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  1. Little late, but I was in La Jolla getting ready to fire alarm and sprinkler testing that day, and of course, we re-scheduled that event.
  2. Started the weekend early on Wednesday with the rent of a 26" U-Haul, and loaded every inch till Friday Night, convoyed all night, and arrived to the new home in Happy Jack AZ. Saturday morning, unloaded, came back Sunday to start cleaning the old place in CA. Started cleaning and making the next load this Thursday. I have to say is was the longest, wore out, happiest labor day weekend I ever had sober.
  3. Thanks for all the kind words and wishes. A lot of people have moved from California to these areas, which has also contributed to the rising cost of homes here. Still, things here are less costly, especially diesel at $2.99 in July when we were there. Life is short, whether its Arizona, or somewhere else, don't wait to enjoy a new chapter in life before you get too old to enjoy it.
  4. Happy Jack. We found that many areas up there have HOA'S, but the area were in, is not. We wanted to be in an unincorporated area as well. We liked Strawberry north of Payson, but there is mostly HOA'S, and smaller lots. Our's is 1 acre, and our own well . Plenty of room for the shop trailer to run my manufacturing . Yes, I know its going to be cold has hell for 2-3 months, but Ill dig the summers . I grew up in Michigan, so its no big deal. We have made several trips between Prescott, and Payson areas over the years. I wish we could have done it after the last housing crash. The Prices have been rising steady up in the Payson area. Prices are projected to continue climbing into 2020. Many things come into play, especially employment in that region. Unless your self employed, the jobs are scarce. If it wasn't for my military retirement, and having my own business, I couldn't have pulled off the loan. Most people that live where I do, are 2nd homes/vacation homes. I believe that there are only about 3 full timers by us. We will have a crazy stocked pantry, freezer, etc. cause Payson is 50 miles out. Payson has a Super Wallmart, Home Depot, and anything else we could need. There's no schools up there, and little services available.
  5. Been a long time trying to leave the state. My business is going with me, and were going to start our next chapter in life. Were so excited and will be living near a National forest around 7000 Ft. in Arizona. We closed on the house this last Friday, and were making our first big load next Friday. So Excited! Very quite, peace full, No HOA's, just a perfect situation for us. My wife and I loved this state, and retired from the Marine Corps here back in 2000. We hate to see what has become of it, and where it seems to be going. Its a shame that politicians have made things so bad that the working man has to leave in order to retire some day. I look forward in making this last deployment so to speak, to our final home. I cant tell you how much this move means to us. We worked so hard for it to finally happen. We hope to eventually get back to the dunes sometime. My shoulder injury 3 years ago, really put a damper on things.
  6. Sorry, it was 1/2 not 3/4. Brand new, just does not have any guts. Was surprised, I love all my other drills.
  7. 1/2ilwaukee is my choice. Using them for years. You cant beat the fuel brushless line. I had an in with a Milwaukee guy, and I was luck to get a bunch of rebuilds to fill the stable as well. My favorite ones are the Sawzall and the drywall saw. I will say this however, I'm not happy with the 1/2 impact. Doesn't have the guts for tight lug nuts.
  8. MAC, there are a variety of companies out there that seek to employ veterans. With your background in aviation, there is places like general atomics, Lockheed-martin, boeing, bell, looking for guy's like you. It's hard to believe your unemployed. Some law enforcement agencies are looking for vets, Use your vet pref. for a federal job. Don't give up, there out there. As for the prez.. Though I'm not a fan of how he speaks of others on twitter etc, I cant help but appreciate the effort to try and turn around and hold the VA more accountable, and separate those who thought the va was a free ride . I appreciate that he has the guts to promote America in a strong light, where others begged for forgiveness and show weakness. Where he expects other countries to become more financially responsible for their own security cost. Attempting to renegotiate bad trade agreements. Since day one, the man hit the ground running, and has tried to improve things and make this country better. That sure is different than the what the last guy did. I remember all the big tarp spending and shovel ready jobs that were promised, and nothing happened. Look what would of happened if he didn't get elected... All this investigation crap would have never came to light, and those people involved, would have never been outed. This President , came at the right time, to shake things up, and is trying to make the country better as a whole. You cant tell me that with all the underhanded and shady things the Clintons have done and are involved in, shows enough character and leadership standards to lead the country? No way sir. It's scary to see what could have been if Clinton was in place. 2 more seats on the supreme court would have been filled with the likes of the last two kooks the last guy put in. Enough of this, Give the guy a break, He's not the life long politician out there that over promises, and under delivers. Sometimes, its good to see someone give a damn, and not afraid to punch someone in the nose when needed.
  9. Wear a Detroit red wings jersey every where! That will make some new friends! EHH!😀 Just kidding... My half sister lives in Windsor. Used to go camping at Algonquin area, and played some hockey many years ago in Toronto. See as much as you can, Beautiful country everywhere you go. May need to carry some extra Canadian bucks in your travels. Have fun!
