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  1. Oh hell yes that looks great!!
  2. Did Brawley last season, was in and out in 45 min for real I'd
  3. Jackazzz on a 70 is more like it.. Those were great times, these new Invasions are cool but will never be the old regattas..
  4. Stugots

    A+ Build

    Locals tip ask for a side of their cream cheese frosting or order a cream cheese donut with it the Strawberry or peach. Soo good
  5. Now if only I can remember where I put that 65k at?
  6. Stugots

    A+ Build

    The Miss Matt86 bike.. Hey @RK Racing I tamed your widow maker....
  7. Well to be fair it is under Tips/Rules so kinda of goes both ways.. Yes sometimes if we see a ad with no price a mod may chime in to ask for a price as a lot of times people simple forget to post one.. Pretty sure we never hard set a must post price rule to the point we actually enforced it by removing a thread.. What we do enforce is thread crapping . The op stated clearly for someone who is actually thinking of buying it in his ad to PM him for price,, most would find that good enough.. Really not the end world....
  8. Stugots


    Skilled trades as well.
  9. When I replaced my throttle peddle I made one out of my old one.

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