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  1. Member for 6 1/2 years with 22 topics started Member for almost 11 year with 20 topics. If you want fresh content start with your selfs, if a member revives a old thread so be it. I really don't see the issue. Slappy just had a post regarding threads just like this. Let's revisit, shall we. https://www.glamisdunes.com/invision/index.php?/forums/topic/363836-maybe-its-you/
  2. Excuse me mister man that just broke into my house, please give me a minute while I retrieve my gun from the CA approved safe. https://news.unclesamsmisguidedchildren.com/san-diego-gun-law-guns-must-be-locked-or-disabled-in-the-home/
  3. Way to step up Robert L!!! Glamis GD Hero's forum is a perfect fit for you.
  4. The Donald is setting the trap and they are falling right into it. He is bringing there agenda right to the people to see, brilliant! All they can do is go on the defensive and resort back to just calling him names with zero defense to his claims.
  5. 1. Printout Statement of facts ( just say previous owner lost title) https://www.dmv.ca.gov/.../5a40cbcc-a9a9.../reg256.pdf... 2. Print out Application for new title.https://www.dmv.ca.gov/.../8c4e5fdb-a44e.../reg343.pdf... 3. Print out Bill of sale: https://www.dmv.ca.gov/.../b04d574c-a959.../reg135.pdf... If you have a PDF editor you can fill them out before printing. Take all of this information to the DMV with the COMPLETE bikes and go right to the inspection line with a GOOD attitude and ask polity the person with the clip board if they will inspect them for you. Make sure everything is cleaned and easy to read ( Vin and engine numbers) You can bring one of these to possibly help but most likely they wont need it. https://www.dmv.ca.gov/.../052f05b3-ea4f.../reg31.pdf... Now take all of your paper work ,go inside , get a number, wait, wait some more and come out with your Green sticker.
  6. Well welcome back, look around and if you have any questions just ask.
  7. Just seen the trailer for Ford vs Ferrari when we went to see Spider man tonight. Looks likes its going to be a good movie, nice to see a movie subject that has a cool history.
  8. Yup and so far realbadlarry and Mac are on my "Shoot on sight " list.
  9. I am fully prepared to "Get home safe" if I have to leave my vehicle behind.
  10. So we have touched on all the supplies, plans and what nots but, what about your physical condition? If you are out of shape and get out of breath easily you won't be " bugging out" very far. Also,,, love the I have guns to take what I need ideas, that will most likely not go as planned and get you killed pretty quick. As Mike Tyson says " Everybody has a plan until you get punched in the face" Let's be realistic unless you are in the boons there will be millons of people trying to survive and evacuated to someplace. The way the highway systems are set up you most likely won't be going anywhere. We also have to take into consideration that we have family and love ones to deal with,,, my wife is a "panicer" and it does not take much to freak her out so, I would need to deal with that 😂. Unless it is TEOTWAWKI situation I will sit tight defend mine and live off what I can and yes unfortunately wait on the Government to restore some kind of normalcy. Plan B, hang out with the homeless they seem to survive just fine.
  11. So with all the shaking going may need to revisit my supplies. I still have 5 cases of MRE's that are probably overdue to be replaced, close to a a 100 gallon s of water, various first-aid, flashlights, batteries, and of course plenty of Guns and ammo. All this activity is making me check my supplies and stock up again.
  12. Well said Socaldmax. This is always been a board for the members and about the members and Slappy provides the platform for them to come together. It is up to the members to create the atmosphere that keeps them coming back.
  13. Strange it was archived, second one I have see,,, I opened it back up. If anyone is having trouble with a thread pm a staff member.
  14. Yes, we will be addressing it soon. FNG in all his awesomeness tries some new features that come in some updates ,,,some stick and some don't. We love the dude for trying to make the board a better place for all but sometimes things just don't jive with the members.
  15. They are not all gone they are in the buy and sell. The Classified was kind of a experiment that is not working for us as well as the new post format. Stay tuned.
  16. https://www.garagecoatings.com/content/garage-storage-cabinets.asp They have there showroom in Anaheim with a mocked up 2 car garage
  17. Stugots

    Dune Squad

    Get your groove on!!
  18. We use to have our settings for guest to only read certain forums. We have since open the board up to read only to basically most of the board. If a Guest wants to engage on a post they would need to register, the guest numbers have really shot up lately. I would think most members actually sign in.

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