  10. We have power outages quite often up in ANZA. The carson fire knocked us out for almost 12 days straight, with 1 or 2 hour service the last couple of days. Having a dual fuel is quite desirable, cause you can stock up some spare tanks, and not worried about being cut off from the gas stations. Even though the casino was open and was able to supply gas. Some places are not so lucky. I went to camping world in San Marcos, and reluctantly purchased a noisy azz dual fuel champion 8 or 9000, only because at the time, it was the only dual fuel I could find. I have 3 other generators that were in rotation, but only ran on gas. Were talking around the clock rotatations. On the second night of running the champion, I was checking the unit around mid night, and the propane was spewing out of the relief on the regulator. I hurried and shut it off before I blew up or started another catastrophic event. Just baught 40 gallons of propane for this setup. Took it back 5 days later, and the store said no returns on generators. I insisted with the manager, and told him that there is no repairs to that unit that will restore my trust in it to work safely again. He told me that people routinely try to return generators AFTER a no power event. I said I could understand that, but that's not the case here. I sincerely wanted a dual fuel unit for emergencies. Regretable on his part, he did refund the money after I told him with conviction that Im not just trying to get over. I too, am interested in the performance of the Westinghouse. I sure wish honda would have done it to the 7000. I have the honda 5000, 3000, and Yamaha 3000 for the emergencies. Gotta run them about every 2-3 weeks with stabilizer to keep them ready.
  11. Holy molly! that's some info sir! That picture of your young Marines graduating is an awesome moment ! There is hope these two Marines will help influence the good this country stands for. You gotta be proud, to be able to see such an accomplishment like no other. To wear the eagle globe and anchor is definitely earned, not given. A top of the world moment. Semper FI !
  12. It is amazing that so many people have watched their kids for the last 20-30 years or more become indoctrinated in schools/colleges with far left leaning ways to act and become molded into good little socialist. Today, those same kids, now young adults are all about free everything, with no regard or understanding that capitalism will always trump socialism. If it wasn't alarming back in 2015/16 that so many young people were willing to sell their soul to B.Sanders, then its really sad that there are now even more support and following for several of these types totally out in the open with their goals to turn our country up side down. Why would anyone in there right mind, go down the road of surrendering freedom for the changes these far left types want to impose? Here we are now, a handful of a few, attempting to turn this country into a gov. controlled state with total control on everything. Mr. Trump... I don't particularly favor his opinions and chatter on social media, I wish he would stop, and carry on with the job without participating in petty bickering. I, being a veteran, appreciates the way this man hit the ground running and has done so much for this country in his 1st year than anybody before. Makes no excuses , and seeks solutions, to fixing problems others have pushed off for someone else to take care of down the road. How can someone criticize someone who finally puts this country 1st for a change? When did it become cool to have the words make America great again hated words? Where is the pride and patriotism like we had 9-12-2001, or when Team USA won hockey gold in 1980? The fact that he lit a fire under the azz of the VA, and those sub-standard performers are no longer protected, and can be fired. Ask a Vietnam Vet how the VA was back then versus now. He gets little credit for persuading companies to return back to the USA, and improve the economy. He gets chastised for re-negotiating bad trade deals, making other countries pay their fair share to NATO, and punking out China for taking advantage of gutless leadership of the past who gave China an open door to screw us all in business for some back door deals., and trying to even the field. The man is doing more for this country, and does it for the love of country. He doesn't need the money. Last but not least... How could we be in a place now, where one party is so hell bent to have open borders, and eliminate ICE? This is unbelievable to believe that a portion of politicians are not willing to safeguard our country from flows of drugs, gangs, sex trafficking minors, disease, and people who choose to disregard legal avenues of immigration. The fiscal impact this all has, and the democrats are willing absorb the cost to the government without loosing a minute of sleep.. How can this not be considered a National emergency? I guess in a way,, Our president could be like the ASA or other entities representing the freedom to use lands for off-roading. In this case, be the only hope from loosing the fight to keep our country free from those trying to turn it into a bad disease.. Just my humble opinion..... I think serving 20-1/2 years in the Marine Corps still affords me that..
  13. Looking good sir! Wish I could be there this weekend. Semper Fi, and good wishes to all the vets.
  14. Thanks everyone. We weren't required to vacate, but it could have happened. I was lucky to have what I had on hand. I wasn't totally ready as I would have liked, but there was a lot learned. I think having 2-5 of those 30 gal. water barrels handy is very helpful. I took the champion generator back today to camping world. They didn't want to accept it because it is now used.. I told the manager that I could have blown up because of the leaking propane, and I have no confidence in using it again. I wanted to run propane because when the power is out, so goes the gas pump. The guy finally bent and took it back. He of course looked at it like it was used for as a rental. I assured him that this was not the case. I liked the 50 amp circuit it had, all noise aside. Glad its over. Hope to not go through this again for awhile. I hope that idiot that started the fires gets hammered.

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