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  1. Still available. Come and get it.
  2. Tom Pro Turbo Sandrail Car is clean! It has been in storage for the last 5 years. Whoever gets this thing is going to score. It shows so nicely, and drives even better. Shifting to reverse and back to forward is smooth as butter. No clutching while running simply push or pull just like a sequential transmission. Car has been gone through and is ready to hit the dunes! $17,000.00 obo 661-201-2246 Scott Hayabusa 1300cc originally began naturally aspirated. Tom Pro turbo kit with ceramic coated ball bearing turbo and blow off valve was added in 06-07 Tom Pro reverse box- Complete box only has a season or 2 on it. Tom completely replaced it 930 cv's King shocks Silver powder coated springs Beadlock wheels on all 4 corners Front and rear brakes Jamar pedals on slider, dual reservoir with bias adjuster on brakes -just rebuilt Aluminum polished HID lightbar on 2 switches Fire extinguisher Quick release steering wheel- brand new quick release Crow 3" belts with added removable padding Racecraft blue and black seats with flames stitched in blue piping Razor front steer tires Paddles and dirt tires available All new vacuum lines New polished aluminum radiator reservoir A few new heims on the front end. I replaced a couple that showed a little bit of wear Shampoo'd the seats Detailed and re-polished aluminum New shifter cable for the reverse box New engine oil and filter New coolant New oil in reverse box Auto meter gauges, one has some damage from when I removed the shifter cable. It got pushed against the gauge and bent the ring on one side Sand sealed switches Cigarette lighter for being able to charge a device New agm battery California vin and green sticker-title in hand Blue powder coated frame and panels Floor and rear trailing arms powder coated in hammertone Graphics painted by K-Daddy here in Bakersfield and are beautiful and in great condition. No scratches Here's a walk around video IMG_0644.MOV IMG_0656.MOV IMG_0657.MOV IMG_0658.MOV
  3. Been dealing with this for years now. It’s a major pain. Having to get rid of equipment that needs fuel and oil changes to buy something that can’t hardly pass the shop. We qualify under the ag exemption carb offers but the Lawson suit (gravel company) affected the Ag too. We used to get more miles now it’s only 10k/year. Lawson sued carb for all of the non compliant owner operators bidding the jobs at a much lower rate because Lawson was a large fleet and forced early on to buy all new trucks because of their size. Meanwhile the guy who owns one truck falls into an exemption because he’s got a small business instead of 50-75 trucks. Simply ridiculous the nonsense that goes on.
  4. To me half of the thrill of starting from a dig was waiting to see who or what is going to pull up alongside. Is it going to be a close one—— or am I going to get killed by that screamer next to me. Still fun as heck regardless. Years ago at Gordon’s there was a burm that got built up at the start from everyone racing from a dig. Then it the burm turned into a jump (this was a lot of the start of long travel chassis cars at that point) as you hauled the mail from a new dig start and jumped the burm grabbing gears. Oh man the fun and good memories I have of that. Even when I broke. It was still worth it. I miss that a lot.
  5. SO with your design I could take a motor and tranny combo out of say, pickup-camaro-gas or diesel and drop said drivetrain in and away I go. Seems like a cool idea saving thousands on an expensive transaxle. The 4 seat design would be a little longer design as well. A little less angry toaster maybe?😉 My car does not use a transaxle. T400, driveline, quick change. I have $2000 in that setup. Cant get a E-box for that, but I found each piece second hand. If I had to buy new I am guess that statement would be different. $2-3K for T400, $200 driveline, $2800 Speedway quick change, now its more of the value of an e-box or 2D depending on the deal you could find. Your setup doesn't require a quick change differential though
  6. Location? This will fit a 2.0 for sure? With stock turbo?
  7. Sorry to hear about the troubles. How many psi machine, table size, 5 axis? Seriously thought about buying one years ago and would still love to have one. I was told by a guy that had one in town to double all of flows estimated costs to even be close on running cost.
  8. Awesome shop by the way!!👍🏻👍🏻
  9. Check out eledlights.com We used them for direct replacement of the 96” tubes to led. They had good pricing at the time.
  10. jo blo


    Update. So I jumped from the hood to the dash. It was my intention to work on it but I started messing with the hood first. Anyway I got some progress made. I should’ve finished the hood and left the dash alone. It’s not done and I still have quite a bit to do.
  11. I apologize for my rudeness in not congratulating you first on a cool new ride. I’d love to see more pictures
  12. jo blo


    Another view I am still trying to envision what you mean schmidty
  13. Without seeing pictures, that motor is what is commonly referred to as a shortstar. It’s a good motor but can be prone to blowing head gaskets, and it’s typically cheaper to just do another junkyard motor to replace it than repair. They were becoming scarce the last time I looked for one though. There were turbo kits. I would be Leary if it if it had one that was removed. Although even so if you can still find a replacement it shouldn’t be that much. Maybe they already replaced the engine because they blew the old one with the turbo.

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