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  1. Those 03-04 ltz400s had a weak point in the front suspension, I thought it was the upper shock mount though. When I had mine I gusseted it, and the 05+ had a guesset. Ive never seen one fully break like that though. Maybe it’s been cracking for a while unnoticed and finally gave out.
  2. That last ride always seems like the best ride, good conditions, good lines. It also seems to account for 80% of the equipment failures in our group... "Guess we aren't rolling out at 1 anymore" 😄
  3. I’ll by stylin in Glamis with this bad boy!
  4. Sweet house paint paint job, you can’t see the brush marks in the picture.
  5. If I could only have one it would be a single stack, they have the classic look and great feel in the hand. The double stacks are a little chunky and weird feeling to me, though I wouldn't kick one out of the safe if I had one! Dare I say though, the only 1911 and the only .45 in the safe is my wife's Sig 1911 TTT.
  6. I’m afraid you’re probably right. The small intake side coolant holes of the head gasket were definitely partly occluded by RTV. Took the cylinder off to check for rod bearing play. Seems like there’s a little in the big end. More evidence of porting, no marking or signature so who knows who did it. Here’s some more pictures, everyone likes pictures.
  7. Put a new chain and sprockets on the Husky then took it for a ride. Messed with the motor on the 250r and finding more things that need to be addressed.
  8. From experience last season, make sure you have whatever tool you need to remove your axles. It was very frustrating getting my axles out with a locked up trans so I could get towed out. Now I carry a triple square 3/8 drive bit. A socket bit and ratchet for your CV bolts is way easier than an allen wrench.
  9. That's what I'm trying to figure out now. I haven't fallen in love with the bike like I had hoped I would so its hard to commit to dumping a bunch of money in it, but maybe it just needs more mods 😈
  10. Sprayed carb cleaner around the intake, carb, cylinder base and head with no change. Popped the head and reeds off. Holy RTV. No obvious signs of head gasket failure but someone was really sloppy when they were in there last. Intake was quite wet, as were the reeds Some light scoring on the exhaust you can feel with your fingernail. Piston seems to have some excess play but I don’t have to means to measure. Does the porting look weird to anyone else. Almost looks like someone has messed with it.
  11. Saw this one yesterday, not as bad as the others but still didn’t look like he was having a good time
  12. Did a compression test yesterday. Got around 70psi first kick maxing out around 150psi after 5 or 6 kicks, cold motor, 60* ambient, 3,700ft elevation give or take.

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