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  1. It's an app for Android devices that also works on Chrome. It's one of many TV and movie streaming apps available on the net. It also works on Firestick as well.
  2. Yes, they probably will. Even TV shows are mocking the CA DMV. Two cops needed an address based off of a license plate and one of them said they didn't have 2 weeks to wait for an answer from the DMV, so they went to a part time hacker who hacked in and got them the address in about 5 minutes.
  3. Well, as JD and Rockwood have said, for general purpose use, one might be better served loading Linux on any old laptop. I enjoy streaming movies and TV shows via Terrarium TV, Netflix, Amazon, etc and they all have Android apps that work great. AFAIK, there aren't any Windoze apps for streaming like Kodi or Terrarium TV. I wanted a lightweight, sleek, 15.6" laptop that natively used Android apps and could charge off of a 5v USB cable, and the Chromebook fit the bill. It's basically just like an Android tablet or phone, but with a keyboard attached and a 15" screen. It weighs less than 4 lbs, which is a lot lighter than my other 15.6" laptop. So far, every accessory I've plugged into it just worked, didn't need to install any device drivers. I can access all of my network printers via Cloud Print. It came with a 32GB SSD, but I added a 256GB microsd card and it treats that as if it was another hard drive. I can store plenty of movies and TV shows on that.
  4. Again, if you really want to determine who the best driver is, you need to eliminate variations in vehicles and engines. They all need to be driving identical vehicles with identical engines and then we'd have a real ROC.
  5. Try to figure out a way to make it look good, then go for it! Stugots did a complete interior remodel of his toyhauler, it came out great! I knew a guy who cut a hole in his garage wall so the nose of his buggy would go through and it would fit inside. The thread Stugots linked to is a great one, lots of great ideas from a lot of people. It might take a while to read through that one!
  6. My pleasure! I'm still looking forward to doing some offroading with you, just been too busy to get things together, but soon! There's a place called Miller Canyon that is up in the mountains, near Silverwood lake we need to go to some time. Cooler temps. lots of trees, lots of great trails. Speaking of clothing, I've been doing research on lightweight hiking clothing that keeps you cool. It turns out the best is Merino wool shirts and socks, followed by polyester shirts and quick dry ripstop pants and shorts. I've bought some of each and the difference is AMAZING, especially compared to cotton t-shirts and denim jeans! They're all designed to wick the perspiration away and cool you down, which they do, unless you're in high humidity. The socks feel like they're air conditioned, the shirts and pants are so lightweight they feel like you're not wearing anything. I also bought a couple pair of convertible pants, zip off the legs and they turn into shorts! I can't believe I spent most of my life just buying cotton clothing, there seems to be something better for every situation. Like Goretex, silk long johns, Merino wool, down filled anything, silpoly, silnylon, etc. They all keep you cooler or warmer or allow better airflow, etc.
  7. You can start by not questioning my every post and just say, "Enjoy your new toy!" That would probably shock me into a heart attack, but still well worth the risk. If the shoe were on the other foot, I'd say you obviously put some thought into this whole portable off grid power system for glamping and the chromebook seems like a good fit in that niche. I have no problem giving people credit when I feel it's due.
  8. X2! A while back I did tell you that there were a lot of great places to ride in AZ, I just didn't know the names since I don't live out there. As the temp. goes up, check out the northern AZ higher elevations for cooler areas to ride. I've also heard Mogollon rim is a great place to ride.
  9. I'd find another shop to do it, it's not rocket science or brain surgery, plus that sounds really high. If they spread the load and work carefully, they can get the glass out without breaking it. Reinstalling it is the same as installing a new one, so if they can't handle that, I wouldn't let them touch it.
