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  1. They really are great bikes, this is my second Duc and they have both been reliable. Let's try $3,500 GD price
  2. From google looks like the Alamorio Store? Little stand alone building on the side of the 78 between the 111 and 115? If so I've driven right past how many times and never even noticed it. Looks amazing, definitely gonna have to stop there.
  3. big gun wing Wednesday
  4. Looks like its a variant of the R nine T lineup. Not sure beyond that, but its pretty!
  5. The old wood side gate posts were falling down. Put in new metal posts and took the chance to widen it to 12ft for the trailer. Today bought a new money pit. Not the cleanest but she seems to run strong.
  6. I know several people that were involved in giving COVID vaccines, they said there was a lot of fake card distribution going on. That's why the cards don't hold any weight any more, it's all electronically recorded now. I work for the State and we were required to prove vaccination status through the CalVax website, cards don't count. Wife works in healthcare and recently had a family member ask if she would give him a card, of course she said no.
  7. Got in a pretty serious SxS rollover at work last week so I’m pretty beat up and sore. Trying to take it easy and recover but it’s hard not to work on projects when I finally have time off. My birthday was yesterday. Had a coed baby shower today, so pretty much spent the last couple afternoons drinking Planning to take the Husky apart tomorrow to do some maintenance since I can’t ride for a while. .
  8. Saturday got some landscape work done, leveling some ground, trenching for water pipes. We got some chickens so we got them all set up in the coop, then had a birthday party for my buddy. Had a few too many beverages and had to pay for it yesterday.
  9. I've been putting it off but its time to sell my Duc. I've had it for about 4 years and put maybe 5000 miles on it. I've had a lot of fun but don't ride her much any more, so it's time to let her go. Appx 30,8XX miles on her, dash had to be replaced and reads 31,8XX, I was pleased to find one that was that close in mileage. Runs great. Never had a single issue with her other than the dash, which was my fault(water intrusion). Termignoni exhaust, Zero Gravity touring windshield, Ducati Performance gel seats, desmogged/"euro" tuned/ immobilizer delete. Rizoma billet reservoirs/ levers/ grips. Renthal bars. Frame Sliders. Probably more parts I can't think of. Belts done around 24-25000, checked and adjusted 2 years ago with maybe only 800 miles since, along with a new adjuster pully replaced at that time. Brake pads all replaced with EBC HH pads and new springs/clips. Front Bridgestone Battlax s20 has 4000 miles and still good, back tire just replaced - new Battleax BT016. Comes with Ducati locking panniers, Pitbull rear stand, box of spare/takeoff parts, rear tire as mentioned. The Bad: Neutral light seems to have stopped working. One pannier has paint flaking off. No Red key, but its not needed with the immobilizer delete. Clean Title in hand, tags up to date. $3,750 $3,500 Located in East San Diego County
  10. Went for a bike ride. Later going to a family bbq pool party in Ramona
  11. They’re yours, I’ll pm.

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