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  1. Get an old piece of chit camp trailer and park in right in the middle take tires off and leave it. Would love to see there face when they show up
  2. It was all a set up, Meuller was alert when Dems asked ? But when Rep asked I thing he was drunk. What a joke and a wast of time . My $.02
  3. Hey Paul my neighbor just came back from there with his family, his son in law is a professional fisherman said he had his kids 7 and 9 using worms and throwing them at the dam with no weight just letting them float down and was nailing the fish. He said it was like that all day long said they were nice size striper. Good luck
  4. Spent the day in Sedona today with the wife and daughter
  5. Wish I would have heard about this, maybe next yr
  6. Installed closet today for a board members brother still have to install the mirror dog knocked it over when loading up so have to get a new one, now sitting around having a cold on. OT tomorrow
  7. Buddy of ours is getting married this evening, so we started partying last night. Today is getting everything ready.
  8. Worked yesterday, then worked a couple hrs today. Now sittinghaving a few cold ones
  9. I do cabinets for a living and use mine all day every day and have never had a problem or a let down from my Bosh.
  10. Firebird, seems to be about the best deal I found I only have 19.5.

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