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  1. Yes we are aware of it and trying to resolve the issue,, Thank you.
  2. What browser are you running? Here is a thread regarding this issue. @FNG
  3. If you find one of these don't take it home!!!
  4. Fantastic Sean is a good dude, Congratulations!!!.
  5. Oh, well that was easy enough..
  6. Went to install my manifold without the spacer and just now realized all the bolts wont work!
  7. I sealed the one hole from the valley, did not know there was 2!!!
  8. No the runner, that plastic comes out with a half turn
  9. I noticed you put a bolt in the vacuum lines in the runners. I tapped mine with 9/16 - 18 for a set screw,, little more permanent.
  10. I read this 6 ways from Sunday and still have no idea what you are trying to say.
  11. Just don't knock your self out next time there G-Out!
  12. Its in my original post John, the "before" pictures
  13. I prefer The "Angry Hornet" But if you are just feeling mean today I understand. I think I am going to change your board name to "G-Out"
  14. Shout out to one of our Sponsors juggernaut. ( Hot head Headers) Got in touch with Dave a few weeks back with getting some Headers done for my car after the engine swap.. Fast forward,,, to last Monday I brought my car into his shop to drop it off , we went over some details on the whats and how's and I basically said have at it and took off. 6 hours later I get a picture of completed head pipes, I was amazed at how fast and efficient he is at this and the quality in his work. Next day he sent some pictures of the rest of the mufflers completed,,, now this is were it gets sticky as I think we both had a different idea at the finished look of it and the concept of the finish look was not discussed in detail, really my fault. Well, I did not like what I was seeing and called him and told him I just am not feeling it, without hesitation he say's " Don't worry I will change it" I felt bad because they were welded and complete, he insisted we change it if I was not happy. 3 hours later he sends new picture and he knocked it out and could not of been happier! Before: When I dropped it off we also discussed waterlines and as to be expected from him he totally delivered. Cant thank him enough for working with me on this and if it was not for a delivery snafu he would of had this done in 3 days. If you need new or looking to replace some out dated set up I can not recommend Hot Head Headers enough. (909) 280-2469 https://www.glamisdunes.com/invision/index.php?/profile/84951-juggernaut/&wr=eyJhcHAiOiJmb3J1bXMiLCJtb2R1bGUiOiJmb3J1bXMtY29tbWVudCIsImlkXzEiOjM1OTE2MywiaWRfMiI6NTE5NzI3N30= After:

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