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  1. If you can wait a few weeks and are going to the SSSS they usually have a large selection on site to walk through.
  2. It is from a guy in England that just builds for the passion. He was just playing with different SA designs. The LOKOS kits are fantastic, Scotty is doing it right!
  3. Or maybe she gets down on the rusty trombone.
  4. WTF, Man I guess I have not lived yet!
  5. YES, why did I not think of that one!
  6. On the flip side if asked to go on a run and I reply , no gonna sit this one out. It does not open a dialog to badger me for 30 min to go on a ride.
  7. Wow what a find!! Should make a great car and memories.
  8. Appreciate you. What happened to Thanks I appreciate it.
  9. 1, I know, Right? 2. Just send it. 3. That/those (insert anything here) though. Example:" Those tires though" "That ass though" 4. I'm not even mad. Just some that " grind my gears"

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