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  1. Strange it was archived, second one I have see,,, I opened it back up. If anyone is having trouble with a thread pm a staff member.
  2. Yes, we will be addressing it soon. FNG in all his awesomeness tries some new features that come in some updates ,,,some stick and some don't. We love the dude for trying to make the board a better place for all but sometimes things just don't jive with the members.
  3. They are not all gone they are in the buy and sell. The Classified was kind of a experiment that is not working for us as well as the new post format. Stay tuned.
  4. For some reason a post I started about  my trailer issues was archived. Can you open it up please

  5. https://www.garagecoatings.com/content/garage-storage-cabinets.asp They have there showroom in Anaheim with a mocked up 2 car garage
  6. Stugots

    Dune Squad

    Get your groove on!!
  7. We use to have our settings for guest to only read certain forums. We have since open the board up to read only to basically most of the board. If a Guest wants to engage on a post they would need to register, the guest numbers have really shot up lately. I would think most members actually sign in.
  8. Here is a great thread that was started a while ago, lots of good info in it. https://www.glamisdunes.com/invision/index.php?/forums/topic/152903-toy-hauler-modification/
  9. I am with you Bansh, I am just not feeling the "New Post" page. To hard to follow whats going on and needs to be simplified like "Recent Post" on the Portal. I know its has something to do with the App we used for it. Hard to believe but we actually have to purchase the New Post feature. Lets give FNG some time to tweek it a bit, I am sure he can streamline it to be more user friendly.
  10. Nice, I may be following your lead on mine this summer.
  11. They did come out nice. Are you able to use the adjusters on the coil overs with out it coming off in the threads?
  12. This. When getting pulled over do not indulge in to much conversation, just blend in and let him do his job. Have everything in order and ready to hand him. Don't say stupid stuff like, " I'll see you in court" or argue. Then delay as long as possible a year later he most likely will not even remember it.
  13. I use Milwaukee at work and we are not easy on them. You can pick them up at the Swapmeet pretty cheap, lot of tool vendors have new and used ones.
  14. Driving myself crazy trying to find a short that keeps blowing a fuse for my MAF/Eng1 on my work van. Trips the check engine light and can't get it smogged until I find it. I hate to bring my stuff in but, electrical issues are a PITA!!!
  15. Pm me your mother's maiden name, SS#, home address and phone number and we will add that too.

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