  10. But, you bought Chromebook, so of course you’re gonna think it’s the best thing. THAT was the statement I was referring to. Again, I do NOT think it's the best thing just because I bought it. Read your own posts so you can better understand my reply. If you had said, "You did your research and you felt Chromebook was the best thing for your application" I would have agreed with you. They way you worded it sounds like what so many others do around here: blindly defend their choice of whatever simply because that's what they bought, without any shred of evidence to prove it is better than any other. I'm still objective about anything I buy and I have specific facts about the item's performance or characteristics that guided my choice for that specific purpose, but I shy away from ever proclaiming that anything is overall "the best." As I stated in a previous post, I have a 150wh battery pack specifically for camping. I can simply plug the USB C cable into that and get a couple of charges off of it. The battery pack also recharges my camera batteries, headlamp batteries, GPS batteries, VHF radio batteries, tent lights, phone, powers my 12v inflator, etc. I also have a folding solar panel to recharge it. It's an entire power system designed around this portable battery. Kinda like Goal Zero, but at 1/4 the price. All of my other laptops need a power brick which would also require an inverter to provide the 110v. That's just extra weight. The 5v charging voltage provides the most efficient power storage solution compared to a laptop with a 110v power brick and in an inverter to power it. The Lenovo laptop does have a small 12v cig lighter buck charger, but it's only a 14" screen and I use that one primarily for work and just charge it in the car. I suppose I could have gone a different route and bought one of those micro projectors and just used one of my android streaming boxes playing movies off of my portable hard drives, but I'm not familiar with the different models and not sure if I could get the brightness I desire for as cheap as I want. So far, this is working out better than expected, developers write a lot of apps for an open source OS.
  11. You can take it apart and replace the battery if you want. It might have an open somewhere in it, or it might just be worn out. I buy replacement batteries (name brand) on either Amazon or Ebay. I fixed a bunch of my Ryobi 18v lithium batteries by replacing the bad cells with new ones. I've replaced cell phone batteries, laptop batteries, a tablet battery, you name it. They can all be opened up and replaced.
  12. All excellent advice! I followed the budget advice for a long time, then I temporarily forgot it and my expenses rose as my income rose. Then I wised up again and changed cell provider, TV provider, ISP and cut way back on utilities and actually reduced my budget smaller than original, despite huge hikes in electricity and water costs. One of the best tactics I used to quickly get out of debt was to transfer all of my CC balances over to 0% cards for a yr. I hammered the principal and after 12 mos., I only owed a little on one card, so I transferred that to a new card and hammered some more. Not having to pay any more interest was a HUGE savings and allowed me to be debt free in about 15 mos. with a big boost in credit rating and ready to buy a house.
  13. My experience tells me it's not always that cut and dried. A person is usually either a hard worker, or they're lazy. Yes, hitting rock bottom may spark a sudden urgency to get one's shit together, but that person ultimately made that decision and performed the work to get their shit together, so I'm not too inclined to give too much credit to those who put up artificial barriers. Maybe he was already a hard worker, and throwing him out only delayed his start in life. One could throw their kid out on the streets, or one could co-sign for a business loan for the kid to start his own business. I would salute the parent who helped their kid get his business started. Sure, starting from scratch and doing it all on your own sounds more heroic, but lots of successful businesses started out with a loan. My parents pressured me to get good grades, but it wasn't necessary. It was MY natural intellect that actually scored 98-100% on those tests. I was the one who was #1 in all of my classes and scored the SAT scores and was accepted into all of the universities that I applied to. None of their words or actions made any difference in that. Just because a parent pushes doesn't mean they needed to push. My parents tried the same thing with my sister and she told them to eff off. (Different generation.) She also graduated with honors, just not as high as mine. Remembering all of the shitty crap my stepdad did to me (like stealing my college fund and throwing me out right after graduation) made me bitter towards him and at his funeral, I had to explain to the vultures who attended that his name was not Jack (short for jackass) nor was it Dick, (short for dickhead.) I call them vultures because not one of them was a personal friend. They were all customers of his who were demanding their partially restored cars back. Strangely enough, they all claimed to have brought more parts than were actually there. Later, I helped my step kids with their start out in life. They each got 2 old cars, all of the kitchen appliances, living room furniture and bedroom furniture. We bought all new after they each left (about 8 yrs apart.) We taught them to work hard and fend for themselves, then gave them a little boost out into the world and they took off just fine. With the exception of extremely lazy or terminally tarded, I never understood the need to throw a kid out on the streets. I attended my ex-wife's celebration of life yesterday and my step kids did not invite either of their own fathers. They invited me and all of Susie's girlfriends. Both of them thanked me for being such a great stepdad and I was surprised how many of Susie's GFs came up to me and thanked me for being so good to Susie and the kids. I'm very grateful for that and very proud of how they turned out.
