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  1. Stugots

    BBQ hook up!

    I may have a hook up with Lion bbq http://lionbbq.com/archives/627
  2. Stugots

    Its Saturday 4/20/19 What are you doing this weekend?

    Sitting at home sick........waste of a good weekend!!!
  3. Stugots

    21 years today

    You two were made for each other, congratulations on 21 years and going strong...
  4. Stugots

    Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

    https://www.newsweek.com/notre-dame-fire-aqsa-mosque-1397259 Maybe it's your shitty phone.
  5. Stugots

    RIP Schwinn

    Oh this is sad news, RIP Steve you put up a good fight and now it's time to rest. God be with his family, he was a good guy and will surely be missed.
  6. Stugots

    $30,000 for a built in BBQ island

    The roof really finished it off. Matt I will do it for 26k , just saved you 4 grand..
  7. Stugots

    Sold thanks Slappy! PRP Bench Seat

    Going two seater??
  8. Stugots

    Action Shots

    I can't get you a big flag but can send you out a couple whip flags.
  9. Stugots

    FREE RCI tank FREE

    Oh this just get better let's give this tank a home!! @sausage450r what a fantastic offer!!! Thank you!!!
  10. Stugots

    FREE RCI tank FREE

    30 1/4 long 12" wide 12 1/2 tall
  11. Stugots

    It's Saturday 4/6/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    I never know who you'll run into at the hill
  12. Stugots

    FREE RCI tank FREE

    Did I mention I FREE!!!! Ok take it easy it has a crack but if someone can weld and use it it's all yours. I'm in Glamis now or Can bring it back to Glendora also possibly leave it with Dev if you want to grab it from the store. Otherwise it goes in the trash. The filler too also comes with it.
  13. Stugots

    Buyer be aware of Acefuture

  14. Stugots

    It's Saturday 4/6/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Having some coffee and bfast burritos then swap out the fuel tank in my car. After that just hang out for a few days
  15. Stugots

    Weird things you see at work or anywhere else

    I think he needs a long bed.

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