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  1. hey poule how did you do your garage floor?I like the way it looks and would like to do mine like that.

    1. POULE43


      call Stugots 626 278 0085

  2. I think they got together and talked,stretched it out and do a trilogy.Nate is on his way out and will go out very well set money wise...mcgregor is no dummy and nate could make bank.Otherwise I think nate could of finished him in the 3rd.And he never took him to the ground cause if he did then mcgregor would of been done,,,just my opinion
  3. he ran from him for three rounds,got controlled on the fence and diaz landed more punchs,,,bullshit,,diaz all the way
  4. ok I will ask,,,what is harp?
  5. like it,I hope they start building them with different bodies for them
  6. I'm looking for one but live in nor cal,,,ugh
  7. and bubba stewart is still being a puss,,soaking up his contract.just quit already,,,
  8. so is it still available?i live in ca and I'm interested
  9. so is it still available?i live in ca and I'm interested
  10. head butts always work lol,,watch bas rueten on his scenarios,,,love that guy,,,you tube
  11. i tried that and didn't work,I tried mouse traps with peanut butter and it doesn't work,I tried poison and not working,,,I see the poop all over but no dead micro rats,,,,what the hell?

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