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  1. I didn't want to put all of the responsibility on one person, but thanks for your super helpful response. Does anyone else know if FNG is going to fix it?
  2. So only the mods and admins can see it now?
  3. I'm guessing someone with a really short board name...
  4. I can't see the shout box any more. My first assumption is I accidentally clicked on something that minimized it, but I don't see any controls anywhere that allow you to hide it or resize it. Any ideas?
  5. No, I can see you laughing from here!!
  6. Sure, everyone is entitled to have their own opinion. I just happen to put a lot more faith in an opinion based on fact, rather than emotion. Let's say, for example, that Esco starts a thread claiming that the Chargers are the best football team EVER. Now we all agree that he's entitled to his own opinion, but seriously, after we all get done falling on the floor laughing our asses off... could you keep a straight face while discussing that with him? Why not? Because that opinion is so whacked, it's beyond ludicrous! Well, same thing with this thread. If Elijah Cummings was a great man, then the Chargers MUST BE the best football team EVAR!
  7. Here's the way the world works, as I see it. Someone could be just like Mother Theresa all of their life, but that one time they accidentally step on a kitten and someone takes a pic, they go down in history as "the kitten killer." Look at Michael Jackson. Do you consider him the "King of Pop", or the biggest unconvicted pedophile of all time? Jeffrey Epstein was a billionaire. Do you admire him for being such a huge success? Or do you condemn him for liking teenage girls? In the case of Elijah Cummings, there is a lot less evidence pointing to him as being a great man, and a lot more facts proving he was a corrupt POS who did almost nothing for his constituents. I recently drove through Baltimore and we kept the windows rolled up. Even though both of us needed a bathroom, we chose to drive another 10 mi out of town before stopping. I would have felt safer in Beirut while bombs were dropping. What if Elijah Cummings had just been a regular old drug dealer on a street corner in Baltimore, slinging drugs. Would he have done as much damage to that city as he has by being the corrupt Democrat he was? Doubtful. He might not be directly to blame for those people's poverty, but if you look at every shithole in this country, you'll see a Democrat in charge, and that's not a coincidence. He's also the one who sent emails to the IRS to target conservative groups that were uncovering voter fraud. The facts speak for themselves. I base my opinion on facts, not some puff piece someone on his staff wrote for Wikipedia.
  8. I would recommend anything Toyota. I'm still driving a 23 yr old Camry because it still rides like new, looks great and just never breaks down. You can pick up a very nice Camry for $5k.
  9. What do you think of this? Independent testing, and VP fuel NEVER met the stated octane rating. Testing means more to me than a lawsuit. Also, if they ever go to trial, Dion is going to have to provide test results or they could be liable for defamation of character and libel charges. I can't imagine anyone making those kind of claims and filing a lawsuit unless they had the test results to back it up. That would be financial and business suicide.
  10. SAN DIEGO — A thief drove a truck through a fence at a Kearny Mesa car dealership, then took keys from a key box and stole a vehicle Thursday, police said. Dispatchers received a call around 6:15 a.m. about a hit-and-run crash at the Kearny Mesa Ford dealership on Clairemont Mesa Boulevard near Ruffner Street, east of Interstate 805, according to San Diego police. Officers arrived to find that the wrecked truck had damaged several vehicles, said SDPD public-affairs Officer Billy Hernandez. The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that up to 12 vehicles were damaged in the crash. The thief also broke into a key box and stole a vehicle, Sgt. Matt Botkin said. Guess somebody just picked up his new truck...
  11. You should have your large battery cables connected with the pos connected to one pair and the neg connected to the other pair. The small sense wires could be connected to the same terminals, or the other pair. I don't see any difference as long as you have very low resistance in the cables and connections.
  12. As you increase the pressure in the shock, it pushes against the shaft intruding into the body of the shock. It doesn't affect valving, but it does add a kind of a spring effect pushing the shaft to full extension faster.
  13. Yes, I have the exact same problem. I posted about it weeks ago. I also posted in another thread where the other poster complained about some pictures not showing up in a post with a lot of pictures, which I'm experiencing that as well. The answer was, they're working on it, but they didn't specify if both problems are related or which problem they're working on, or both.

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