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  1. No and no . To be clear, moderators can not read pms. So not sure where you have got that info from. Admins : There is me, Esco, Samplr, fng and beachhead and I can assure you we do not take the time or the effort to read members pms. We have integrity and morals that we follow and frankly do not care enough to go through the process of seeing what members say in there pm,s . If you are insinuating otherwise pm me or call me because we take a invasion of privacy very seriously.
  2. oh I don't know what tire and rims to get,,, you have no idea what problems are!!!
  3. I had the Team techs in my RZR and loved them and wish I would of pulled them before I sold it. Chiz check out the Jet Trim Pads in the pics I posted,,, get them and thank me later....
  4. Did this and went with the Simpsons.. Don't get the shoulder pads, get the sheepskin ones from Jet trim, they are like 30$ a set ,,,, best$$$ you will spend on your car.
  5. Famous last words brother,,,, this is going to be easy, Ill just swap a new engine in,,,, should bolt right up! I have spent entirely to much time on this
  6. Right, the3.0 primed and shut off, that was run threw the computer. K&R ECU did not have a fuel pump wire, he said he runs it with the ignition. I tried to restrict the return and no luck, it sounds like a fuel issue to me.. Also ran checked the codes and the cam position sensor came up but, I replaced it with a new one. I cleared the codes and went to recheck and one of the wires popped out of the plug and I have no idea where it goes of course So ya I have already taken So Cal's advise and having some beers. Just frustrating as hell with the whole timing belt thing, had a pin hole in the water tube that I chased for 3 days now it still wont start! Just exhausting and I am running out of time!.. Ill get it but, this was suppose to be fun!!!
  7. Not starting, try's but sputters. Timing was off a tooth and is now right. Fuel pump just keeps running and returning fuel to the tank. Swamped out regulator and no change. Just been messing with it all week, one thing after another. Driving me nuts, totally defeated right now and thats rare. Waiting for K&R to get back to me but, I think hes on the lake right now.
  8. Loading some 00 buck into the 12 gauge to unload into the 3.5, So over it!
  9. I am the lucky guy that gets to paint that every year
  10. Good for you Mac, congratulations shes a beauty!!
  11. So that's what its called "Overlanding" I pulled up to a newer jeep the other day and it had the snorkel intake at the height of the roof line, I stared at it in a perplex daze trying to figure out the purpose because did not think the swamplands of Pasadena was a issue. Cool thread!
  12. Thanks Poker, Scats are in the running along with CST Sand blasters 32x12x15 rear 32 x 10x15 fronts STU's Fullerton and these new kids on the block from System3
  13. What's the hot ticket for the tire and rim set up??
  14. Thank you guys had a great day, The daughter came down to spend the B- day with me, first time in 5 years now that she does not live over seas. Got to hangout at the shop with her dog Beasly, then off to see Joker. Finished the night out at The Pomona Valley Mining Co with a Prime rib and a couple Martinis.
  15. Happy Birthday Rob!!! Hope you had a fantastic day!!
  16. Well only the page best on IG of course! https://www.instagram.com/glamisdunes.com_ig/
  17. Yes we are aware of it and trying to resolve the issue,, Thank you.
  18. What browser are you running? Here is a thread regarding this issue. @FNG
  19. If you find one of these don't take it home!!!
  20. Fantastic Sean is a good dude, Congratulations!!!.
  21. Oh, well that was easy enough..
  22. Went to install my manifold without the spacer and just now realized all the bolts wont work!

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