1868. The 14th Amendment was written to secure the rights of native born slaves after the Civil War. The immigration act of 1965 is the legislation that gives citizenship to children of illegal aliens who are born on US soil. It's far easier to repeal that, than an amendment. As for illegals walking into an SSA office and getting benefits, sure they do. They do it all of the time. I took my mom to the SSA office in Chula Vista and we were the only english speaking people in there. As a matter of fact, all signs were in Spanish, with English written below, like English was the foreign language. All the illegal has to do is get false documents. Because of them, forging documents is a HUGE industry. They can easily buy fake SSNs, DLs, birth certificates, passports, green cards, you name it. As for welfare, section 8 housing, EBT, etc. apparently that's easy to get as well. I met a guy at GDS who told me how his illegal alien employee was getting all of that 3 times over for his son. The baby mama got the whole package - food, housing, medical; the father took him in and got the whole welfare package as well, then the illegal grandparents took the kid in and got food, housing and medical as well. This was all through the Yuma office. I don't think illegals should get any welfare services, but they currently do.
  2. socaldmax

    Radio Etiquette

    There's no need for that. Simply turn down your output power. Then if you want to reach back to camp, turn it back up. Even my 80 watt radio can be turned down to 5 watts. As far as "tuning out" unwanted people on the same channel, you could use another channel, there are close to 100 of them that are rarely used. You could also use the squelch control to reduce your sensitivity threshold and "weed out" weaker signals. Also, tell your friend that transmitting without the antenna attached is running a big risk of frying his output transistors. He might have gotten lucky and suffered no damage, or he might have fried some of them and now his output power is reduced. The only way to tell for sure is to measure it.
  3. socaldmax

    Radio Etiquette

    The length of the antenna is one of the factors determining the range of the radio system. Changing the short antenna on a 5 watt handheld to the 14" NA-771 antenna will nearly double the effective range of the radio. Using a roof mount antenna will increase it even further. My 9' base station antenna has a gain of 9.3dB and can reach out to 89 mi. or more. My mobile antenna is a 5/8 wave, 3.1 dB of gain, about 4' long, has nearly twice the range of a 1/4 wave antenna, which is a different length and is sold by PCI and Rugged. Radio range is determined by a number of factors. Transmitter power output, antenna gain (antenna length and design), properly tuned for the frequency, properly mounting the antenna, height of the antenna above ground and terrain all affect the range. A 5 watt radio connected to a very long antenna that's properly tuned could easily outperform a 65 watt radio purchased from PCI, for example. When I bought my intercom kit with radio from PCI, it came with an untuned 1/4 wave antenna. Only a tiny fraction of the radio's power actually transmitted from the antenna, the rest was reflected back into the radio. I switched to a better radio and antenna and the range and clarity increased by a huge factor. If you're using a 1/4 wave antenna mounted to a bracket on your chassis tube, you're losing 1/2 the range you could have gotten with a 5/8 wave antenna, assuming it's even tuned for the frequencies you're using. An untuned 1/4 wave antenna is even worse, typically reflecting most of the power back into the radio on top of transmitting 1/2 of what actually exits the antenna straight up to the sky.
  4. socaldmax

    PCI comlink x elite

    That is not a radio.
  5. socaldmax

    MLK 2019 Pics Thread #2

    Awesome pics!
  6. socaldmax

    MLK 2019 Pics Thread #1

    Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing!
  7. socaldmax

    Ok, So things have changed.

    Come on out to Glamis and do some research. Take a ride in a long travel V8 car, then a SxS, then ride in a VW standard travel rail. You'll soon see why I recommend a long travel rail, if not a V8 long travel rail. After you get out of the VW rail, you'll see why I recommend riding in that one last. Keep in mind, the advice you're getting here is based on the experience of the poster. Someone who has never owned a long travel rail obviously has no idea what they've never experienced. Another factor is ego. People will defend whatever they bought because they think it's the best. The reality is, some people have owned a wide variety of rails and others haven't. I've only owned a long travel rail, but I rode in a lot of different rails when I was doing my research. Even back in 2003, I could see where the trend was going, and it's just getting worse. The ruts are getting deeper, the whoops are getting deeper, the sand isn't getting any smoother. Come on out before the season ends and get a ride in a wide variety of rails. See for yourself what you like. If you like to really carve the dunes like a Porsche, a Subaru powered Funco is unbeatable. If you prefer to follow the terrain and cruise with the flow, then there are a lot of rails that can do that. Keep in mind, the laws of physics always apply. Light cars are nimble and quick, but might ride rougher. Heavier cars can give a smoother ride, but won't quite be as nimble. It depends on what style of driving you like, what characteristics are important to you.
  8. socaldmax

    Sand car pre-purchase inspection.

    X2. In addition, I would suggest meeting the seller for a test ride. When I bought mine, I brought a welder with over 20 yrs experience to look at the chassis design and weld quality. We also rode around in it for a couple of hrs, watching it shift up/down through the gears, listening to the engine/drivetrain listening for any noises - clicks/clanks/rubbing/grinding and feeling how well the suspension worked.
  9. socaldmax

    Ok, So things have changed.

    I'm thinking in terms of his age. At 60 yrs old, he doesn't want to get his kidneys beaten into pudding, or spend his weekends replacing broken transaxles or CV joints, or buy and sell cars for 10 yrs to get to the car he really wants. Another thing to consider is that 1 seller drives a V8 car and the other 2 are selling those cars to move up to V8 powered cars. It's not just the torque and power of the V8, it's also the smoother ride of a heavier car, provided the suspension is sorted out.
  10. socaldmax

    Radio or intercom noise

    Since you've already eliminated the walkman, the other 2 main possibilities would be the squelch on the intercom or the squelch on the radio. My vote would be the intercom is bad, only because I've seen this before on 2 other PCI intercoms. The next time it happens, try adjusting the squelch on the intercom and see if it still changes threshold levels like it's supposed to. It might not, like the other 2. They turned into on/off switches.
  11. socaldmax

    Ok, So things have changed.

    The dunes are much, much, much rougher than they were 50 yrs ago. At your age, you should be looking at the smoothest riding V8 powered sandrail you can find. I'd recommend at least 20" of real travel with a PBS4 or 5 transaxle and 934 CVs for reliability. Which brand of sandrail partially depends on your driving style. Also, they have storage facilities right here across the street from the dunes, so you don't have to haul your stuff home every trip. You can drag it out on your first trip, store it, then drive out empty and just hook up and drag it across the street to go set up camp. After your last trip of the season, you can drag it all home with you or store it until next season. They'll give you an annual discount if you sign a contract.
  12. socaldmax

    Big thank you to John @ OutFront

  13. socaldmax

    best radio/intercom setup for a SxS?

    Not at all. There is AvComm, which mfrs the original intercom and headsets used in offroad racing, and Racer X Motorsports, which started out like PCI did, buying AvComm parts and putting their stickers on it. I did a search for Mobile Radio Communications and couldn't find a website for them, so I'm not sure where they went.
  14. socaldmax

    Want the wall built?

    Can you post a link to the source of this info? Thanks!
  15. You're lucky she doesn't read these posts!

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