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  1. That’s going to do exactly what you want safely and more stable than anything else except for a class 8 at 450 hp or more. It’s just not going to be the fastest up a steep grade like the grapevine or El Cajon. Nonetheless that’s only 5-10 miles of your trip anyway.
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    So far so good. I feel like I have been giving the arms a pretty good beating and everything looks good. Tried another gear set. Still a little off. But it’s closer again. The different stall rating is better too
  3. jo blo


    Well it’s back to work on this thing. Not really something I was wanting to do. It needs to be done. So..... This is the better side. The other side is worse. Both front lower a-arms are bending. I thought maybe it’s not .120 wall tubing or maybe it’s not chromoly? Upon cutting its .120 wall, at least it looks like it but I didn’t actually measure. I have no way to verify material. So away they go. I simply don’t want to risk it. Here’s the replacement Trying to get this taken care of so I can get out to the sand. Hopefully I can finish it tomorrow. I was able to get the car out a decent amount last year and work through some of the bugs. I think I will have the right gear set/rear end ratio. I had a limited slip diff put into the quick change and it helps a ton on the hard pack. I can’t wait to see what it does in the sand. I also switched the torque converter, I had a stock 1800 stall before. Now I’m at 2300 stall. The motor is able to get ahead of the load now. Like I said sand will be the real test, but I’m excited to see what’s going to happen.
  4. I thought ranch’s or maybe weddle sold a jig to assemble. From what I understand a guy who’s got experience rebuilding VW style trans can get it done but your much better off with the jig. Great at job tearing into this. I’ve built 3 cars now and each one has been a good learning experience. So I applaud you. You can get it back together and it will be as reliable or more than anyone else doing it. Peace of mind knowing exactly what you have has its own value as well. With each car I’ve built reliability went up. If there was a cut corner I knew where it was and usually it reared its head somewhere along the way, which lesson learned to do it right first even if it takes longer or I miss a trip or something like that. Heck my current car cost me almost 2 seasons because I didn’t have it ready. I’m happy I waited and did it right. Maybe you make a mistake maybe you dont. If the value is there for you in the sacrifice of your time then your good to go
  5. There’s a group that hits the south dunes mid week every or every other week that was in another thread lately about somebody looking for a new group to ride with. Maybe do a search on recent topics about and pull it up.
  6. Wasn’t this S&S tours car he was building? I thought he just got it running?
  7. Can you just buy a wider wheel instead? Do you know what you have now? I went to 12” from 10” wide it helped, I wish I could have done 14” but I was worried about getting to wide but found out I could have because it didn’t matter in the end. I still have to change tires for any kind of enclosed. Wish I could have had options of wheels and backspace because I could have improved on that too.
  8. Sitting at the front door of the Nethercut Museum 1931 Bugatti
  9. eBay Amazon. measure it and try to match it up

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