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  1. Plus sneaking some fireball... have a old drinking buddy that is no longer with us that I have been thinking about a lot lately as well...
  2. Yes lets keep this to topic please, enough already with the memes, this is not FB....
  3. Much appreciated,, I am sure @FNGwill reach out if he needs your help...
  4. Its always so wonderful to hear how you would do things Steve,, I will be sure to tag @FNG so someone can bring a laptop to his house because a handful of members photos are not fully loading... The problem will be resolved when the issue becomes more wide spread so it can be traced down as of now we are sorry for any inconvenience it has caused anybody.. And really a Corona Virus analogy......
  5. I would put money on it that these idiots have been wearing the same mask for a week and take it off when they get into there home..
  6. People with face mask on in there own car.
  7. And that is the problem gents.. How are we supposed to fix a apparently "easy" issue when it does not effect every member that uses Chrome? Maybe take some time to look into your settings and update to fix your issue.. And ya the next button well that's just been a MF
  8. Here a good pic,, bummer for the owner
  9. Great Job Wes thanks for all the help!!

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