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  1. It could have been driven out without a tow strap. But what they did do was hook a tow strap to it and tow it with an X3. It looked to me like the tow strap was taut, and you can't push a strap.
  2. I think you got that backwards. The X3 is towing the sandrail at pretty impressive speeds.
  3. It was great to finally meet you too! Maybe next season we'll get a chance to talk longer in Glamis!
  4. What a coincidence! I just stumbled on that video about 2 hrs ago! Great info in that video, well worth watching!
  5. That is so considerate of you to feed the turtles!
  6. Those experimental drug trials must pay better than we thought.
  7. So far, I've been streaming 2 devices at 1080p on AT&T 50mbps DSL via FastestVPN and I can't explain why but it has been connecting faster with zero buffering. I've been doing it just to test out the speed and it's faster than normal. Speedtest by Ookla indicates exactly 50mbps, but it's streaming much better than ever before. I can't explain it, and I never would have expected it.
  8. Where the eff do you get that twisted up translation? I'm saying the welfare of this entire country, it's CITIZENS and their future economic well being, is more important than an unborn child. I thought I made that abundantly clear. Do yourself a favor and don't try to translate. Just read it and accept it literally. Major issues: Upholding the Constitution, strong military, strong foreign policy, Republican control of the Presidency and both houses, demolishing socialist programs and agendas, like the ACA. Minor issues: pretty much everything else. Now if every woman was running down to get an abortion, then I'd consider it a major issue. What good does it do if your favorite candidate loses the election because of his extreme right wing position on abortion? In doing so, he handed the election to the Democrats, which is an even worse fate.
  9. So yore into old dude Muslim pr0n, eh? Not judging. Well, maybe a little, but it explains a lot.
  10. I'm sorry, but the life of an unborn child does not outweigh the need to uphold the Constitution. There are many issues facing this nation as a whole, it's up to us, the currently living, to protect this nation and Constitution for the future, unborn generations. What good does it do a child to get born into a Socialist society? I'm sure whatever candidate supports a strong military and foreign policy will also support right to life, but to me if I have to choose what's good for the many vs the few, I'll have to choose the many every time.
  11. I only have one vote, and I use it to vote for the candidate who supports the best interests of the Constitution and the nation as a whole. I think strong support for the 1st and 2nd Amendments, strong foreign policy, strong national defense, favorable trade positions and a return to our nation's global dominance are more important issues that I would base my decisions on. None of the lesser issues make any difference if we become another socialist failure.
  12. So by that standard, if I start selling $1,000 Sony TVs for $3,000, then I must be selling the real ones and everyone else is selling a copy.
  13. When I went to my first wife's celebration of life last Sunday, I was reunited with an old friend and his wife. The guy who got his first arospace job via his father. I remembered when they had their first kid, a semi truck stopped at their house and dropped off 3 or 4 big cardboard barrels. I helped them unload the barrels and they were full of diapers, formula, etc. It turns out the wife, Toni, her grandfather was broke and starving during the great depression and there were no jobs to find. He found a few broken wooden pallets behind a grocery store and cannibalized one to fix the others, then he sold the repaired pallets for 2 cents ea. He did thousands like that in his yard over the years, then he got a truck, and grew into a large plant that built and repaired pallets until he became a multimillionaire decades later. Her father took over the business and made friends in the trucking industry and the grocery business. When word spread he had his first grand kid, the grocers took broken cases of diapers, formula, toys, etc and packed them into the cardboard barrels and put Toni's address on the barrels. Every week or two, a truck would pick up the barrels and drop them off on their way to another location. They had plenty of money, but they never spent a nickel on diapers, etc and a couple of yrs later when they had twins, they still had enough leftover diapers and fresh shipments of formula, etc started showing up again! I never forgot that story, how hard he worked for 2 cents a pallet! What a provider!

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