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  1. Totally understand! Our sales staff are not notified of every coupon or active discount. They're usually last minute promotions or hidden deals. The LABOR coupon in particular was only sent to a select group through e-mail and of course, posted here (and only here, out of the 12+ forums we manage). However, everyone here at the company should know about the Sand Sports Super Show coming up. At least 25% Off Storewide on ruggedradios.com every year.
  2. This is a special coupon code that expires in a day and is not public. There was also a 25% off code on Instagram about a week ago. You just gotta follow us everywhere in order to find the deals! We don't always promote or make these offers public. Sometimes they're only posted in the forums, sometimes only on the website, sometimes only through Facebook or Instagram. The biggest deal we'll ever do is for Sand Sports Super Show (usually around 30% off), and that's coming in about 2 weeks.
  3. That's not a dumb question! I know their Trax system is listed as stereo on their website. I believe their other intercom systems are mono unless they state otherwise. Also, you just missed out on our Labor Day sale, but you can still save 25% off with the coupon code LABOR.
  4. It depends if your setup is mono or stereo. All of our headsets and communication equipment are mono.
  5. Big specials coming for Sand Sports next month! Labor Day sale is also coming up this weekend with 20% Off intercom kits.
  6. ⏰ **RACE TO RUGGED** | Off-Road Helmet Kits | $65 Only! Shop Online or Call Now! RuggedRadios.com • 888-541-7223
  7. 10% off sale coming up on the 18th. We usually go big for Memorial Day as well. Other than that, you could give us a call and see if there are any demo/clearance units available.
  8. ⏰ **RACE TO RUGGED** | Ultimate Headsets | TWO Hours Only! Back by popular demand, save $54 off both our H42 Behind the Head and H22 Over the Head headsets! Shop Online or Call NOW! RuggedRadios.com | 888-541-7223
  9. Last chance to save BIG on Magellan GPS units. 7 hours only! Shop Online or Call Now! RuggedRadios.com | 888-541-7223
  10. We added a bunch of new items to our clearance section this morning. View what's new online >> https://www.ruggedradios.com/index.php?main_page=special_categories&cPath=706
  11. We've just released the new MAC-X Expandable Pumper Hose for our MAC series pumper systems! Check out the product page here.
  12. Looks awesome! I edited the finger out of one of your photos for you.
  13. Expect huge deals at the Arizona Off-Road Expo this weekend on everything from radios and intercoms to pumper systems! Scottsdale, here we come!
  14. ⏰ ALL DAY Race to Rugged! Over $100 Off | Magellan TRX7 Off-Road GPS! Shop Online or Call Now! RuggedRadios.com | 888-541-7223

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