  14. You should know by now that I NEVER think something is the best just because I bought it. Maybe other people do that, but that's not how I think. I never said the Chromebook was best. I wanted this for a very specific purpose, and the Chromebook does it better than any of my other laptops, due to it's light weight, screen size and lean OS. I also wanted a laptop that could charge off of a USB port so my battery power supply could recharge it. Do any of the laptops JD is talking about charge without a power supply? I don't think so. Yes, Linux runs on any platform, but as you pointed out, there can be some driver issues. With Chrome, I haven't had to load a single driver for all of my peripherals to work, just plug them in and they work. I understand your privacy concerns about Google, but I know how to turn off everything they let us turn off. I use Google and chrome on all of my other PCs and I have an Android phone, so Google isn't getting any more info off of my use of the Chromebook than they were before.
  15. The way I see it is: you can work hard, or you can work smart. The guy digging the pool with the shovel for minimum wage is working hard, and he'll never get rich. In CA , he'll never even live comfortably. The guy who wrote the Snapchat app made $4B. That was easy money. My mom quit working before I was born and devoted her life to saving, investing and clipping coupons. She amassed an estate of roughly $1M by saving my father's and stepfather's meager Navy paychecks. Her favorite saying to me was, "It's admirable to be hard working, but smart people make their money work for them." There are many ways to skin a cat. Some are messier than others, some are more elegant and require less work.
  16. Do you feel it was necessary for them to kick you out in order to learn that lesson?
  17. Are you using any streaming apps on it? Between the FHD display and nice speakers, it's perfect for movies and TV shows!
  18. That's a 14" display. I already have a carbon fiber Lenovo 14" that weighs less than the Dell with better battery life. Reviewers claim less than 8 hrs battery life out of the Dell. I'm very happy with the Chromebook. I discovered all of my networked printers without having to load a single printer driver. So far, I like it a lot better than windoze 10.
  19. I bought a LAPTOP. Not just an OS. Installing Linux on an older i7 laptop isn't going to make it lighter, thinner, or give it type C connectors, or have better battery life, or more efficient power usage. I got all of that and more for $215.
  20. Not for my application. This laptop is primarily for entertainment while camping. I wanted light weight, long battery life (10 hrs or more) and I wanted it to natively run the Android streaming apps with no emulators. I already have a small 150wh Lipo power pack and this charges off of USB, regular laptops need an inverter to plug their charger into. If you read my first post, you'd realize I already have 2 i7 laptops and an i5 laptop, why would I need a 4th one? With that sort of power comes battery drain, that's why I wanted something low powered with an efficient OS that didn't need a powerful CPU or lots of memory.
  21. I spent a lot of it on diesel fuel and sandrail parts. The rest I just wasted on food and booze.
  22. Do you use an android phone? If so, then you and I have all of the same options to turn off their data collection. Same with the Chromebook. I use Chrome as my default browser on all of my windoze machines, so I'm not giving away anything new with the Chromebook.
  23. I tested out the micro SD slot and it's fast enough to play a 1080p movie, so I went on Amazon last night about 2am and ordered a 256 GB Sandisk for $42. It's arriving sometime today, same day delivery in about 12 hrs! Gotta love Amazon! Now I'll be able to store/play quite a few movies/TV shows without having to replace the SSD drive.

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