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  1. Maybe you can ship them out.. https://www.younggun1.com/
  2. I was going t say, I think AZ is around $4.00 a foot ( CA a bit more) . Get some quotes that detail the scope of work and materials and run it by us. Will let you know what you are getting for you $$$
  3. Wes is a good man, thank you for all you do !!
  4. On a dark floor you would be hard pressed to find any slag burns. As long as your not full time welding in one spot you will be fine. I have it in my shop and I am not easy on it at all and that includes welding with the part on the floor and it has held up fine. These floor have been around a long time and if installed right will last many many years. If you decide to densify and polish I would go only to about 400 grit as to not be to slippery,
  5. X2 but stay away from the 3.25 a foot guys... you will get what you pay for... PREP, PREP ,PREP Grind, shotblast but don't etch last thing you want to do is introduce moisture to your slab before coating. Cracks can be patched with epoxy paste and hold up very well. If there is movement in the slab as weight gets transferred from one side to the other, they may start to re appear. Also you need to prime the floor with a lower solid content epoxy, 100% will not penetrate for a good bond and will produce a lot of little bubbles. Pennywise and I use the same manufacturer and have had good with luck with there quality and consistency. They sell direct and ship if you decide to take it on your self. Good luck reach out to me or Pennywise if you have any questions.
  6. Yup held up great, the engine place did it. Its going, just swapping everything over.
  7. Awesome,,,,,, that engine is going to be perfect for that car..
  8. Happy to hear he is doing better!!
  9. Tell you what, you and @jhuerta work out on who wants to pay what, I want $2500
  10. Thanks for the offer, I really would love to but need to get on some work between the storms and Holidays. I am running the stock ECU Ill have to see if it will work with how my PS pump is mounted.

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