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  1. If the price is right, go ahead and buy it. Later on, if you need more power, you can always add a turbo. I rode in a turbo 3.5 car and it flat out hauled ass, including pulling wheelies at 55/60 with 2 guys in it!
  2. Good deal! There's a broken plug inside the co-driver PTT socket, that's really easy to fix with a dental pick or good tweezers.
  3. Wow! I'm no expert, but it looks like that guy built it with all of the best parts! That should be really reliable! You're gonna have a blast!
  4. They probably just go online and pick a picture that kinda looks like him.
  5. I know a couple of people who owned S&S sand rails, they were good running, reliable cars. Just to be sure, you should get the VIN and contact the builder and find out if it was a chromo or mild steel chassis.
  6. You could do that. Put a 30 A RV socket on your trailer and plug the moho into it. Another option would be to install thick power cables between your moho batteries and your trailer batteries with big Anderson plugs between the 2. The solar charges the trailer and moho batteries and the moho inverter can use that power to make 120v.
  7. Could you please post a link to some of those? I wouldn't even know where to look for those. Thanks!
  8. I'd be willing to bet that Dodge has a more survivable chassis with crumple zones, etc than CanAm has in the X3. None of the factory SxS (with the possible exception of the XX?) are built to passenger car safety standards.
  9. When I was young, I worked at Safeway. We had a German assistant mgr who was pretty scary at times. One day I was at the front of the store and Rolf told me a black man had a full length leather jacket full of steaks even though it was the middle of summer. The thief would probably slide through an empty register. He wanted me to tell him to stop and when he made a run for it, tackle him. Sure enough, the guy sneaks through an empty lane, I tell him to stop and he makes a run for the exit. I tackle him a few feet from the entry/exit doors and Rolf hauls off and brains him with an aluminum baseball bat! Then he opens his jacket and pulls out all of the steaks for display and takes several polaroids of him. I put all of the steaks back and Rolf handcuffs the guy to the metal railing between the 2 doors so every customer coming and going had to walk right past him! I'm talking to Rolf, telling him I'm not sure we have the right to bash customer's brains in then put them on display by the door like that. Rolf says, "My store, my rules! Let them all know I don't tolerate thieves! The local police come and arrest them, they never say anything about the blood or the handcuffs!"
  10. That's because they're financing their toys. If you could find them a source of financing, they'd probably buy it.
  11. I've been buying a lot of camping gear lately. Everything from titanium alcohol fueled micro stoves and titanium cutlery and 3 lb backpacking tents and sleep systems to medium weight tents and sleep systems for use with my KLX 650 to heavier stuff for car camping and UTV camping. These include water filtration systems, freeze dried foods, etc. I also bought a large 120sft outfitter's tent for glamping. It's 100lbs, but it's nice and big. I bought an inflatable couch/queen size mattress and other inflatable furniture, plus folding solar panels and portable power bank with 150w inverter for charging tablets, cameras, phones and powering the inflator. Most of the comforts of home way out in the middle of nowhere.
  12. Ah! Do you run a K&N air filter or some other brand of oiled air filter? I've seen that error code when some oil gets on the MAF sensor, which is in the air inlet tube right after your airbox. At any rate, Walmart and auto parts stores sell a spray cleaner for MAF sensors. If cleaning it doesn't work, you might end up replacing the MAF sensor, it might actually be defective. I don't think you have a wiring problem, because that usually shows up as "XXXX sensor voltage out of range." Hopefully others chime in here in case I missed anything.
  13. You're right, I just assumed he was correct when he posted 150.

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