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  1. I'll look there last time I was in the Arrowhead one they didn't have it. I'm right down the street.
  2. Were did you find it? that is some really GOOD stuff.
  3. Just got done redoing a customers office desk, because who every built it had alot of useless file drawer space, so they wanted it all usable space. Know sitting down with a cold one
  4. Good choice on whiskey. Having a shot with Bud Light Chelada. You want a good bottle of Pendleton the 20yr is a great sipping whiskey but it is a little spendy 140 a fifth
  5. Just read that MGM is shutting all there casinos down. Never thought I would see that one happen.
  6. Doing a little RV remodel, almost done with the floors just have to finish up the stairs. Amazon came with the new TV lift so fitting that so I can make a cabinet for it.
  7. Went shopping with wife this morning. Empty, except the beer
  8. Went shopping with wife this morning, things are nuts. But they did have one isle stocked. But no Supercross tonight that sucks
  9. This little thing works great love mine, and fits nice in the basement of the RV
  10. First weekend that I have nothing to do, was so post to be in G this weekend but SxS still in shop. So today sitting with my feet up all day tomorrow working on daughters car.
  11. Drove from Phoenix to Redwood City up by San Francisco today for work and next to the hotel was a Ferrari dealership with some sexy cars
  12. Worked today refinishing a kitchen, now sitting down with a cold one watching the races
  13. Just finished up a kitchen remodel for a custom. Now hanging out going to watch a little racing tonight
  14. She did a great job, had fun

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