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  1. Mr. Havoc, I'll be back by Sat night from camping. Should we do this? I think so. Call me when you get back and I'll get the paddles changed out.I'll see if Bent bars want to go too. sounds pretty good. wanna bring the boy but he's too young to ride his quad. So we might bring the CJ-5, is this jeep trail a true jeep trail? is it wide enough? is there any insane crawling areas that require suitable clearance/lifts?
  2. Nice first post. Where you one of the Buddys of a Board Member on the trip? If so....who? and welcome to the board. yep, I came with erwood and inspector havoc. I also hold the dubius honor of first crash of the day as I was the on who looped it at the top of that first big hill. I had a great time and can't wait to do it again. Couldn't have asked for a better bunch to go with, too. Thanks to everbody!
  3. Only a couple of them. Most water I've ever seen up there. everything is full. we had a good winter! both reservoirs at azusa canyon are way full as well, the water is about 100 yards NORTH of the bridge!!! Don't forget that the area burned. Most trees and plants that were either sucking up the water or holding it in the earth with their roots are dead, dormant, or slowly recovering. Water flows with the path of least resistance and if nothing gets in its way it will move to the lowest point.

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