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  1. The FDA has opened up research into using nitric oxide as an effective treatment for the pulmonary effects of Covid-19. The pill form of nitric oxide is Sildenafil, or Viagra. https://www.fiercebiotech.com/medtech/fda-expands-access-to-bellerophon-s-nitric-oxide-gas-for-covid-19-lung-symptoms They feel it can be an effective preventative measure for healthcare workers and and can help patients suffering from pulmonary distress. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************* On a different front, a distributed computing effort called Folding@Home was originally setup to have people with their home computers help solve complex protein problems by solving work units and then submitting them to the servers, in essence solving supercomputer sized problems broken down into smaller chunks, helped by millions of geeks worldwide. I originally signed up as a member of "Ars Technica Team Egg Roll" back about 9 or 10 yrs ago and amassed about 20 million points with about 5 computers over a 2 or 3 yr period. Due to the rising electricity costs of running so many computers 24/7, I stopped helping with Alzheimer's and related neural research projects. Due to a recent Reddit post about F@H working on a vaccine for Covid-19, F@H has seen a huge resurgence in popularity and since I just built a new AMD Ryzen 9-3900x computer with 12 cores and an even more powerful GPU with 2,304 shader cores and a throughput of 448GB/s, I figured I'd bt back into it again. With the old computers, I struggled to get 12,000 - 15,000 points per day. This new monster cranks out a potential 2.44 million points per day. If you have a halfway fast computer with a decent graphics card, I invite you to join F@H and help the effort. It downloads, crunches work units and uploads the results all in the background while the computer works and feels like normal. ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Has anyone else heard of anything new or promising?
  2. I had a Cal look bug back in 1980 -82. I had adjusters welded in and bought short KYB shocks. It was very low in the front, since I had dual mufflers, I left a little more clearance in the rear. As it was, I went on/off the street at extreme angles so as not to catch the front clip on the gutter area. To get a softer ride, you can take a couple of the smaller leafs out of the front and tweak the adjusters to get the desired ride height. I was a member of San Diego Strasse Kafers and most of us had dual Webers or Solex carbs. I became an expert at balancing dual carb setups for most of the guys in the club and looking back now, they were a lot of constant trouble. We would have been a lot better off with a single carb setup, a lot more torque and driveability.
  3. When they're hanging onto their t1ts going over the whoops, they're usually the first ones to notice!
  4. Yikes! Sounds like someone got tazed on a raw nerve! I'm sure he was just joking!
  5. socaldmax

    Bitch Slap

    Apparently it is real. While public bitch slappings like that have never happened in DC before, I'm glad he's that plain spoken and willing to smack someone down like that. Far better than the fake friendliness and fake respect that permeates that section of the country. I'm just kind of shocked that they released that to the public with such a glaring spelling error in the last sentence.
  6. Honestly, considering the low mortality rate, I think the gov't response is driven more by appearances in a pre-election period than a real concern for those who might die. If Trump does nothing, the Dems can point at him and claim he was an ineffective president. If he does something and things go well, he can claim he saved the country. If he does something but it doesn't seem to be enough, then the Dems will claim he didn't do enough. So he decided to do a stimulus package and the Dems fell all over themselves to add tons of pork to it. The stimulus package will pay $1,200 per adult and $500 per child. According to the census, there are 329 million in the US, only 209 million adults in the US. $1200 x 209,000,000 = $250.8 Billion. There are 120M kids, $500 x 120,000,000 = $60 B. So $310 Billion out of $2 T is going directly to the public. The rest of it, $1.69 Trillion, is going to big industries, like airlines, etc. and then all of the liberal pet projects. So $310 B (only 15.5%) is direct aid to the public, and the other 84.5% is going elsewhere, eventually into the pockets of people who already have millions in the bank. To say I'm disappointed would be an understatement. This is all taxpayer money, so I expected it to be at least 50% directly to the public, if not more like 80%. I guess I should have expected it.
  7. No, I haven't. (sarcasm.) Have you heard the one about 6 ft being totally ineffective? It turns out when a person coughs, they expel aerosolized virus droplets for 27 ft. Have you heard the one about the virus entering your body only through your mouth or nose? That means that if a person wears a face mask, they could go out in public, be surrounded by infected coughing people and as long as they remove their outer clothing and sanitize their hands and stop touching their faces, they won't catch the virus. If the gov't would allow faster testing of suspected infected people, quarantining of ONLY infected people and nursing homes, we would not have had to shut down so many businesses. Sure - concerts, bars, restaurants would still have to close, but other businesses could have remained open. The way the gov't - and top doctors have approached this makes it look like they've either not really thought about what to do, or they're slow, or not that bright. Take the cruise ships for example. They quarantined them out at sea for two weeks. This had to increase the number of people who were exposed to those who actually were infected. This increased the load on the hospitals with more patients who were needlessly exposed. They should have sent a team on board, isolated everyone with a fever or other symptoms, tested everyone and kept them isolated until the test results came back in 2 or 3 days, then released everyone who was not infected and treated the infected ones onboard. Instead of 2 or 3 or 5 infected, after 2 weeks of being stuck on a ship, who knows how many more people were infected out of the hundreds of passengers. They're looking at this like either force everyone to stay at home and do huge damage to the economy, or let most businesses go on as usual and lose a lot of the population. But there are other alternatives, possibly as effective if not more so. Why are they just now thinking of them, 4 months later? Considering (IMHO) that all politicians are simply power hungry morons and pretty much every law written in the last 150 yrs would have been written better by a 10 yr old and it would have directly addressed the real problem without all of the gibberish and loopholes, I think the prudent thing for people to do is prepare and protect themselves by doing their own research and not waiting for the gov't to take partially ineffective measures too late. I hope everyone protects themselves from the virus and we can all get back to our lives soon.
  8. I wish I could help, but I never took any ME classes. Good luck!
  9. I'm just going to ask 3 simple questions. 1. Do you want to survive this pandemic without anyone in your family getting sick? 2. Do you want this country to survive this pandemic with a minimal amount of disruption to the economy? 3. Do you wear a mask and sanitize your hands every time you go out in public? If your answer to #3 is no, then your answers to numbers 1 and 2 aren't really a yes.

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