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  1. The 250 honda has been a great quad, and so reliable and simple to ride, especially for the less skilled older kids . I found that doing more performance mods was kinda a waste on a smaller quad, and the 250 was just enough to trigger the fun meter. If I opted to go with a smaller quad, I would have stuck with a 2 stroke, and did some tire /exhaust improvements. The kids grow so fast, I found it to be a waste to do those cool things, and they outgrew in size to enjoy the changes.. It just comes down to cash, and how many kids you can kinda broaden the use with multiple quads. The 250 , was able to satisfy up to 3 people in our family, without buying 3 different quads. Just a thought...
  2. honda trx 250. was the solution to our grandson who was about 8 when he transitioned. Had a raptor 80, and the 250 was easy to ride and his skills improved faster as well.
  3. Congrats! Im originally from taylor Michigan, not too far from ya. We just left ca. for happy Jack az. Running the small business from home. Just road the quads today to the forest, 500 ft. from our driveway. Registered them last week, whopping $12.00, and $25.00 for sticker, each one! Your adventure in life has begun, and it's great to leave the craziness behind. I cant tell you how much better my stress levels have fallen off since leaving that state. Your gonna love the change. Good luck, and of course be ready for the state bird next summer...…………. The famous Michigan mosquito!
  4. WOW! I was there In spirit, and I must say that it feels so good to see that kind of patriotism take place with all those people attending, and all the effort put forth by those great people behind the scenes. Thank you for not forgetting us Vets. What a great event!
  5. My luck, the turd would take a bath, leave the pool, then steal the tailgate!
  6. A pressure switch that is 9v operated, and activates a alarm audible might help scare em. It's a little device designed to activate when fire extinguisher are removed from a cabinet. They are in a catalog called brooks. Its a life safety supply company. The same item could be used in several anti-theft applications. Just a thought.
  7. Look up Washington dental in TJ. They do amazing work. Prices are listed, and they have a professional staff and facility. They have a secure parking lot, and they will also cover your taxi fare if you walk across. They did 2 sets of porcelain dentures for my wife, and the price was more than fair. They are located on revolucion st.
  8. Little late, but I was in La Jolla getting ready to fire alarm and sprinkler testing that day, and of course, we re-scheduled that event.
  9. Started the weekend early on Wednesday with the rent of a 26" U-Haul, and loaded every inch till Friday Night, convoyed all night, and arrived to the new home in Happy Jack AZ. Saturday morning, unloaded, came back Sunday to start cleaning the old place in CA. Started cleaning and making the next load this Thursday. I have to say is was the longest, wore out, happiest labor day weekend I ever had sober.
  10. Thanks for all the kind words and wishes. A lot of people have moved from California to these areas, which has also contributed to the rising cost of homes here. Still, things here are less costly, especially diesel at $2.99 in July when we were there. Life is short, whether its Arizona, or somewhere else, don't wait to enjoy a new chapter in life before you get too old to enjoy it.
  11. Happy Jack. We found that many areas up there have HOA'S, but the area were in, is not. We wanted to be in an unincorporated area as well. We liked Strawberry north of Payson, but there is mostly HOA'S, and smaller lots. Our's is 1 acre, and our own well . Plenty of room for the shop trailer to run my manufacturing . Yes, I know its going to be cold has hell for 2-3 months, but Ill dig the summers . I grew up in Michigan, so its no big deal. We have made several trips between Prescott, and Payson areas over the years. I wish we could have done it after the last housing crash. The Prices have been rising steady up in the Payson area. Prices are projected to continue climbing into 2020. Many things come into play, especially employment in that region. Unless your self employed, the jobs are scarce. If it wasn't for my military retirement, and having my own business, I couldn't have pulled off the loan. Most people that live where I do, are 2nd homes/vacation homes. I believe that there are only about 3 full timers by us. We will have a crazy stocked pantry, freezer, etc. cause Payson is 50 miles out. Payson has a Super Wallmart, Home Depot, and anything else we could need. There's no schools up there, and little services available.
  12. Been a long time trying to leave the state. My business is going with me, and were going to start our next chapter in life. Were so excited and will be living near a National forest around 7000 Ft. in Arizona. We closed on the house this last Friday, and were making our first big load next Friday. So Excited! Very quite, peace full, No HOA's, just a perfect situation for us. My wife and I loved this state, and retired from the Marine Corps here back in 2000. We hate to see what has become of it, and where it seems to be going. Its a shame that politicians have made things so bad that the working man has to leave in order to retire some day. I look forward in making this last deployment so to speak, to our final home. I cant tell you how much this move means to us. We worked so hard for it to finally happen. We hope to eventually get back to the dunes sometime. My shoulder injury 3 years ago, really put a damper on things.
  13. Sorry, it was 1/2 not 3/4. Brand new, just does not have any guts. Was surprised, I love all my other drills.
  14. 1/2ilwaukee is my choice. Using them for years. You cant beat the fuel brushless line. I had an in with a Milwaukee guy, and I was luck to get a bunch of rebuilds to fill the stable as well. My favorite ones are the Sawzall and the drywall saw. I will say this however, I'm not happy with the 1/2 impact. Doesn't have the guts for tight lug nuts.

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