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  1. Nice I need to hurry up!!!
  2. Thank you guys had a great day, The daughter came down to spend the B- day with me, first time in 5 years now that she does not live over seas. Got to hangout at the shop with her dog Beasly, then off to see Joker. Finished the night out at The Pomona Valley Mining Co with a Prime rib and a couple Martinis.
  3. Happy Birthday Rob!!! Hope you had a fantastic day!!
  4. Well only the page best on IG of course! https://www.instagram.com/glamisdunes.com_ig/
  5. Yes we are aware of it and trying to resolve the issue,, Thank you.
  6. What browser are you running? Here is a thread regarding this issue. @FNG
  7. If you find one of these don't take it home!!!
  8. Fantastic Sean is a good dude, Congratulations!!!.
  9. Oh, well that was easy enough..
  10. Went to install my manifold without the spacer and just now realized all the bolts wont work!
  11. I sealed the one hole from the valley, did not know there was 2!!!
  12. No the runner, that plastic comes out with a half turn
  13. I noticed you put a bolt in the vacuum lines in the runners. I tapped mine with 9/16 - 18 for a set screw,, little more permanent.

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