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  1. Started on a kitchen remodel for a customer today, now watching Super Cross. Back to customer s house at 8am for more work so we can paint next weekend
  2. sandthing56

    Pellet Grill

    Bought this one for the RV, great little smoker
  3. That's just a meth head, going to drive his tractor to NY.
  4. Refinished a customer's cabinets this weekend, started Friday and finished up today. Did kitchen, laundry, hall and the baths.
  5. Hanging with the wife now having way too many cocktails tonight, heading to the AZ utv expo tomorrow, then who know what. Have a good weekend
  6. Out camping and and went for a SxS ride and came across this, somebody is canned when the get back to the shop
  7. Woke up this morning told wife let's go camping tonight, so loaded sxs stopped for some steaks and beer and ended up behind lake pleasant. Have a safe weeken.
  8. Early morning today had to install a wall unit for a customer, then had a cold one with a slab of ground meat. Now just chilling. Have a safe weekend
  9. Finished and installed a Murphy bed for a friends parents, now kicking back with a cocktail waiting for some monster cup tonight
  10. Took the scooters out yesterday put about 300 miles on them. Cottonwood, Prescott, Jerome then back to Phoenix. Had a great day

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