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  1. Clean little car. Is it Orange or Red?
  2. Kris @ Oregon Motorsports can help.
  3. Heading over the week of 06/21 to 06/26 from Oregon. Staying in a hotel and using the BLM day use with two of my teen sons (17 ad 14) who have not experienced St. A. Maybe our paths will cross. Chris.
  4. What state is your job in? Makes a difference if you work in OR and live in WA. You will pay OR income tax even if you live in WA.
  5. kulp01

    Having A Baby

    Life starts over. Congrats!!!
  6. kulp01

    Atc 70 Parts

    Pic of parts added
  7. Parts have a new home. Hello, I am cleaning out tool boxes and come across a new stock foam air filter and a capacitor of some sort I believe was for ignition. Both new in package and for an ATC 70 that is long sold. Is anyone in the 70 game still using these? If so, I will drop them in the mail rather than throw them out. Uploader not working. I can text a pic for reference. Chris
  8. Not in AZ but Mid Valley Tractor in Eugene sells the two seats out the door for $18,500 and I believe the 4 seats are 2k more. Cash prices. Josh was my contact (541) 688-8000. No fee's or sales tax of any kind. If you finance he a adds $100 for the paperwork. Chris
  9. If buyer and seller are in CA and the vehicle is titled in CA, however you do this I would stop by DMV and pick up a change of title/sale form and have seller sign his portion and return it to DMV. If the title never gets to you, you will have some amount of standing if ownership has to be determined. Nothing worse than trying to prove ownership when the title is in someone else's name. Something to show once stamped by DMV until the title arrives as well. Just my $.02. Chris
  10. Hello, The way post's are displayed under a topic has changed so that I can not just scroll down the page and read. Instead I now have to click on each post to read it. How do I change it back? Thank you, Chris
  11. What's up with TAZ. Total voyeur waiting for a face full. Wait, Where is his hand!!!
  12. There is a lot of good advise in this thread. With that said, a top item looked at right now in LE is your credit history. Most, but not all agencies will over look some poor judgement issues such as tickets, marijuana use and lower code violations and misd.. The credit history will not be over looked. P.S. My first post!!!!!!!!!!!! Long time lurker. 16Y LEO.

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